Day 31 – My Favorite Moment

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 31 - My Favorite Moment - Cup Of Tea And Spoon- Doodlewash

There are so many moments in life that make me happy that it’s difficult to choose a single one. For the last little doodlewash of the month, I chose tea time, which I enjoy at the end of each and every day. I truly love having my cup of tea each night before heading off to bed. But beyond that, my actual favorite moment is the little 20 minutes to an hour each day that I spend painting some little bit of life. This little break in my day has become a ritual that I’m very protective of, making space in my day to assure it can happen. The way I see it, we go to work each day without fail, so why then shouldn’t our hobbies receive the same level of commitment? It just seems logical to me that time should always be reserved for the things we love most. So, each evening you’ll find me making some room for painting and sketching stuff, and, of course, enjoying a lovely cup of tea. These are the simple pleasures in life that next’s month’s adventure is dedicated to celebrating. I DO hope you’ll join me! 

I’m now in my third year of painting, doodlewashing, and blogging. It’s been an amazingly fun journey with so many wonderful things happening along the way. At the end of the first year, I founded an international holiday for watercolor, which seemed a bit crazy to most of my friends, but has proven to be truly incredible. To kick off the third year, I started a brand new community for watercolor artists right here on Doodlewash! If you’re an artist who loves watercolors, then I hope you’ll join us. It’s been a blast to visit my own site to see what fabulous conversations are happening and the beautiful watercolor art that’s being uploaded each day. It makes my heart so happy to see my vision come to life. A vision that has never been about me and my art, but about you and celebrating the beautiful things that you create! My dream has always been to create a space for people to come together and share their love of watercolor with the world, and it’s so amazing to see how far we’ve come together. Thanks to each of you who’ve joined the community, made new friends, and helped each other become better artists. You’re all amazing!

And tonight, as a way of saying thank you for all that you DO, I have a little something to give to you. I’m giving away Hahnemühle Cézanne, mould-made, 300gsm, 9.44″x12.59″, 10 sheet blocks to the first five people who’ve not yet received the Cézanne paper yet. Just comment below with the phrase “Make Time To Paint!” and let me know what type of paper you’d prefer: Cold Pressed, Hot Pressed, or Rough (US/Canada only). I’ve been using the Hahnemühle Watercolour Books for the past few months and I have to say that they are truly fantastic. I highly recommend them as well! There are so many things in life to be thankful for, but at the end of the day, I find myself amused and delighted by those simple pleasures in life. I’m excited to spend next month exploring those things that people rank as their absolute favorite. And each time, when I sit down to ponder them, I’ll have the additional satisfaction of knowing that I’m also enjoying that daily thrill that always comes from my favorite moment. 

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Quinacridone Gold, Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Perylene Maroon, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue and Payne’s Gray.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 31 - My Favorite Moment - Cup Of Tea And Spoon- Doodlewash

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  1. coyotespirit 5 years ago

    Make Time To Paint! Rough

  2. Susan Cuss 5 years ago

    Make time to paint! Thanks Charlie!

    • Susan Cuss 5 years ago

      I did win some during WorldWatercolorMonth. Does that count? If not, I’d love some rough, please. Thanks.

      • Author
        Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

        Yeah, this includes anyone who’s won Cézanne from me, so you’re not eligible for this one (trying to give more folks a chance to try this awesome paper!). But no worries… more samples to come in September! 😉💕

  3. Yvonne Reeder 5 years ago

    Make time to paint!! Which I try to do every day too … except today I’m Colour Charting Watercolour Pencils! Sort of painting – right?!?! lol

    • Yvonne Reeder 5 years ago

      Oh – hot press please if I qualify. ☺️

      • Author
        Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

        Totally like painting! It’s creating, which is the most important thing!! And yay, you’ve not received Cézanne so I’ll have some sent! 😉💕

  4. Laura 5 years ago

    Make time to paint! Thank you Charlie for all of your hard work and sharing with us.

    • Laura 5 years ago

      PS- Cold press please. Thanks again, Laura

      • Author
        Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

        It’s my pleasure Laura!! And yay! I’ll have a sample sent! 😃💕

  5. Chad Schaefer 5 years ago

    Make time to paint! Cold press and thanks

  6. barbara cunningham 5 years ago

    Make Time to Paint! Cold press please, and thanks!

  7. Sandra Strait 5 years ago

    Drat! Take the time to make dinner and you end up being the sixth person to comment. Ah well. Maybe next time! I really want to try out the Hahnemühle paper! I love your tea! It looks nice and refreshing.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 And dinner is a very important meal! hehe… but no worries, there will be other chances coming for this!!

  8. Cathy 5 years ago

    I love your stories and your glowing watercolors!

  9. Kyra VIcory 5 years ago

    Make Time To Paint! cold press please and thank you

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks, Kyra! I’m all out of samples for today, but keep checking back for me! 😉💕

  10. June Hadaway 5 years ago

    And…thank you for sharing your time and stories with all of us. It’s a lovely cup of tea for sure. Enjoy. We will be traveling to Seattle, Washington early September. Our destination is the Medical University of Washington where my husband has an appointment to see a specialist there. I will be taking my art supplies but not sure if I will have time to paint. I will, however, try to read your daily story and look at your fantastic paintings along with the other wonderful art posted each day. It has been a very special two months of painting and building new friendships. I will look forward to posting again as soon as I can. Happy painting.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Oh my goodness, June! Sending you good thoughts and hoping all is okay with your husband my friend! 😃💕 And thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thrilled that you’ve become part of this big little community. Happy painting to you as well!

  11. Mary McDonough 5 years ago

    You have created a very special moment each time you post your blog. Your writing is always inspiring as you tell us about very simple events. I often think about the corn flakes that your grandmom let you have for supper. Being a grandmom myself I wonder what my grandkids will remember as a simple grandmotherly event.
    Connecting people all over the world through the process of watercolor painting creates very special moments. You are doing good work, Charlie.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Aww… thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 It makes me so happy that you enjoy my stories and illustrations and comment to let me know! It means a lot to me, so thank you very much. And Yay to corn flakes at dinner! hehe… I’m absolutely certain your grandkids will remember clearly and love each and every special moment you’ve given them.

  12. smzang 5 years ago

    I do not paint (I write) but I have to tell you I look forward to visiting your blog.

    The art is a joy, and the writing is a pure delight.

    • Kaye Boggs 5 years ago

      smzang; I took a peek at your poetry. It’s spectacular!

      • smzang 5 years ago

        Kaye, Thank you!! You are ery kind!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much!! 😃💕 That’s such a huge compliment! Your writing is fantastic! For those who see this comment, definitely check out Pitching Pennies Poetry – – wonderful poems!!

      • smzang 5 years ago

        Thank you so much. I find your site inspiring! I look forward to visiting each day.

  13. Claudia Nelson 5 years ago

    Make Time To Paint , hot press. Thank you so much for your continued inspirations.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much, Claudia! 😃💕 And I’m all out of samples for this post, but keep checking back!!

  14. memadtwo 5 years ago

    I too enjoy my cup of tea before bed…and seeing your paintings in the morning! (K)

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Aww thanks so much, Kerfe!! 😃💕 I love that I get to spend my morning with you!!

  15. Susan Beaumont 5 years ago

    Make time to Paint! Something that your blog and the joy in it in word and watercolour images have inspired me to do! Rough paper would be fun to try! Thank you so much, Charlie!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much, Susan! 😃💕 So thrilled you’re enjoying Doodlewash! I’m all out of samples for this post, but please keep checking back as there are more to come!

  16. Kati Brooke 5 years ago

    Your tea is making me want some of my own (not helped by it being a cold and stormy day here). 😛 You’re right that we should make time to enjoy our hobbies – what’s the point of always doing only what we have to?

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Exactly, Kati!! 😃💕 Live would be horribly grim if we only did what was required of us. Hobbies are the very things that make our hearts really smile!!

  17. Doris Valdez 5 years ago

    Make time to paint! Rough please

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Yes to that, Doris!! 😃💕 I’m all out of samples for this post, but keep checking back as there are more to come!

  18. Sandra Gilbert 5 years ago

    You cup of tea looks good, beautiful reflections. And like you, I love my little routine moments in the day, my first cup of coffee before anyone else wakes up, among others makes my day.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 Yeah, little routines make the day extra special!

  19. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 5 years ago

    Your cup of tea looks lovely but I can’t even think about hot tea right now – temps are too close to 100 and we have no AC.
    Tea yes, but iced. Still, your painting is great!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s been usually cooler here, so warm tea is fine, but usually, it’s iced all summer long! hehe

  20. Elizabeth Metz 5 years ago

    Totally riffing off your idea that we make time for what’s important:

    I think we also notice these moments when we’re consciously aware that moments are happening. (Which sounds weird, but bear with me.)

    We’re all so. freakin’. busy. these days. There’s a thousand things to think about, all day long, and a thousand more things that need to be handled and managed and monitored. It’s so easy to not just not schedule time for ourselves and the things we love, but to not even *notice* when spontaneous Moments are happening.

    Maybe taking little awareness and appreciation breaks throughout the day — even the busy parts of them — is key? Maybe Moments can happen all the time, as long as we “wake up” from our schedules long enough to realize they’re happening…?


    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Totally agree! We didn’t used to be this busy before we all got smart phones… hehe… sometimes technological advancements can set a back a bit! 😉

  21. Elizabeth Metz 5 years ago

    That’s because Candy Crush takes time to play, of course. We’re busier because all the free time’s being eaten by distraction. (HA! CANDY PUN, FTW.)


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