To follow-up yesterday’s breakfast, today we have a little spot of dinner in Paris. This was actually Philippe’s plate of salmon and beets, because it was prettier than mine. We went with our friends Zélie and Richard, along with their daughter, to a restaurant called Auberge du Moulin Vert. This is the second time I’ve been to the restaurant, but the interior had been completely redesigned since our last trip, so it was like visiting it for the first time. The above was just one of several little courses for the evening, and even though the portions were small, it still managed to be a lot of food… again. We will now officially be eating nothing but vegetable soup for a week or two after this trip in order to return to our normal weight. But that’s not for a couple of days, so for now, there’s still time to consume delicious things before we leave. When you’re on vacation in Paris, you never regret what you actually eat. You only regret the food you didn’t find the time to sample.

The restroom in the restaurant was as interesting as the food for the evening, with a sink basin that glowed brightly from the inside and 5 silver toilet paper holders stacked next to the toilet. The paper rolls themselves where white, alternating with black. My American sensibilities accepted the white immediately, but the black toilet paper was a bit of a turn off. When in Paris, though, the toilet paper is available in an array of colors to match your decor, unless you’re shopping in a smaller supermarket, in which case you’ll find only the popular pink or lavender colors. The bright solid colors make the paper look like napkins someone in the U.S. might serve with a slice of cake, which is a really odd thing to think about while visiting the toilet. Nearly as odd as devoting a portion of this blog post to a description of toilet paper.

Yet, these are the little memories I love and will take back home with me. And these are the little things I’ll look forward to upon my return. Arriving in Paris, I was so excited to visit a supermarket more than any particular tourist attraction. Much is the same, but the differences thrill me. I love seeing all of the things one might only find at Dean & Deluca for four times the price sitting quietly in a normal everyday grocery cooler for a couple of euros. Each time I’m here, I feel a bit transformed. Learning to appreciate food again and slowing down to really enjoy quality time with family and friends. And even if I can’t yet speak the language properly, I feel at home with each little glorious bite and sip of champagne. Listening closely to words around the table I’m only starting to understand, while enjoying the things we all have in common – little plates of delicious bites, glasses of fabulous French wine, and warm smiles that say everything is just how it should be at our lovely dinner in Paris.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Indian Yellow, Red Orange, Opera Rose, Olive Green, Ultramarine Deep, Burnt Sienna, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 6 #WorldWatercolorGroup Dîner À Paris - Dinner in Paris Salmon and Beets with champagne

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35 thoughts on “Dîner À Paris

  1. I too can get almost everything here in Montréal..albeit a bit pricier..but not that much..
    depends on the item..Lentilles du Puy..maybe even less here..

    and I cannot walk into a Sennelier here..lots of art shops..none of that age..
    That’s what I brought back from Pars..the little moments♥

  2. What a charming little painting. I’m so glad you are having such a wonderful time in Paris.

    How interesting about the black toilet paper. I’ve never seen such a thing. Last time I was in Paris, actually, I had to use the “restroom” at one of those places that’s just a hole in the ground and no paper provided. I had to also negotiate it while having a baby strapped to me in a carrier which was a challenge. The advantage of having said baby about my person, however, was that I had my own tissues with me. So black paper is definitely favorable to no paper.

  3. I’ve enjoyed each and every detail in your posts and paintings, Charlie. Somehow I believe that Paris is truly as magical as it seems through your eyes and words, and I am so happy for you that it has been a terrific visit. Enjoy the last few days!!

  4. Beautifully done Charlie – pretty indeed. Keep eating! And hmm… quite remarkable about the toilet paper! That’s not something I say often. How cool though, to have it matching the decor – they’ve thought of everything!

  5. Such a lovely sketch, Charlie! Salmon with beets sounds quite appealing all of a sudden :)) I must say I adore your rendering of utensils, I love how important they look in each of your sketches.

  6. Black toiletpaper uhhh I never have seen this but sure we will see it somewhere here in a short time.
    In the earlier times in France they had such a beautiful walldecoration (paper) and for every room a different design, I loved it.
    It has been so long ago I was there so I have no idea how the rooms look these days.

    I was wondering what is the green on your beautiful painted dish, is it rosemarin? And the string is that seaweed, funky, looks like the dish is broken but it,s very paintfull like this.

    Now in a short time Back to normal life with the American smiles Charlie!
    Enjoy the last day(s) of your, from top till toe, warm and beautiful trip to Paris.

    Thank you for sharing,

    1. Thanks so much, Margriet!! 😃💕 Haha… it totally looks like a broken dish. I noticed that after the fact, but it was of course, too late to do anything about it! It’s a couple stripes of balsamic reduction. The green was spinach (leaves and a green sauce of some kind that may have included parsley as well).

  7. Ha-ha Charlie, I loved the description of the colored toilet paper – only in Paris! You have shared so much of your trip and I’m so grateful for all the details of everything you’re doing and doodles you’ve posted for us. I’ve never used Sennelier watercolors and I was considering buying the 12 half-pan set plus 6 free that’s on sale right now at a few of the art supply shops for around $60 which is a great buy. The colors look so vibrant in your doodles that you’ve used them. Thanks again Charlie for sharing your wonderful trip! Sharon

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon!! 😃💕 It’s been a truly fun and memorable trip! So glad you came along for the ride! As for Sennlier half pans… I found myself needing to do more layering than I usually do to get the colors as rich as the tube paints. I LOVE the format of the tin very much, but think I still prefer paint in tubes a little more.

  8. I never seen the black and withe toilet paper. Once I saw a dollar printed PT, so imaginative to take it for this use Ah Ah !
    About Sennelier, I prefer the tubes too. I have their tubes set in metal box and bought empty full and half pans so it’s easy to use (my husband took some soldered pieces of metal de-soldered, so I can put much pans in the box.
    Thanks for sharing your nice time in Paris. But you know France is not just Paris and I hope you’ll have opportunity to visit other places (even not far from Paris, 2 hours longer ( I think of Le Touquet, Deauville, for the more known but some are less known and superb too, so you can just take a day to go and return….) in the future. Have a safe trip Charlie ! See you soon !

    1. Thanks, Laurence! 😃💕 Yeah… my first time seeing the black toilet paper! Lol So weird. That sounds like an awesome Sennelier box you have then! I’ll definitely be refilling them with tube paints, but love the tin! And yes! We visited other parts of France on previous trips alone together, but now we just have time to visit friends and family in Paris, so haven’t been able to add in any other sightseeing. One day we will again if we get to spend a bit more time there! Home safe and exhausted, but filled with happy memories!!

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