Day 5 - World Watercolor Month Shades of Blue Denim Jacket - Doodlewash

Day 5: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Shades Of Blue

After yesterday’s post, reminiscing about Jello and time with family when I was young, our prompt of “shades of blue” took me to a denim jacket, also called a jean jacket. Though it’s been around for decades, during the 80’s this was a required costume for teenagers. I had one, of course, and wore it around proudly, often adding buttons for a bit of flare or just to cover the holes that appeared as I completely wore it out. The difficulty with jackets made from jeans is that they don’t really pair well with actual jeans, my favorite form of lower body attire. It just looks weird. This, of course, didn’t stop people from decking out in denim head to toe. There was a term used here in the early 50’s for this called the “”Canadian tuxedo.” This was because of a story where American singer Bing Crosby was refused entry to a fancy hotel in Canada, because of his unfortunate choice to wear denim on both top and bottom. Yet, this created a fashion trend that still pops up today. I totally get it. There’s nothing more comfortable than a great pair of blue jeans, so why not where them all over your body? And blue is a lovely color, so perhaps it’s nice, after all, to just stick with it.

I was always behind the trend when it came to fashion as a teenager. Whatever I was wearing, it was almost guaranteed to be last year’s craze or even something from the previous decade. I was completely behind the times, as they say. Looking back, I realize I just wore what I actually liked. I’d try on all of the fashions that were in vogue, but I wouldn’t keep wearing them if they didn’t feel like a good fit. I’ve taken this philosophy with me through my watercolor sketching journey as I try on various artist’s approaches and techniques. It’s a total joy and I completely recommend it! DO it! We should definitely be dipping our watercolor brushes in a new way, learning from the masters, and exploring all of the various ways watercolor can be used. But when you find a way you really enjoy, stop and take note. There’s a reason for this, and when you paint the way you love most, you’ll always produce something wonderful and enjoy the journey even more. And just like denim on denim is a bit too “matchy, matchy” to only use one style. Mix and match and combine various styles until you find the fit that’s uniquely you! 

And like fashion trends, we can still shift and change as we paint along this wonderful art adventure. But, if anyone tells you there’s a “right” and a “wrong” way, this should alert your suspicions. There absolutely isn’t in art. There are simply impressive and unique ways that artists have touched our hearts over time. Techniques and brush strokes that in themselves create terrific emotions and story. Steal these, and blend them into your own work in a way that fits you like a glove. Or a great pairs of jeans, or even that cherished jean jacket that holds so many memories. We are heading to the end of this first week of World Watercolor Month and if you’ve taken on the daily challenge, then keep on painting! Don’t stop! Have fun and play each day to discover those little bits of yourself that you didn’t even know mattered so much. The bits that define you as an artist, even if you’re just starting out. Our journey is all about finding the artist within and that starts with finding your perfect fit. A bit of flare and fashion, like a well-worn jean jacket, leading you to your next little artistic epiphany in simple shades of blue.

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 Day 5 - World Watercolor Month Shades of Blue Denim Jacket - Doodlewash

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25 thoughts on “Day 5: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Shades Of Blue

  1. I was a teen when jeans started trending. There was a store on Canal Street in New Orleans with floor to ceiling cubbies of perfectly sized jeans, waist/length, junior sizes, short, medium, tall, petite – half the price and less than the ones showing up in the big department stores. Their previous market had been working folks. At the time, you wanted your jeans to stay as dark as the day you bought them, so the fad was to fill your tub with water and vinegar, to fix the dye before the first wash. I remember thinking that the trend wouldn’t last. I also remember thinking that garage bands and guitar-as-the-main-instrument in a band wouldn’t last either 😛

  2. I love that jacket! Good paint job!

    I checked out your podcast again and it was perfect with the background music cut back! And I forgot to say that one of my favorite bits was the curly phone cord!😂😂 I used one of those until I left home to get more than halfway up the stairwell because teenagers have such important secrets that we didn’t want anyone to overhear! Lol .Murder She Wrote was a great show too!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕And yay! Glad you liked the new mix! Mixing sound is completely foreign to me, but I’m learning as I go! lol And yay for the curly cord! Those were such great days. Trying to hide was actually impossible, but we still managed to give it a go! haha

  3. Jeans was my favourite n still to. I think its never be out of date. Only new shades are in the market. I feel proud to wearing it.
    Your presentation of jacket is very nice . thanks for sharing ,n remindiing.

  4. You have brought back so many memories! I loved my first jean jacket! Wore it to shreds, along with my knock-off high tops that had to be duct taped to keep out the snow. Your post is so revealing and well put… learning from others. I appreciate that.

    1. Thanks, so much, Amy! 😃💕 I’m glad you enjoyed this! And yes to shreds! haha… I wore out my jean jacket completely along with my high tops. I think mine must of been knock-offs as well. We couldn’t afford any of the major brands. 😊

  5. When I was a teenager, girls still had to wear dresses or skirts to school.. I was thrilled as jeans became more acceptable. I was shocked a couple of years ago. Hubby and I had one of those two week trials at a local gym, and one of the rules we were given was that pretty much any attire was acceptable except jeans. Huh? We never bothered going back.

  6. Love it Charlie! You are a talented artist and author and I so enjoy your site. I especially like the piece about this site that brings people from all parts of the world together through art. The communication through the eyes of an artist speaks is an understandable language for all. A truly beautiful concept. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this brilliant website that benefits, well, the world!

    1. That is the sweetest comment ever! Wow! Thank you so much, Dodie! 😃💕 That makes my heart so happy. That’s the exact reason why I started this site and I hope that it’s providing exactly what you described. Thank so much my friend!

  7. “Our journey is all about finding the artist within and that starts with finding your perfect fit. A bit of flare and fashion, like a well-worn jean jacket, leading you to your next little artistic epiphany in simple shades of blue.”

    This not only relates to doodlewash, it reflects life in general, in a myriad of beautiful shades, of which blue and emerald green are my favorites. I still have my jean jacket.
    It fits a bit tighter, but those brassy buttons still button.

    Keep on keeping on, Charlie. You do good things. Please don’t ever change.

    1. Aww thanks, Sarah! 😃💕hehe… emerald green is one of my fave colors as well! I think because of Wizard of Oz, though. And yes to still having that jacket! I feel the same about my older clothes that I just can’t part with. But hey… nothing wrong with something fitting like a glove! 😉

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