For today’s prompt of “Sky” the first thing that came to mind was simply staring into one. Those moments when you pause and think about absolutely everything at once, yet truly nothing in particular at all. The glorious little moments spent not worrying over things that are happening in this moment, but imagining a moment far grander just beyond those clouds. It’s such a peaceful and wonderful feeling when I take the take to truly dream. Since I don’t paint people or make selfies, my proxy to illustrate this mood today is this little Jack Russell Terrier. I often wonder what dogs dream about while lounging in the sun. My own dog Phineas is a sun worshipper and demands to go outside and sit in its glow each time it appears. There, he’ll soon fall asleep for a bit with his leg twitching occasionally as though he might be chasing something. While nightmares are dreams of actually being chased, good dreams are always about chasing after something we love. No doubt for Phineas, it’s something to eat, as he has a rather insatiable appetite. For me, it’s usually always about chasing whatever idea I have in my head at the moment. It doesn’t always form in the way I would expect in my dream, but it’s similar enough to realize it’s the same idea that’s playing out there.

Last night I awoke from a dream where I was lost in a maze of some kind. It wasn’t scary, just concerning enough to jostle me awake for moment. I remember thinking in the moment how much I wanted to go right back to sleep and restart where I left off so I could actually solve the puzzle. But, as we know, dreams have a strange way of not always working like that. When I went back to sleep, I actually slept so soundly that I can’t remember dreaming at all. This evening, Philippe told me he awoke from a dream last night as well. Apparently at a much different time as neither of us noticed the other waking up. In his dream, he was back in school and was told he had to write an essay of some kind by hand. He’d prepared his essay and it was perfectly written, but as he was about to turn it in, the instructor informed the class that they should not write in the margins. Looking as his essay again, though the handwriting was lovely and exceptionally rendered, the text did indeed extend into the margins and he was informed by his instructor that he had to do it over. Though this jostled him awake as well, he said it wasn’t particularly frightening either. Yet, it’s fascinating to consider what these dreams are actually trying to tell us.

Between all of the daydreams and the dreams that come in the middle of the night, it’s often overwhelming to attempt to understand them all. I usually don’t quite understand the exact meaning, but I’ve learned that dreams don’t reveal to us what’s actually there, but instead, give us a wonderful hint about what’s missing in our lives. For my own dream of a maze, it’s most likely about a clear sense of direction. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to even be when I grow up, after all, and that can mean getting a bit lost. While I want everything to happen just as I envision it, I realize I have to make some choices along the way as to what really matters most. With regard to Philippe’s debacle with margins, I can only guess it has to do with the same thing we all struggle with at times. That moment when doing something wonderful is opaqued by a strict set of rules that suddenly call everything into question. It’s not an actually scary moment, but it makes us question ourselves, which is always a rather scary thing to do indeed. While I do think my evening thoughts provide most of the insight I’m likely looking for, I have to admit to adoring my idle thoughts during the daytime most of all. When I’m awoken in the middle of night by some odd story my mind has recently spun, I know it’s just a direct result of an adult trying to rationalize those wonderful childlike thoughts caused by days spent dreaming.

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19 thoughts on “Days Spent Dreaming

  1. My dreams often involve the characters from favorite books, occasionally a movie or TV series – Magnum and Monk have showed up a time or two, but more often characters like Tarzan or PIppi Longstockings. The best ones are where several characters appear. I can seldom remember what happened, just who was there, and when I wake I can’t get back to sleep for wondering what adventures I was on.

  2. I don’t often remember my dreams, but I remember Joe’s because he yells and fights and rolls around a lot. He has even fallen off the bed. When I ask him about them the next day, he can’t remember a thing! The few dreams of my own that I remember, stick with me forever. Talking snakes, small spaces, and the desperate need for a bathroom all play part in those.

    1. haha! Oh my goodness! 😃💕 Yeah… the desperate need for a bathroom dreams seems more prevalent with age for me! lol Last night Philippe yelled at someone… I’m not sure who, but it was enough to wake myself and Phineas. hehe

  3. I love your jack russell Charlie. It is fun to imagine what they are chasing in their sleep. I have been walking up surprised that I am not actually painting as I seem to be doing a great deal of that in my dreams. Like you mentioned they are not bad dreams but I would like to see more of the art I do in those hours to see if it might influence my daytime painting. 🤔

    1. Thanks, Karen! 😃💕 hehe.. yeah, it would be wonderful to know what dogs are actually dreaming about. And I love that you dream of painting… trust me… it counts… I’ve practiced many things in my dreams that suddenly showed up in real life! 😉

    1. hehe! I agree, Sharon! 😃💕 Dreams are soooooo odd and weird… but also strangely cool and clever. Sometimes I’m desperate to remember them as they fade away… there were so super creative ideas there!

  4. Daydreaming when I was a kid consisted of lying on the lawn on a late summer day and watching the clouds create all sorts of fantastic beings in the sky. Dozing off meant a sunburned face, though, so we didn’t last long! We all have our curiously themed night dreams too. I find myself back at my old office job being more concerned with getting from one place to another rather than actually working – with lots of scenery, of which I wish I could do a snapshot and paint! Those could be some scary images…..

    1. Yeah… I think I got a lot of sunburns as a kid from daydreaming outdoors! hehe 😉 And you should totally stop on your journey, take a snapshot and paint it! It would transform the trip into something inspiring again!

  5. Love the Jack Russell! My dreams seem to involve problem solving or obstacles. I have been able at times to go back to sleep and finish a dream on a positive note. Just hate to get out of bed in the morning feeling out of sorts from a silly dream I can barely remember. Must have something to do with my stubborn streak :-)..

  6. Love this little puppy. He does look like he is dreaming of something! Dreams, yes they can be interesting. I don’t like the ones where I have physically worked at something. Like the one I had last week…..I was lugging my large suitcase(which I normally don’t take) around DL. I was exhausted when I awoke. Lol! I know why I had that one, I’ve been pondering whether to take a big suitcase on my next trip. 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕hehe… dreams tell us all! lol Like, yeah… large suitcases are only good when you know you can land in a single hotel for several days. Otherwise, they’re a pain in the butt! lol

  7. will be back to read more and savor your genius (brush, written word, and thought process) on the weekend. I’m working a temp. mapping the area for the 2020 census
    and my bones are groaning. I am so in envy of that dreaming pooch you painted. He looks delightfully contented and so very real. Off to work (oh, Must I? Yes)

  8. I don’t really have to leave until 8 and this caught my eye:

    ( a Charlie quote of course:) ” I’ve learned that dreams don’t reveal to us what’s actually there, but instead, give us a wonderful hint about what’s missing in our lives. For my own dream of a maze, it’s most likely about a clear sense of direction. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to even be when I grow up,”

    Again a perfect pairing of humor and wisdom. I’m so glad that doodlewash exists.

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