For our Doodlewash prompt of “Reptile,” combined with the Inktober prompt of “Dragon,” I nearly opted for a Komodo dragon or some other actual lizard, but decided to try a fantasy illustration instead. Dragons are typically portrayed as rather fierce, attacking castles and whatnot, but that’s not really my style. Instead, I opted for a happier moment just before all the mayhem ensues with the birth of a baby dragon. I’ve no idea if attacking castles is nature or nurture when it comes to dragons. Perhaps, this little guy will grow up to be kinder and gentler. The type of civilized young dragon who instead of wreaking havoc would enjoy a spot of tea. After all, he could boil his own water with a single breathe, which is much more convenient than waiting, what feels like hours, for a kettle to whistle. Yes, in my story, there’s a gentle dragon who grows up to seek peace over conflict and love over hate. I’ve no idea what his fiery family would think of such nonsense, but I’d like to believe that in the end, they would simply accept him for who he is without judgement. I’ve always liked stories with a happy ending.

Today’s sketch, was a bit of a stretch for me, as I’ve not invented characters before. These dragons are a cross between an emerald basilisk lizard, a green tree python, and a bat. I thought about looking up a tutorial on how to draw a dragon, but then that would be somebody’s else’s dragon and I wanted to make my own.

Dragon Baby And Mother Inktober 2019 Illustration
Like most things I’ve simply avoided because it seemed too difficult, once my imagination got rolling, this one was not terribly tough at all to sketch. And the best part about creatures that don’t actually exist, is that I get to choose whatever colors I like when it comes time for coloring! Making a storybook sketch and coloring it makes my inner child squeal with delight. Though I’ve much more practice ahead of me to get the look I have in my head, this turned out better than I expected. And, I rather adore my little dragon family.

Today is Philippe’s birthday so I had to get this one completed and posted before the festivities begin. That makes it sound like we’re having a party, which of course, we’re not. What we are having is a bottle of champagne, food ordered in, and a cake as the grand finale. Each year, we get a very specific treat that’s only available seasonally. It’s made of layers of chocolate cake and yellow cake soaked in Grand Marnier liquor, filled with Grand Marnier buttercream and candied orange peel, and covered in a rich chocolate fondant. It’s heaven on earth! Unfortunately we had to get the smaller cake as the large one was sold out, but it will still last the weekend. I do have presents for Philippe that I hope he enjoys, since only one was from his wish list. I’m getting rather brave this month on all fronts it would seem. It’s been a blast inking and creating this month and I feel like I’ve learned and tried a lot of new things in the past several days alone. Though that comfort zone was a wonderful place, I’m even happier to be visiting a distant land and enjoying my dragon dreams.

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Dragon Baby And Mother Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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33 thoughts on “Dragon Dreams

  1. Oh my! What could be ‘cooler’ than a friendly dragon? A friendly dragon who likes to make the tea, obviously! Adorable fantasy sketch, and many happy returns to Philippe!

  2. Fantastic Charlie! I love the thought of a peaceful little dragon. The world sure could use some peace and civility. That cake sounds marvelous and I hope Philippe has a wonderful birthday celebration! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Your dragons are fantastic – as fantasy dragons should be! Philippe’s birthday cake sounds amazing. I’ll be there for my share as soon as I can find my broomstick! I’m sure he’ll love his presents. It would get boring if presents were always just what we asked for. And even better, they’re from you – that always brings the seal of approval with it.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra!! 😃💕 Glad you liked the dragons, and your gift of gouache came yesterday! Philippe saw his name and he took it and was thrilled… lol… so thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll be able to steal it back from him to play as well though. 😉 hehe

    1. Awesome!! Thanks so much for the link, Lisa! 😃💕 And the vote of confidence! I would LOVE to write and illustrate a children’s book one day! And the cake was amazing… I think Philippe has a fabulous birthday indeed!

  4. Dragonssssssssssssss!!! They are gorgeous!!! I am a wee bit excited lol. I really love Dragons and yes they are gentle. They cannot help it they are so big it scares others lol well some of them are. Sometimes others steal their treasure and they must get it back its been in the family for ages so ya lol . Happy birthday to your beloved may it be the best one yet. 🙂

  5. Wow, I don’t know where to begin with this one. I love everything about it, You see, I have a dragon. His name is Little Nag. His story link is at the top of the banner, just under the site name, on my site. Dragons are very special as your painting shows and they sometimes get a bad rap. It is quite clear that your little guy and his mom are of the nicest kind. This is a painting that I must own, so if you will add it to your store ( I hope it is available) I will definitely make haste to claim a copy.

    Happy Birthday to Philippe. Wishing you both bliss. and just seeing this painting makes me feel like it’s my birthday too…it isn’t but I’d be really happy if you’d have them send a piece of that cake along with the painting.

  6. Adore your dragon family it would definitely make for a great children’s book. Love your drawings since I found your site. Happy Birthday to Philippe!!

  7. Happy birthday to Philippe. I wish both of you have much happy, many joys each other. I still keep my dragon in mind, Charlie. I wonder what it look like. Your dragons are exciting and lovely. I suddenly thought that should I just draw dragon’s eyes looking everyone while its body still hiding in eggshell LOL .

  8. What a concept…peace over conflict. Imagine a world like this little dragon’s where we could all be kinder, more generous, more loving. Your lovely painting really fits the bill for today! Thanks for sharing today.

  9. Nice cute dragons… You know this mithological creatures were very special in the middle ages, actually they came to embrace the goodness of mankind for some cultures and fear to others… I like dragons…. And by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PHILLIP….

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