Tonight I first thought the prompt was kitten, so I drew one, and then realized that’s not until tomorrow. I’ve totally lost track of what day it is this week it would seem. I then quickly made this little dessert as my offering for the evening. It appears to be an extremely limey key lime pie. I had to use a reference photo because since the holidays have passed, desserts are now less frequent. This is the time we dial it all back a bit in hopes our spring clothes will still fit properly. Today, was oddly warmer and I could have probably just worn a t-shirt, but my body wasn’t ready for that yet, so I donned a light sweater. Sweaters are truly amazing friends, hiding even the slightest indiscretion beneath folds for which you can’t possibly be blamed. That’s just how they’re made. I adore them and when the winter cold comes our whole tiny family is wearing them nearly each day, even our dog, Phineas. But as spring days may come and go at any minute in our weird climate, it’s now time to move into salad mode. And, simply envy those lucky enough to actually get dessert.

Although I don’t think I have what one would consider a true sweet tooth, I do adore desserts. It seems they come in an endless array of various decadences and each one is delicious. We go to lunch on the Saturdays, alternating between two lovely local restaurants that serve amazing meals, and yes, clever and wonderful desserts. Sometimes, we’ll find a dessert that was just so good we’re excited to have it again a couple weeks later. If we find that it’s been replaced, which happens quite often, we go through a bit of mourning, but are equally excited by the substitute. Like the soup of the day, desserts change often which makes them a very exciting thing indeed. There was once a lightly sweet and almost savory dessert made with goat cheese and pine nuts that was our absolute favorite. The regular chef had invented it rather than the pastry chef and it was amazing. Soon it sadly left the menu, no doubt from complaints it wasn’t sweet enough, and we’re still morning that one to this day.

I often tease Philippe when we’re shopping for groceries by saying things like, “Don’t we need cream for the dessert you’re planning to make?” This is met with the usual eye roll and no response at all. So much for the power of suggestion. It’s true that the things we can’t have all the time, can often become the things that we hold most dear. We don’t see our families very much, since we live in different states and even continents, so each time we do it’s an incredibly special and memorable occasion. And while sweet, also a bit bittersweet when it’s time to bid farewell. Time is such a funny thing. While I can forget even which day this is, the days just keep throttling forward. Sometimes, I have to stop a moment and take it all in. To think about the things I can’t have that I hold dear. Time spent with those you love. That, in the end, is probably the best treat of all. For those of you with a family close by, give them each a hug from me. It’s a beautiful thing indeed. I long for those sweet moments, even though they don’t come for us as often as they should. I guess, in way, it’s a bit like dessert envy.

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26 thoughts on “Dessert Envy

  1. I do love key lime pie, and yours is a stunner! I’ve always lived close to my mother, but have gone years without being able to see my brother because he traveled so much and so far. Mom’s 94 and though she’s in good health, I know she’ll be gone soon, so I do my best to make every moment count.

  2. Ah yes, the post holiday food shakedown. haha. I actually get so sugared out during the holidays I’m somewhat glad to retreat back to striped down meals and heaps of veggies. A refreshing change. Some years I’ll try to ride the wave and do a month of an elimination diet (like no sugar, etc.) but after trying a particularly strict one last year (that involved cutting sugar, caffeine and gluten among other things) before discovering I was anemic (can we say NO energy?), I’m going the route of just trying new recipes this year and broadening my food tastes and cooking skills. We’re actually caving and trying a meal prep service to get some new ideas! Now I won’t say the impulse to try some new things is completely inspired by your delicious recipe doodlewashes, but there’s definitely some influence there! 😉

    1. Glad we’re a positive influence! hehe! 😃💕 Yeah… it’s so tough to eat healthy and keep a good range. Philippe is a master at dinner and breakfast, but my lunches leave much to be desired. 😊 Actually, now that I think about it, he’s my meal prep. He should start a business!! lol

  3. My DH loves key lime pie. Your post spoke to me as well because our children and grandchildren live so far away, so visits are always too short and too long in between. Sort of like desserts…….seldom and only at special times…..

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