Day 5 #WorldWatercolorMonth Coffee Cup on green saucer with spoon and cookie white background

Day 5: #WorldWatercolorMonth

Besides wine, coffee is right up there on my list of “favorite things to drink when I know I should be drinking water.” There’s really nothing better than coffee to start the day, make tolerable mid-morning, and supercharge the afternoon. Outside of the occasional cappuccino, I take my coffee coal black with no fillers. Though Starbucks has made a lot of money on doctored-up, sugary alternatives, I actually enjoy the taste of coffee so I don’t feel the need to transform it into a liquid candy. I likely get this from my mother who, years ago, was appalled while ordering hers when the girl behind the register asked, “what flavor do you want?” “Uhm… coffee?” she responded, confused by the silly question. “I want it to taste like coffee.”

And more and more research is appearing declaring the health benefits of plain old coffee. Folks who tout things like this are touting wondrous things it helps with including the prevention of diabetes and lowering the risk of liver disease. The latter benefit, if you think about it, balances out the wine perfectly. Despite all of this, I have to admit to enjoying the primary benefit of going from half asleep to awake enough to function. This alone is enough to make me a true coffee lover and the added benefits are just a delightful bonus really. If you’re not a coffee fan, then that’s perfectly fine, of course. Actually, better than fine as it leaves more beans for the rest of us.

Those folks who tout have also spoken of the benefits of wine. The problem with their touting of both wine and coffee, of course, is the fine print which always includes the quantity one should drink. Turns out, all these wondrous effects are indeed possible, but only if you’re willing to ingest the minuscule amount that would only satisfy a hamster. Whoa, now seriously hoping that they didn’t test all of this on hamsters. But whatever drink you enjoy, I hope you’re having yours right now (even if it’s just water) and smiling. The world is suddenly a much more beautiful place this month.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Gamboge, Sap Green, Permanent Green Pale, and Neutral Tint. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.

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76 thoughts on “Day 5: #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. Here I am, one of those who needs the additives, vanilla flavored cream. Iced vanilla latte is also a fav. My husband likes it black and I tried it..yuck! But wait I digress, love your cup of coffee and biscuit.

  2. I like coffee strong but with a splash of cream, and it would surely taste extra special in the cup and saucer you painted! Wine? I prefer a Cabernet or Pinot Noir. Cheers, Charlie!

  3. what a lovely doodlewash! And I am right there with you – coffee all morning – try to hydrate during the afternoon with water – then to wine after dinner! 🙂 And I believe I greatly exceed the recommend “serving size” of all but the water! 🙂 LOL!

  4. And I love the cookie you chose to go with your coffee – one of my favorites! I loved the fragrance of coffee as a kid, took me a long time to enjoy the brew, I still need lotsa milk and a bit-o-sweet in some form. But your painting I can take as is – perfectly delectable.

  5. your coffee cup illustration is soo good Charlie! I got sidetracked, by your witty post though. wine and coffee….. IS it possible to invent wine with ‘hints of coffee’ or, coffee with hints of Nice red Shiraz? That, is where your posts take my mind!! off, on these tangents. or ice cream with wine flavored coffee… LOL cheers, Debi

  6. GOD I want a coffee right now!! I’m trying to go a month without it and drink water but your picture isn’t HELPING. Hehehe, I’m in the liquid candy hoard, sorry. Although I use artificial sweeteners which probably makes it even worse. But I MISS MY HAZELNUT COFFEE. *sigh*. All your fault if I run into traffic Charlie, just remember, all your fault. ;o)

    1. Wow! I didn’t know my little doodlewash could cause all that to happen! Haha! That’s the power of art I’d say! Lol What?? A month with coffee for me would be like a month without feet… I could do it, but I wouldn’t get very far. Sorry for the lurid temptation, but happy you liked my doodlewash, Jennifer!! 😃💕

  7. Cappuccino is my favorite and I am glad that coffeeshops over here are improving. Several years ago when you ordered cappuccino you got coffee with whipping cream! Nowadays you can almost everywhere get a “real” cappuccino 🙂
    Your sketch is great, like always;-)

  8. Gorgeous painting, I love the simplicity of the lines and the colours are superb. I love the way you managed to paint the silveriness of the spoon so well! I’m off to have a coffee now, after reading you 🙂

  9. The only time I’ll drink a black is when it’s an espresso, but done beautifully — creamy, rich, not too strong, and a small dose of sugar, just my late step-brother used to make. Otherwise, my stiple of choice is a flat white, with a dose of coffee art on top (a heart or leaf). Love that biscuit too, Charlie!

  10. You got me nodding with the liquid candy thingy! 😀 Your painting looks so yummy and maybe…hmmm…yup, a cup of cafe latte and cinnamon roll at starbucks will do the trick.

  11. Many people’s drink it for the taste, mostly in Starbucks and few drinks it as an energizer, yeah coal black energizer. Doesn’t matter its 7am, 5pm or 2 at night. That gives me more energy to complete my work. Many of my friends rarely drinks black and I rarely drink other than black. I love this kicker. My mom always tells me to decrease coffee intake and I always tell her benefits of taking it, That saves me many times 😀 Try some best machines for fresh brewed.

  12. Yep, her I sit, drinking my coffee in a early morning daze, trying my best to get motivates and stay on task. I love this post Charlie and your Doodlewash. It absolutely speaks to me…drink more coffee, in the coffee flavor. Just a little milk please. Two things I would have a heck of a hard time giving up, coffee and wine!

    1. Awww love that this post speaks to you! And okay… you can have a “little” milk, but no more unless it’s a Latte! Lol And totally agree! If I had to give up coffee and wine I’m not sure I’d be able to make these posts everyday! Thanks, Cathe! 😃💕

  13. lol I only drink water. Nothing else. But I did use to like the Starbucks frappucinos (or however you spell that)! I admire people who drink coffee the way it’s meant to be, without all the cream, sugar, Starbucks adds, etc. I just love the smell of coffee, it is so wonderful. Way to go, Charlie! You and mom rock! 😀

      1. PS I used to like wine before my body started not tolerating it. Blueberry wine is my favorite – you ever had that Charlie? I can tolerate it in small quantities and it is just amazing. We have a winery nearby that makes lots of traditional wines and other fruit wines too and it is wonderful. 😎💙

  14. My two favorite things in the world – coffee and wine. And I’m with you on the black coffee, nothing added. Well, with the exception of a cappucino or flat white if I’m feeling fancy. Remember that Folger’s commercial? I can’t stand Folger’s now that I’ve acquired a taste for better, freshly ground coffee in my French press, but definitely the best part of waking up most mornings. Great doodlewash!

  15. I don’t even like coffee – I’m certain we’ve had these heated, caffeinated disagreements in the past – but this is still mighty tempting and makes me feel as if I’m the one missing out. Perhaps it’s the biccy – I’d happily take that. 😉 I can almost hear that exciting clink as I clumsily plonk this down on the table!

    Hilarious about your mum in Starbuck’s. I expect the girl was well and truly caught out by such an outrageous request!

    1. I don’t remember the heated caffeine debate, but I do recall a problem with ice cream that was horrid. My mother was definitely appalled… lol… she was usually just in the habit of saying no to cream and sugar. But we can still be friends even with your strange tastes! Lol 😉

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