The Melita, London by Charlie O'Shields

Doodlewashing The Melita in London


Recently, The Melita, a beautiful independent, family-owned hotel in London, asked me to create a piece of art for their #MelitaSupportingTheArts program. I’ve never doodlewashed a hotel before, so this was a fun challenge! And although I was sadly unable to visit the hotel in person, I was able to find many lovely reference images from their Instagram feed. This is the resulting doodlewash!

The Melita is situated in two historical buildings built around 1825. The hotel has been owned and managed by members of the same family since 1972. It lies in a quiet street moments from all the hustle and bustle of Victoria Station in a mainly residential quarter called Pimlico.

All the houses in the area were designed and built by Thomas Cubitt, (1788 – 1855), an architect of some notoriety in his time. He had a long line of rich and famous clients and a stream of high profile commissions. However, like all good architects at the time Cubitt needed a good patron. His patron was Viscount Belgrave aka Richard Grosvenor (the richest man in the land at the time), who later became the 2nd Marquess of Westminster. Cubitt was subsequently commissioned in 1824 to build the new districts of Pimlico and Belgravia.

Belgravia and Pimlico were intended to provide fashionable housing for the upper classes. A few of The Melita’s neighbors over the years have included former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, Hollywood superstar Laurence Olivier, and former President of the French Republic Charles de Gaulle. 

Cubitt was helped by the work of the Grosvenor Estate’s architect Thomas Cundy senior (1765-1825). Constructing the area of Pimlico was one of the last pieces of work undertaken by Cubitt before he withdrew from the family business in 1827. Pimlico’s historic buildings remain highly sought after even to this day.

The arts are at the core of The Melita. Aside from the beautifully designed Regency townhouses within which the hotel is situated, The Melita strives to display and promote talented members of the artistic community from all over the world. (Exactly what we strive to do here at Doodlewash!) 

Since London is such an eclectic mix of international people, the goal is to help as many talented artists from different cultural backgrounds and influences as possible. As a non profit initiative, they display their artwork both online on Instagram, and across the hotel to give them as much exposure as possible.

They also organize and pay for the artwork to be professionally framed, to make sure it is shown in its best light. All profits of originals/prints sold to the hotel’s customers are entirely for the artists, unlike commercial art galleries who take huge fees. As far as they are aware, they are the only hotel in England (and probably anywhere in the world) that runs such an all encompassing non profit artistic initiative. 

And if YOU are an artist who might be interested in participating in this program, just send an email here with #MelitaSupportingTheArts in the subject line, and they will get back to you! It’s a wonderful program and I would like to personally thank my new friends at The Melita for everything they’re doing to support artists around the globe!

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37 thoughts on “Doodlewashing The Melita in London

  1. What a fabulous program this sounds like! And you’ve created a beautiful piece for them! Do you know what sort of art they showcase? Just fine art for adults or ? I ask because I have more illustrative arts for kid. Will they give all the details when you email them? I know, I know…so many questions. Oy…sorry!

    1. They are looking for images featuring The Melita by various artists in their own style, like what I’ve done here. There’s various photos on their Instagram of interiors and food as well. 😉 It’s a way to promote the hotel while also promoting various artists!

  2. What a beautiful doodlewash! I can tell you spend a little more time on this one. 😊 And only you can make the history of a hotel interesting..

    The program sounds interesting.. May inquire. Thanks, Charlie!!

    1. Yes!! They liked it! And the best part was when they posted it on Instagram, they said “We’ve just been officially doodlewashed!” Hehe… They’re a wonderful group and have been very supportive of artists. I’m pretty certain where I’ll be choosing to stay next time I’m I London!! 😉😃😃

  3. Congratulations Charlie! Lovely doodlewash of the hotel, you have definitively made an international presence with the philosophy. And what a fine compliment that they asked you to create such a beautiful piece. Sounds like an extraordinary program, three cheers for them in supporting the arts! Peace.

  4. How great to have a name that reminds me of coffee! I love the clean lines and colors of your drawing, and of course you are a master of making connections between people (and programs). (K)

  5. A sophisticated doodlewash, Charlie! No wonder they’re pleased. 😎
    I’m also reminded of coffee — the Melitta coffee filters, I used them frequently in the olden days, and they helped produce great black coffee.

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