First, I want to thank all the fabulous Guest Doodlewashers who’ve shared their amazing work here on as well as those who will be featured soon! It’s been truly amazing meeting all of you and your work keeps me continually inspired. Keep DOing it!

Many people on Instagram, Twitter and other places have begun to use and create an emerging doodlewash lexicon, so I thought it would be fun and also helpful to capture those terms here.

The Doodlewash Dictionary

doo·dle·wash \ˈ[dü-dəl-wawsh]

  1. Anything one creates that involves a drop of water to create beautiful washes of color and/or ink: I grabbed my brush and made a new doodlewash.
  2. Plural: -es 

doo·dle·wash \ˈ[dü-dəl-wawsh]

  1. To apply water to colors and/or ink for the purpose of creating immense satisfaction: After I finished that sketch, I just had to doodlewash it!

doo·dle·wash·er \ˈ[dü-dəl-waw-sher]

  1. Avid creator and artist who uses water with color and/or ink to make beautiful things
  2. One who can’t resist adding splashes of water to sketches: I sometimes just use pen and ink, but I’m a doodlewasher at heart. 
  3. A super cool person: No way! I didn’t know she was a doodlewasher. That’s so awesome!

DOODLEWASHING – (verb-ing)
doo·dle·wash·ing \ˈ[dü-dəl-waw-shing]

  1. The compulsive need to make something new and then apply water to it: I know there’s a new show on TV, but I’d rather be doodlewashing. 

DOODLEWASHED – (adjective)
doo·dle·washed \ˈ[dü-dəl-wawsht]

  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a person who has become addicted to daily doodlewashing: I can’t imagine stopping now. I’m totally doodlewashed!
  2. The state of being one feels while “in the zone” while creating a doodlewash: It’s been how many hours? Oh my, I was so doodlewashed I didn’t notice.
  3. Having your amazing doodlewashes featured on Yay! I’ve been doodlewashed!


  1. happy, calm, ecstatic, relaxed, delirious (it’s really your call here)

Thanks to everyone who continually adds art and beauty to the world. You’re the best new friends this doodlewasher could ever ask for! Are you interested in having your work featured on in a Guest Doodlewash post? Awesome and welcome! Just click here to send me a note! 

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