Day 6 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - Reflections on Sushi Grocery Store Bought Package Packaging - #doodlewash

MARCH 2017: Paint What You Love

Day 8 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Strut Like A Peacock Head In Profile Watercolor - #doodlewash

FEBRUARY 2017: Natural Beauty

Day 12 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Rubber Duckie Rubber Ducky Duck in blue water Ernie

JANUARY 2017: Childhood Memories

Day 13 - Holiday Lights vintage Christmas light bulbs string

DECEMBER 2016: Winter Wonderland

Day 16 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Brussels Sprouts watercolor on white background

NOVEMBER 2016: A Celebration Of Food

Day 25 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Taking Selfies Warby Parker Green Glasses

OCTOBER 2016: The Simple Things In Life

Day 1 #WorldWatercolorGroup Jack Spade Greene St. Small Messenger Olive Green Orange

SEPTEMBER 2016 – Travel Memories

My Favorite Kid's Food Broccoli and Cheese #WorldWatercolorGroup

AUGUST 2016: Share Your Favorite Things!

Day 31: #WorldWatercolorMonth Champagne glass with splashing strawberries

JULY 2016: World Watercolor Month!

Doodlewash and Watercolor sketch of Western Bee European Bee on purple and yellow flower nature hike

JUNE 2016: The #NatureDoodlewash Hike!

Doodlewash of dinner table setting with red wine and Caprese Salad

MAY, 2016: The Doodlewash Dinner Party

National Lost Dog Awareness Day - Doodlewash and watercolor painting of orphan corgi puppy

APRIL, 2016: Doodlewash A Day!

Long-Eared Jerboa Doodlewash

MARCH, 2016: Uncommon Creatures

Emu Doodlewash by Charlie O'Shields

FEBRUARY, 2016: Animal ABC’s

Chatter Telephone Doodlewash

JANUARY, 2016: Les Petites Choses

Escoda Brush and Lamy Safari Pen

DECEMBER, 2015: Choose Your Own Doodlewash Adventure

Mousse Doodlewash

NOVEMBER, 2015: Days To Celebrate!

Swatch Doodlewash by Charlie O'Shields

OCTOBER, 2015: Cabinet of Curiosities

Kansas City Skyline by Charlie O'Shields

SEPTEMBER, 2015: Tour of Kansas City

Au Revoir by Charlie O'Shields

AUGUST, 2015: Tour of France

#DrawingAugust Day 16 - Charlie O'Shields

Drawing August 2015