Some of the fun of doing these little daily challenges is that prompts tend to repeat themselves. This means that this is only the third snowman I’ve ever sketched in my life. For this one, I decided to forgo any references at all and just make whatever came to mind. Also, I only had 15 minutes, so whatever appeared, it had to be really quick! But that’s the fun I remember in building an actual snowman. As a kid, I would breathlessly roll balls of snow as fast as I could to make the body. Once the the head, torso, and bottom were in place, the real fun began. Though it was only a scarf and hat for clothing, something that seems oddly deficient for cold weather now that I think about it. Yet, despite the lack of proper winter attire, it was always the face that truly made the man. This one shares my own crooked smile, a side effect of muscles that are apparently slightly stronger on the left side of my face. Though the idea of muscles on my body are a humorous thing to consider in general, since I’m far more lanky than sculpted. But that’s the wonderful thing about joy, it comes in whatever form it chooses.

Tonight, Philippe informed me that we failed to complete our countdown ritual yesterday. I was aghast, but also confused as I’m quite sure I remembered biting the head off of a chocolate rocking horse. Apparently, we had remembered the edibles, but failed to complete the requisite Lego ritual. I was initially distraught, but then quite happy to know that I got to open and assemble two little toy prizes tonight. In truth, our ritual gets really interrupted when we head to Texas to visit my family and end up 5 days behind. We have to catch up slowly since the tradition also includes some boozy chocolates in the end. Yet, it’s all a super fun time, filled with food and family. And a quick check of the Texas weather shows that it’s going to be cold and rainy. This is a bit of a disappointment as part of the fun is getting a little escape from the cold. But, my family lives in extreme Northern Texas which is as unreliable when it comes to weather as it is with cell phone service. More than once, I’ve been trapped in an ice storm when attempting to leave at this time of year. Though I have to admit, calling into work and saying you’ll be a day late when you’ve already completely returned to childhood is a rather easy thing to do.

Though I never grew up in Texas, my parents moved there when I was still a teenager. The house isn’t meant to be the one that I grew up in, yet often, I think that our teen years are the moment we officially start growing up. And, as I approach 50, there are certainly many more years that this house has existed in my life. But, I only get to visit once or twice year, so after almost three decades, it’s still only the equivalent of a couple of months. A far cry from my actual childhood home that saw me grow from infant to awkward teen day by day. And no matter how cold it gets in Northern Texas, the odds of building anything significant out of snow are still pretty slim. Thanks to the holidays, though, each of those memories are amplified and made to glitter just a bit more. So, in many ways, it feels like a second childhood home. It marks the very moments where I’m universally considered an adult, yet still struggling through the entire concept. Moments that are just as infuriatingly awkward as going through puberty. Sitting here today, I’m still pondering the very idea of growing up. But, instead of coming to any rash conclusions, I’m quite content with just quickly doodling a snowman.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Vermilion, Leaf Green, Terra Cotta and Cobalt Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Day 4 - Snowman Watercolor Illustration Detail - Doodlewash

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16 thoughts on “Doodling A Snowman

  1. Love your snowman! Making up lost time with chocolate is always fun! It’s also national cookie day today and hubby brought some home. I tried the ‘Begone, begone’ but he didn’t bego and I succumbed to eating 4 cookies – they were small! I watch Law and Order a lot, and I think I have a strong case that places absolutely all the blame on him. That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking with it.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 It’s always fun when I’ve sketched something enough to sketch from pure memory! And I grew up in a bedroom community called Lee’s Summit 30-40 minutes outside of Kansas City… and moved to the city proper in my early twenties.

  2. We always put mittens on our snowpeople. I’m assuming that the majority of the lost mittens in our house would be found in a puddle of melt water emerging as the spring sun was warming things up.

  3. Shadows on the snowman, awesome! He is really quite cute 🤗 Growing up in Iowa, we made plenty of snowmen, snow forts, and played a game of tag called Fox and Geese. So many fond memories. Thanks for the step back in time, Charlie!

  4. On April 2nd, the day after Easter, Winter Storm Violet gifted R.I. with 4 inches of snow…much to Benjamin’s delight. We built a snowman on my deck that was not nearly the height of the previous snowmen that had graced my yard. This Mr. Snowy was greatly loved, but started melting the next day and by the 5th of April was only a flattened head with his stick arms stuck onto either side. Mr. Snowy was scooped up onto a glass pie dish and still resides in my freezer, brought out for short visits only. Your delightful snowman looks much like our Mr. Snowy, minus the top hat. He also reminds me that another magical season of more Mr. Snowys will soon be here, filled with the kind of joy that only snow can bring. Thank-you!

    1. I’m just in love with the fact that you preserved what was left of Mr. Snowy!! 😃💕 That’s just too awesome for words!! And glad you liked my Mr. Snowy…. he was purely imagined, as we don’t have enough snow yet to build a proper one. But I’m excited to see all of them pop up around the city! So much joy ahead!

  5. ” I’m quite sure I remembered biting the head off of a chocolate rocking horse” Oh no!

    Charlie says, “I’m still pondering the very idea of growing up. But, instead of coming to any rash conclusions, I’m quite content with just quickly doodling a snowman.”

    Yes! There is wisdom in those words!!

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