Travel carry, watercolor palette, Moleskine, Pertalic Aqua Journal, Leuttchurm 1917 sketch journal, Sennelier 4x6 block, paint brushes, GellyRoll pens, fountain pens, diaper, Nalgene, spray bottle, Alvin NB Mesh Bag

DOODLEWASH REVIEW: Grace Art Converted Travel Carry

I figured I would do this shorter post showing what I ended up with in the palette from the Grace Art palette conversion post. Along with showing swatches of a few different brands of artist quality paints, and a little bit on the Pentalic Aqua Journal 5 x 8 inch.  Charlie loves the paper in this journal so I’m giving it a try, but the journal is not without its issues.  I’ve tried many watercolor/sketch journals, and like many artists, long for the perfect one.

I love looking at, and learning, from other people’s paint swatches and palettes. I offer this in that spirit. If you’ve been following my posts, you’ve probably realized that I am not a minimalist.  This Grace Art converted palette ended up to be a crazy travel palette. I am not the voice of reason here. I fit all I could into it, and have 30 different watercolors in this thing. After I took these pictures, I’ve switched some things out, but here is what I started with. It may look a little random in the color selection/grouping. I grouped more by brand than color, sort of. Here are the abbreviations used on the swatch for the brands:

Winsor & Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith, Qor, M. Graham watercolor swatches for a travel palette

Top: WN- Raw Sienna, WN- Burnt Sienna, WN- Cobalt Turquoise, WN- Permanent Alizarin Crimson, WN- Perylene Maroon, WN Quinacridone Violet, HWC- Cobalt Violet Light, HWC- Bright Violet, HWC Manganese Blue Nova

Middle: MG- Sap Green, DS- Undersea Green, DS- Hansa Yellow Light, DS- Pyrrol Scarlet, DS- Phthalo Turquiose, MG- Burnt Umber, DS Goethite, DS Indigo, DS Payne’s Gray, DS Buff Titanium, DS Moonglow

Bottom: QoR- Green Gold, DS- Quinacridone Gold, DS- Bronzite, DS- Burnt Bronzite, DS- Sicklerite Genuine, DS- Red Fuchsite Genuine, DS- Kyanite, DS- Sugilite, Holbein Artist’s Gouache- Permanent White (for making stars).

In the future, I will be reviewing Daniel Smith watercolors, including some Duochrome, and many from the PrimaTek line, Holbein watercolors and gouache, Winsor & Newton watercolors, and a short post on QoR.  In May, I will review Greenleaf & Blueberry handmade watercolors. A review of M. Graham watercolors can be found here, and one on Mission Gold here.  Back to the palette and on to the journal.

I fit all of the pans into the middle row so that there is no movement from the pans and used a little rubber cement on the bottom of a few pans to secure them.  Why I put that big ol’ brush in the picture, I’m not exactly sure.  It’s not coming with me.  I had just gotten it and was excited about it. It made me think of the Goliath (love that name) brush Guest Doodlewasher Meagan Healy uses.  This one is a Raphael Soft Aqua Quill, size 8.  I have a smaller one that I love. The other brush is a Princeton Select 1/4″ oval mop that I used to do the swatches. It holds a surprising amount of water, and my local art store sells them.

Grace Art Converted Palette filled with, Winsor & Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith, Qor, M. Graham watercolors
Grace Art Converted Palette

On vacation, I will be able to sit and take my time to paint, I wasn’t worried about the extreme portability of a super small palette. Since this is plastic, it’s pretty light and I think, very portable.

Check out Guest Doodlewasher Kapil’s travel carry and palette swatches.

Pentalic Aqua Journal 5 x 8 inch closed

The Pentalic Aqua Journal, has 140 lb. paper, the description on Amazon said 100% cotton rag, but the description on their site doesn’t say anything about that.  Comes with a ribbon marker, elastic brush holder and pocket in the back, and is held closed by an elastic band.  The problem- it has gaps between each of the six signatures where you can see the adhesive. Not a big deal if you are painting on one page, but if you like to do a spread over both pages, this wouldn’t be good. The first and last pages have about a quarter inch that is adhered to the page that holds it inside of the cover, so it’s a little cumbersome to paint on those pages. I like that the corners of the cover are rounded. I’ve only done one painting in it, but so far, I like the paper.

Pentalic Aqua Journal 5 x 8 inch open showing gaps between the signatures
Gap Between Signatures

Travel carry- Grace Art converted watercolor palette, spray bottle, Nalgene bottle, glass jam jar, Pentalic Aqua JournalMoleskine Pocket watercolor journal, Leuchtturm 1917 Pocket Sketchbook, Sennelier watercolor block 4×6 for gift paintings, Da Vinci Travel brush, Raphael Soft Aqua Quill 3/0, Princeton Select 1/4″ oval mop,  Lamy Safari fountain pen EF nib with sepia ink. Platinum Carbon fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink, small Niji Waterbrush, GellyRoll pens,  Alvin NB Mesh Bag 5 x 9 inch, various clips- for journals I like Everything Clips, a tube sock to keep the palette closed/brush wipe, and a flat cloth diaper for a brush wipe…and lip balm. I will also bring a little bit larger quill brush, and a small rigger.

Travel carry, watercolor palette, Moleskine, Pertalic Aqua Journal, Leuttchurm 1917 sketch journal, Sennelier 4x6 block, paint brushes, GellyRoll pens, fountain pens, diaper, Nalgene, spray bottle, Alvin NB Mesh Bag

Flying with fountain pens takes some extra care. Goulet Pens has helpful information on flying with them.

It all stacks up nicely and the palette fits in the mesh bag with the rest of the odds-n-ends.

Travel carry, watercolor palette, Moleskine, Pertalic Aqua Journal, Leuttchurm 1917 sketch journal, Sennelier 4x6 block, paint brushes, GellyRoll pens, fountain pens, diaper, Nalgene, spray bottle, Alvin NB Mesh Bag

For additional small travel carry set-ups see the posts under Reviews.  Here are some links for small travel carry and other awesome ideas from a few knowledgeable folks- Liz Steele, MagaMerlina, guest Doodlewasher  Jane Blundell, and guest Doodlewasher Marc Taro Holmes. Try Handprint for an abundance of information.

Watercolor aerial view painting of the island of Kauai with paint brushes and a watercolor travel palette filled with half and full watercolour pans

I also ended up trying the Global Art Materials Travelogue Grand Portrait Watercolor Book.  It is 95lb (200gsm) paper. I had a good experience with the paper in my opening travelogue entry.

I’m out using this set-up, and will do my best to respond to comments when I return.  This is an ongoing series of watercolor and supply reviews.  Happy painting!

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22 thoughts on “DOODLEWASH REVIEW: Grace Art Converted Travel Carry

  1. Again this is great information. I have not done swatches of my colors before. When should I do this? I have seen it being done but wasn’t sure if I needed to do it.

    Thanks again. 😊👏🏽👏🏽👍🏼

    1. Hi there :). I do a swatch for all of my palettes so that I can have a visual representation of how the colors will look when painted with. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which colors are which, especially the darker ones, without a swatch. I’ve found it very helpful. I find them enjoyable to make.

  2. This is really helping me think about and plan what to bring on my next trip! Is the lip balm painting related at all? Does the 95lb paper buckle too much? Thanks, Jessica! Hope you’re having a grand time traveling!

    1. Hi Teresa! The lip balm is not painting related. I just get weird about making sure I have enough, as I have a bit of an addiction to it. 95lb paper will buckle, but I didn’t find it to buckle terribly in the Travelogue book. It also helps that one side is bound and then use clips on the other side to keep the paper from curling. Some do it more than others, like AquaBee Super Deluxe Sketchbook, it is 93lb, but buckles more than any other paper I’ve ever used.

  3. I’m really enjoying these posts because portability is really important for me since I don’t really have a dedicated art space. I’ve wanted a mop brush for awhile.. May just have to go grab one.. 😊 Have a great trip!

  4. Such useful info, once again. Thanks for all the time in researching and writing the post. Not sure if the lip balm is for its intended purpose, but I have an old one in my supply kit just for the tubes. After I open a new tube, I run an old Chapstick around the threads of the tube so that it opens easily next time. Apply as needed and you won’t have any lids stuck on with dried paint! Enjoy your trip!

    1. Hi Carol! The lip balm is not painting related. I just get weird about making sure I have enough, as I have a bit of an addiction to it. But what you are using it for sounds great, those tubes can be tough to open. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post, wonderfully useful information and tips. Always enjoy seeing how others pack their travel kits and what tools they use, (I am horrible at packing light), both inspirational and helpful. Hope you have a fantastic visit to the Garden Isle.

    1. Thanks so much Haunani. I’m back and missing the island very much. I had some of the chickens steal my paint pans! LOL. Recovered all but one.

    1. Hi Wendy and thank you for your comment. I hope you do paint something, many things! Let me know what you end up putting together, how fun!

  6. Ooh! Reading posts like this is so dangerous for me – I want to buy everything, lol. Thank you for the information. Choosing wisely from your recommendations will be extremely useful. I can be wise. I can…

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