Bruschetta watercolor painting illustration by Anna Koliadych DearAnnArt

GUEST ARTIST: “Watercolor Painting Is My Meditation” by Anna Koliadych (DearAnnArt)

Hi everyone. My name is Anna Koliadych. I am an illustrator and watercolor artist. Also, you may know me as DearAnnArt. Initially, I came up with this name for Instagram, but over time this name turned into a brand. I was born in Ukraine. Since 2013, I moved to Malta, and at the moment I am dividing my time between London and Tallinn (Estonia). I am very glad that I can share my story with you. Because this is not just a story about how I learned to paint, it’s a story about how I found myself.

Initially, I received a Master’s in Automation and Control System in Technological University in Ukraine. So, after obtaining a degree, I decided that I need something more creative and my choice fell on graphic design. I worked as a Graphic designer for several years. It was quite creative work but felt inside that I’m doing something wrong and not happy doing this job.

Everything changed when I met my future husband. He gifted me with my first watercolor paints and brushes. Since then, I already knew that this is what makes me happy, and this is what I want to do. Almost 7 years have passed since I got my first art supplies. I did not immediately become a full-time artist. Not everything worked out as I wanted.

I have had a lot of failures but I knew that I was moving in the right direction and painting is my calling. Thanks to painting, I started to feel myself very happy. I paint very simple and understandable things. In fact, everything that I see and surrounds me. I really like to paint flowers, food, animals. Also, I paint children’s illustrations. Very often my followers say that all my illustrations are very cute. Maybe … I’m not sure.

I do not do it on purpose. It comes out by itself. I just pass it through myself. And my soul wants to paint good and positive things that will make people smile. I believe that my illustrations make this world a little better.

Sometimes an idea just comes to my mind and I can’t calm down until I put everything on paper. Then everything goes easily. However, there are days when I think a lot what I want or I need to paint and eventually make several attempts. But the point is that I always stick to certain steps or algorithms.

  1. abstract space watercolor DearAnnArtInspiration. Usually, I compose a mood board, do research, or just have an idea in my mind. This step is always different. I just need to start somewhere or at least sit down at the table, take paints and water.
  2. Sketching. I do preliminary sketch but if I paint in a loose style I skip this step.
  3. Coloring. This is the most relaxing step if I work in my studio. Usually, I turn on a movie or YouTube on the background and enjoy the process.
  4. Finalizing the artwork by adding details. Often, I feel what details need to be added to the artwork in order to complete a composition. It is so important to add the finishing touches. Often a few splashes complete the composition. At least it works for me.

Painting is my meditation. If I am not in a good mood then my creative process is kind of falling apart. I don’t take the brush in my hands. I really like to experiment with materials, colors, and techniques. But over the years, I already have got my favorites supplies. I love Winsor & Newton and ArtPhilisophy watercolors. Especially now as they have released a new line of professional watercolors in tubes.

4-divider Watercolor Painting Set SketchAmong the brushes, my favorites are from Princeton Artist Brush. Series like Heritage, Velvetouch, Siberia are the best. It is a pleasure to work with such brushes. Moreover, Princeton supports me and it is very pleasant to work with them. With regard to the watercolor paper, I still cannot say that I found the ideal one. I like CassArt cold-pressed, Hahnemühle watercolor paper. Art philosophy has a good selection of paper that works very well too.

Galaxy Watercolor Painting by Anna Koliadych DearAnnArt

My life has changed so much in these seven years. I became who I am today, because I do what I love. I am so happy to share my knowledge with others. I host watercolor challenges on Instagram. Teach workshops in London. Have a result-guaranteed watercolor course. Also, I published a watercolor book: 15-Minute Watercolor Masterpieces: Create Frame-Worthy Art in Just a Few Simple Steps.

This is amazing. I wish everyone to find their own path and be happy with all my heart.

Anna Koliadych (DearAnnArt)

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14 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Watercolor Painting Is My Meditation” by Anna Koliadych (DearAnnArt)

  1. I never knew about art philosphy. So pretty. I like your message about why you create and letting art just happen. I love to paint and wnat to pursue it full time. I know belief in self is so important so thanks for sharing your story and encouraging me to pursue my dream.

  2. Anna thank you so much for your inspirational post. I retired 7 years ago from a career in IT and only last year was hit with the realisation that I couldn’t draw and must do something about it. To my surprise I found that I could draw and that it was incredibly relaxing. I’ve been following your blog and this one for a few weeks and am now branching into watercolour with very tentative baby steps. Keep up the good work, I love your style and look forward to seeing more of your work.

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