Day 29 - World Watercolor Month Childhood Memory Homemade Ice Cream Crank - Doodlewash

Day 29 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – Childhood Memory

For today’s prompt of childhood memory, since that’s often what I blog about no matter what sketch appears, I actually wasn’t quite sure what to illustrate. Homemade ice cream was the first thing that leapt to mind, but more specifically that wondrous, now old-fashioned, machine with a crank. So, we have a fast and loose doodlewash, using my “shiny” Da Vinci Trio, of what I remember. Sunny summer days with family were never quite complete without this object making an appearance. It was the single most thrilling sight to behold on a hot summer day. At the end of our family gatherings, it would seem to magically appear out of nowhere and everyone would take turns cranking it. This is not the speediest way to make ice cream, but the anticipation it created always made the ice cream taste amazing. It was a slow process, yet the outcome was always so incredibly satisfying. I hope if you’ve made it this far through World Watercolor Month, you too are experiencing the sweet anticipation of the final moment! Just a couple days left! (and another reminder that those awesome souvenirs for the month are only available for sale a couple days more as well!) And I hope you’ll keep right on painting and sketching daily with us in August!

What I loved most about these old ice cream cranks and barrels was that it really took a village to make it happen. Sure, one person could conceivably do it all by themselves, but it would quickly grow tiring and seriously, what’s the fun in that? It was way more fun to come together as a group to make it happen. The simple act of doing so, was almost better than the reward itself. And that’s saying a lot since we’re talking about homemade cream. Sometimes in life, it’s just more rewarding to do things with others. To come together as a family or a community for the sake of something we all enjoy. And it’s that same little kid who loved ice cream that made me start Doodlewash, found World Watercolor Month, and start the Doodlewash Club community that we’ve grown together. In the end, Doodlewash is really nothing more complex this little ice cream cranking machine. A device that helps bring people together in a shared common spirit. Here, you’re never alone on this art journey. Join us, and you’ll be cranking out art daily as well.

Unlike ice cream, art is a treat that can be enjoyed all of the time. Well, you could enjoy ice cream like that, but it probably wouldn’t be a healthy choice. Adopting art daily, however, is certainly the healthiest choice one can make. For me, it reconnects me with that child inside, and makes me constantly imagine new possibilities. And like that kid, I don’t really worry about what I make each day. My mother will still put it on the refrigerator, only to quietly dispose of it later when things get a bit cluttered. Of course, she doesn’t do that now, and doesn’t even own a computer to see the things that I’m posting. But I like to think of Doodlewash as a virtual version of mom’s refrigerator. A place where all types of watercolor painting and sketching are proudly displayed because we celebrate the very act of making art in the first place. And what I’ve learned on this journey is that there’s beauty and inspiration to be found in it all. Thank you all for coming together as a group and being a part of this amazing celebration of art, and also, in the process, helping me to relive my most treasured childhood memory.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Nickel Azo Yellow, Terra Cotta, and Cobalt Turquoise (My “Shiny” Trio). Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Day 29 - World Watercolor Month Childhood Memory Homemade Ice Cream Crank - Doodlewash

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23 thoughts on “Day 29 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – Childhood Memory

  1. “Cool” art and story. (Pun intended.) I’ve been able to paint almost every day this month thanks to stumbling onto this wonderful blog and community about a year ago. Now I just need to work up the courage to share. A step at a time; but thank you Charlie for being so generous with your art, time, hard work and courage in sharing your art and thoughts with us.

    1. Thanks, Laura! 😃💕 You totally need to share your art!! hehe… Doodlewash is the perfect place to do so! Just log in and share with us! We’re perfectly positive and awesome here. 😉 But whenever you like. I’m just thrilled that I got ya painting all the time! Yay!

  2. I have been enjoying World Watercolor Month immensely and I’m not even a painter. I’m just along for the ride and it has been spectacular. I was planning on waiting until the last day of July to share what I feel is exciting news. Since this post tugged at my heartstrings, I’ve decide to share it with you today. 4 1/2 yr. old Benjamin has graduated from crayons to watercolors this month! The first week was more splashing than painting, but he was having fun. At present his “doodlewashes” are only posted on my refrigerator. Andrea England’s July 24th post gave me advice and direction, a timely post indeed! Benjamin has been vacationing for the past 4 days, but as they say “tomorrow is another day” and our adventure will resume. If nothing else comes of this, at least it may become…a treasured childhood memory! Thank-you!

    1. Thanks, Ellen! 😃💕 That’s SO incredibly awesome!! I LOVE that story! And I’m applauding Benjamin in his new art journey! That’s where we all started… I sincerely hope he will continue to create and never stop!

  3. Your homemade ice cream crank machine is wonderful. It looks so real and I just want to reach out and taste that ice cream, great job Charlie!
    Ellen, that is exciting news regarding Benjamin and watercolors. I cannot wait to introduce our 3 1/2 year old g-son to watercolor. I have to monitor the crayons and markers right now, so I’m not sure that we are ready for prime time with watercolor yet. I made the mistake of walking away for a moment while he had the markers out. LOL, I was so happy that they were washable and confined to a small area. I can see him now while he swings the paint loaded brush in circles above his head. I am so glad that you shared this, I will wait for at least another six months. Thank you!!. 🙂

  4. Thank you for everything you have done with Doodlewash and World Watercolor Month to make it so much fun, inspiring and a place for all us that love watercolors to come together. It’s such a great group of people, each helping and encouraging us to fulfill our dreams. All because of you. It’s a time for celebration…I think ice cream would be perfect. Nice job on the ice cream maker. That is a wonderful memory.

  5. Fun! I love ice cream . When we were kids, one of the teachers gave us little jars with ice cream base in it to shake until it turned into I’ve cream. It must have been winter, but I’m ignoring that part of it.😂

  6. Ah, what memories! Every 4th of July, in my grandparent’s backyard, all of us kids were as eager for the homemade ice cream as we were for the fireworks. Well, for me mostly the ice cream… the fireworks scared me! And it is wonderful to have all of us come together to share our art.

    1. Yes to that, Sandra! 😃💕 Such great memories of coming together… and yeah, I was totally all about the ice cream as well. And I’m so thrilled we’ve managed to pull artists together as well. It’s always more fun that way!

  7. Always wonderful memories and love the idea of the virtual version of your Mom?s refrigerator. It’s always fun to see the collection of art posted each day. Thanks so much fir Doodlewash And all of your hard work!

  8. You haven’t lived until you participated in ice cream making! The think I remember the most is getting a horrific brain freeze from it. Lol, I must have been really enjoying it. Your painting of it is spot on!

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