chrysanthemum Watercolor Painting by Disha Sharma

GUEST ARTIST: “Madly, Deeply In Love With Watercolor” by Disha Sharma

My name is Disha Sharma. I am an artist and illustrator living in Dallas, Texas with a deep love for colors and nature. I primarily paint with watercolors and most of the time love to bring realism to my work. Painting was never on my mind until 2016 when I visited my parents to New York and bought some random art supplies from Michaels without even knowing much about them. Of course I was creative in school but that creativity took a back seat with time and studies.

I did B. Tech in Electronics and Communication and worked for almost 3 years in IT. I was not happy at all with the nine to six job culture. I always used to wonder how artists and designers work, what tools they used etc. In 2011, I joined an Animation school and did a course in Graphic and Web Design. This helped me make a shift from technology to web designing. But still there was something missing.

​When my son came into my life in 2014, I used to have some extra time during his naps and then I started dabbling with some fabric and acrylic paints. In 2017, I started getting active on Instagram and with time I came to know about watercolors. There started my watercolor journey and since then I am madly, deeply in love with this medium. Today I can’t spend a single day without painting.

Painting with watercolors is my muse, my meditation and now its an essential part of me and my life. A few years from now, I imagine myself to be sitting in my decent sized studio where no unnecessary noise is heard. Just me and my art supplies. I just want to enjoy the nature and recreate it on paper.

I love to paint different subjects like flowers, food, nature and birds. My painting style varies from loose to realistic which you can check it on my Instagram page.

Do I Have a Signature Style?

Well, I honestly don’t know if I have a style. I have been hearing this a lot about honing a signature style, but to be honest, I find it very claustrophobic for myself to be locked into such boundaries. I want to just learn and experience as much as I can before I die. So I just enjoy the process without thinking too much about style. I believe it evolves naturally with time.

Sometimes, when I feel overwhelmed by working with watercolors, I just grab some gouache paints and enjoy the creamy nature of this medium. I love to glide my brush on paper with the creamy gouache as much as I want to feel the freedom of watercolor paints. I want to learn many things because I believe, we are given just one life so why not just take advantage of every moment and cherish it with the creativity inside all of us.

Materials I Use

The materials that I love to use for watercolor painting are :
Paper: Canson XL for studies and gouache paintings. Hot pressed paper from Fabriano Artistico for my realistic paintings. Arches Cold Pressed for other nice work
Brushes: I currently use Princeton brushes
Paints: Winsor & Newton professional tubes are the best. Other than that I love Van Gogh and Sennelier tubes.
bird watercolor painting by Disha Sharma

Sharing What I Learn

I am always open to learning new stuff and even teaching beginners what I have learnt so far. I love to share my process on social media and my Youtube channel. I also have a class on Skillshare where I teach How to Paint realistic Citrus Fruits using watercolors.

Disha Sharma
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32 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Madly, Deeply In Love With Watercolor” by Disha Sharma

  1. Hello Disha,

    Thank you for sharing your work and a BIG Thank You to Charlie for featuring her! Disha your paintings are very calming to look at and I love the fruits you did best of all. Best wishes for all your art endeavors.


  2. Deeply, madly in love with your art Disha! You inspire us everyday and I look forward to the new paintings you do each day! Much love n blessings! Keep being You!

  3. Very nice work Disha. I loved the tenderness that you have shown in your flowers and the realism in your fruits. I could relate to your story as you too are a combination of Engineer + Artist just like me. 🙂

  4. Hi Dasha, love your water colors… am planning to start watercolor now n earlier was dabbling with Oil paintings… Any tips from u…

  5. Disha, you have a beautiful and pleasing style! Just enough detail to make it realistic, yet it shows the fluidity and beauty of the watercolor medium. Thank you for sharing your artistic journey with us!

  6. It was just amazinggg reading about you Disha, we have some things in similar.. and i really feel the same way you about style or having a signature your work. I am priyankapaints on Instagram.

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