Anyone who knows me, or indeed has been following my posts, knows that when it comes to dinner for two, my favorite part is sharing dessert. No matter how full you are at the end of a dinner out at a restaurant, if you split dessert, you can always make room for just a bite or two more. This makes the experience absolutely decadent and suitably amazing to justify the added costs. I really can’t imagine bothering going out to dinner if one skips the finale. On every dessert menu, there’s usually that super crazy chocolate dessert. For some reason, these always fail to thrill me, so I opt for nearly anything else on the menu. Chocolate is wonderful, but when you dose it up in an extravagant way, it’s really not much more interesting than a melted chocolate bar. Instead, I prefer to top off my dinners with a mix of subtle vanilla flavors, fruits, almonds, and sometimes just a bit of cheese. And, of course, always with whipped cream, because really, what’s the point any other way?

I love dinner for two, and even four, but any more people than that, and I get a bit anxious. If there are more than six people, then I tend to opt out entirely, because nobody can really be part of a central conversation. At that number, it feels more like a small party and everyone should be mingling with some lovely Japanese finger food. In those types of gatherings, I’m fine, because I can reassemble a twosome and let the din of the other conversations fade into the background. Sure, I’m an introvert, but it’s also quite true that meaningful conversations don’t happen in large groups. Just think about all of those times at work that you’ve spent in large meetings. In those, people resort to “chit chat,” which is a type of conversation I’ve never enjoyed or even understood. It’s a form of talking without substance that’s more of a desperate attempt to fill dead air or simply make sounds to prove they are there, than really connect with someone.

Perhaps that’s why so many people rank a dinner for two at the top of their list of life’s simple pleasures. With just one other human sitting across from you, there’s a magical experience of having to actually interact on a personal level. To be in the moment and enjoy the time with someone you care about. And if it just happens to be that someone you married and have grown rather used to seeing every day, it can feel like you’re dating again. Back to that first awkward time when you caught each other’s eyes and felt that first sense of attraction. It’s not possible to maintain that feeling for a lifetime, but with a few candles, a fabulous cuisine, some wine, and a wonderful dessert, it’s entirely possible to reclaim it every now and then. Life can be stressful and full of challenges, but if you want to make sure you remember just why your significant other was so significant in the first place, you need only make a date, and enjoy a dinner for two.

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37 thoughts on “Dinner For Two

  1. Oh yes, dinner for two. Wait, I bet you mean dinner for two people, not one person getting to eat enough dinner for two people. OK, I guess that’s fun too. Especially if it’s loaded with whipped cream.

    Though I should have been suspicious when you started talking about chocolate not being a great dessert. Because, like what’s not to like in a melted chocolate bar?

    1. Lol… yeah, you and Philippe would get along perfectly there. He craves chocolate in any form. I’ve just not developed the full appreciation of it. But at least we can come together about the whipped cream!! hehe 😃💕

  2. Uhmmm! That’s one yummy painting! I’m with you on dinner for two, but I’ll opt out on the parties. I tend to find a corner somewhere and hide away at those! And any chocolate desserts you don’t want you can give to me. Chah-clat!!!!

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  3. How about hiding in the corner, in a party, WITH Charlie’s rejected chocolate dessert? Now we are.getting somewhere… I would be willing to bet Charlie makes these posts wondering what kind of worms we will find inside the can 🙂 hey, maybe there are chocolates in this can-post instead of worms? Regardless, Charlie, you never drew any food that I did not want to eat – even the veggies, lol! Great sketch!

  4. Yep, dinner for two, almost as good as holding hands and going for a slow walk at dusk. If it’s slightly snowing, even better. Luckily here in BC, Canada, we have that perfect time of year for a few months, it’s magical. Just a good chunky sweater and someone you love talking to or even being silent with. Funny, my idea of the best dessert has morphed significantly in the past few years. I love chocolate but agree that the over the top chocolate desserts just are not my favorite. With so many changes in my palate I don’t know what my favorite dessert would be now. Kind of a stumper, I must say, lol.

  5. Wonderful painting, Charlie! When I saw that with the title, I remembered my childhood when strawberry shortcake WAS dinner. As long as my Mom wasn’t around. And so much truth to the luxury of sharing a dinner with a person whom you love. Thanks for starting my day off on such a happy note!

      1. I’m totally adopted. (And just found out a year or so ago, thanks to one of those DNA dealies, that I have NINE brothers and sisters that we know about. It’s really much more possible than you’d think. 😀 😀 :D)

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