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Day 27 – My Favorite Dinner

Many of you know by now, that when it comes to my favorite dinner, it’s any meal that comes with dessert at the end. The other night in California, I had a lovely Italian dinner that ended with a taste of tiramisu. As much as I adore dessert, I really just like a shared one, where I can get just a little taste. That’s all I need to feel satisfied that I’ve had a nice touch of indulgence. Sometimes, of course, the dessert is particuarly amazing and sharing bites becomes a bit of a game of showing appropriate restaint. Then there’s the last bite. The one that sits there for an excrutiating amount of time waiting to see who will be the one to take it. I have to admit to always offering it to the other person, but not just out of pure genorosity so much as wanting to quickly alleviate the awkwardness by making the temptation disappear.

I’m currently on a plane and heading home, after a brief but wonderful trip. Though I’ll miss the palm trees and magically consistent beautiful weather, it will be nice to be back home again. I’m never sure if on these trips I’ll be able to create a doodlewash at all. My itinerary never provides time for urban sketching so I find myself sneaking in a bit of painting whenever and wherever time allows. It adds even more of a challenge to these posts, but it’s equally fun. I love sketching and painting and couldn’t imagine a day without it. Even if I feel a bit rushed, the rush of actually managing to make something new is totally worth it. Truly, no matter how busy I think I am, I’ve never found it impossible to paint a little something. There’s always time in the day to do the things you truly love. 

There are still so many things I wish I could do each day, but choosing at least one of those things to do daily is a nice start. For me, it’s painting first and foremost with a bit of writing whenever possible. The latter hasn’t always been possible, but I’ve consistently made daily doodlewashes for 786 days! Whatever you love to do most, I hope you also make space in your life for it. We can’t do everthing we’d like to do each day, but with just a bit of effort and lots of determination, we can always do the things that matter most. Even though I paint daily, it’s still just a lovely diversion that I do when time allows. I’m not currently on a path to become a full-time artist. I just love making things. Simple littles sketches that reflect my life at the moment, so I can look back one day and happily remember that time in southern California when I enjoyed my favorite dinner.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham Watercolors: Burnt Sienna, Gamboge, Permanent Green Pale, and Ultramarine Blue.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 27 - My Favorite Dinner - Dessert Tiramisu - Doodlewash

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29 thoughts on “Day 27 – My Favorite Dinner

  1. Tiramisu is decadent and bingeworthy! Alas you watch your health differently than I … mine is with a blood glucose meter and insulin. lol

    I so respect your commitment to create and have something to show for it! 👏🏻❣️👏🏻 I art a little every day too, even if it’s nothing of consequence – it makes my heart happy. ❤️

  2. So glad you enjoyed your trip and got home safely. The terimisu looks delicious and I am sure it was. Congratulations on 786 Doodlewashes. What an accomplishment and a great way to keep and share your memories.

  3. wise, as always! and yum!
    I’ve complained about your comments being missing from my reader to WordPress as I was also complaining about a number of other things…maybe they will finally fix it??? (K)

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