So I was challenged by both Kirk (Dumb Sketch Daily) and Laura (Create Art Everyday) to try an abstract doodlewash and this is what happened. I have absolutely no idea what happened really, as I just started flicking watercolor this way and that since I have no idea how to make an abstract painting.

I loved trying this little challenge, but I think it helped me definitively realize that I’m a representational painter at heart. I love looking at other people’s abstract art as I like to look for patterns and bits of ideas and feelings. It’s really quite wonderful to view abstracts… from other people. Mine looks like a child got angry and did something horrible to your new white couch. Although that’s kind of fun and liberating now that I think about it!

I actually did three of these, but will spare you the torture of viewing “Octopus Loses In A Horrible Fight” and “Radioactive Pinecone” (though now I bet you’re dying to seeing those! Trust me, their titles are better than the actual doodles).

I think, in the end,  I’ll stick to viewing abstract art from my talented friends. It’s a fun experience, and I will likely try it again as a way to practice looser sketching techniques (but won’t likely be showing them to the world). So we’ll be returning to the regularly scheduled programming. Though this exercise weirdly made me want to sketch a goat, so I guess that’s still a bit new and different. Stay tuned!

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27 thoughts on “Doodling Abstract

  1. Honestly, Charlie–that is really cool. I love the colors you’ve chosen, especially the subtle peach/orange/cream that seems to sit behind the bright bits. That could go on the wall. Really. Or a shower curtain.

        1. Right? I got so mad at a painting I was working on one night that I rinsed it off, re washed it and then splattered all over it. It still had me mad the next morning when it posted…..and Kirk named it “Fireworks at Dusk”, which made it so much more appealing to me! See how the title totally changes it? It’s wonderful! :))

  2. Charlie, I like it! And my daughter (graphic designer) is home for the weekend, and she likes it too! It’s cool, and I’m glad you did it! And I agree with Memadtwo, I hope you post the other two! Love your titles, they made me LOL, which I really needed tonight! Thank you, Charlie, I’m so glad you accepted the challenge! :)))) Look out, tomorrow morning, I’ve got another abstract posting and I’m dying to see what you think of it. And with new art supplies, to boot. Tune in tomorrow lol. Anyway, I think it’s wonderful that you KNOW what kind of a painter you are. I really don’t. I’m leaning toward abstract realism, I think. I wish I could skip to the end of the book and just read the ending. The journey makes me a little impatient at times. 🙂 It was fun seeing your abstract painting tonight.

    1. Thanks!! And thanks to your daughter as well! I wouldn’t say I definitely know what kind of painter I am, but I do know it will involve representational painting. I want to sketch looser and faster as I’m not looking to go photorealistic with things. But it’s a journey and I think I’ll be on it with you for quite awhile! Thanks for the challenge and can’t wait to see your new abstract (and new supplies!! Yay! I don’t feel guilty about my new watercolor pencils now….thanks! 😉

  3. Wonderfully expressive. One of my favorite ways to paint is to start with an abstract background and then find shapes and forms within the chaos. Usually these paintings are wildflower fields.

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