World Watercolor Group - Day 6 - My Favorite Dessert - Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae With Whipped Cream - Doodlewash

Day 6 – My Favorite Dessert

Really, my favorite dessert is anything with whipped cream and ice cream, but in order to choose something, I opted for a strawberry sundae. We’ll actually be having pie later, which is definitely one of my favorites as well, but also made particularly amazing when paired with both whipped cream and ice cream. The double decadence of two kinds of cream transforms it from a simple dessert to a thrilling event! And likely a nutritional nightmare, but dessert simply isn’t the same unless it’s a bit naughty. Perhaps that’s why I like it so much. The little kid in me takes over, does a happy dance, and smirks at the adult who has the gall to question the number of calories present. If dessert doesn’t come with a twinge of guilt, then it just isn’t as satisfying. Right now, the whole house smells of apple pie and I’m not allowed to have any yet. I have a feeling my inner child is also going to scarf down his dinner as quickly as possible tonight, to quickly move on to the main event.

It’s always the things in life that you don’t get all the time that become the most precious. As a kid, it was birthday cake. Sure, it was likely that I’d have cake more than once a year, but it wasn’t my cake. For some reason, having a cake baked especially in your honor just made it taste better. Well that, and it was usually decorated with whatever thing I was into that year. A few years ago, I happened to be in Texas visiting my family around the time of my birthday. This was rare event, as I’m normally only there just before Christmas. During the celebration, I was presented with a Winnie The Pooh cake, just like when I was little. Presumably, as a funny way to make to me feel like a kid again, or more likely because my mother just wasn’t sure what I was into that year. Either way, it was delicious, and tasted better because, barring the fact it was a ridiculous choice for someone in their 40’s, it was still my cake. So it was perfect.

I don’t really have large celebrations on my birthdays these days. Once you hit a certain age, you start celebrating milestones instead. And though getting older doesn’t really bother me, I have so many things I’m hoping to accomplish that I’d prefer it if time has the decency to move a bit more slowly in order for me to tackle them all. Of course, if I could simply ever choose one thing and focus on finishing it, that would be a brilliant start. But that little boy who loved cake is still active within me and he gets bored and distracted very easily. A new shiny idea is just too intoxicating to pass up! I often think about how great it will be when I retire one day and have more time to do things. But, I can’t wait that long to do them, or the list would be ridiculous by that point in time. So, I’ll have to start trying to focus more and get some of those dreams going. If nothing else, I think successfully completing any new idea should always warrant a little celebration. Giving me a perfect excuse to enjoy my favorite dessert.

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 World Watercolor Group - Day 6 - My Favorite Dessert - Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae With Whipped Cream - Doodlewash

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12 thoughts on “Day 6 – My Favorite Dessert

  1. Pie, ice cream sundaes, either way, a good dessert and you make it all so appetizing. You know Charlie, your book is already written, and art work all done. All you have to do is paint the cover, proof read and publish. Call it “Daily Doodlewash”. Even the name Doodlewash alone would draw me to the book. But with your creativeness and writing skills I know you would comeup with a good name for it. I just know the books would sell.

  2. If you find a way to lasso time and hold it hostage to your schedule, please share with me. In the meantime, I’m going to indulge in that delicious ice cream sundae because it is too scrumptious to pass up – oh yum! And if you make me share dessert, I’ll let you have the cherry stem.

  3. Can’t argue with your dessert logic. My all-time favorite dessert is homemade cherry pie with vanilla ice cream, but generally red desserts are best, I think.

    I agree with June about your Doodlewash book, but I’d want you to share a little more of your process, too, as well as your great stories. I love the way you are able to get glass to look so glassy. I just ordered the sepia ink, so I can give your technique a try.

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! Glad ya liked my dessert logic! 😉💕 hehe… and yeah, I’m definitely thinking of creating steps and process, but not sure if they’re part of the same book. One feels like a memoir and the other might just be lessons. It’s definitely what I’m going to fight for time to get done this year!!

  4. Lovely doodlewash! Ice cream and whipped cream at the top of my list, too. But the ice cream has to be dark chocolate. Although a hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream is nice, too.

  5. I know it’s been said before, but I love how you do glass.

    (I’m pointedly ignoring the ice cream contents or I’m gonna wanna go get some, and it’s too cold for that tonight. Or so I keep telling myself.)

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