Tonight, Philippe served dinner early before I had a chance to sketch anything. While eating, I do what I always do, where I casually ask if I should save room for dessert. This is met with his typical dream-killing stare, but it’s still a fun little ritual. I was hoping for an apple crumble, but with Thanksgiving fast approaching, I’ve apparently been put on a a diet as a sort of preemptive strike. As I type this, I’m eating just a couple slices of raw apple and nothing that resembles a crumble at all. When met with a prompt of “circular” then, there was no question that some fantasy donuts might appear next. This isn’t a treat that Philippe has ever made, and it’s been months since I had one. Don’t tell Philippe that, as he thinks it’s been years now. I have to love and admire the fact that he took on the tedious job of taking care of me and protecting me from my myself. No small task to be sure. A task my mother was likely more than happy to pass on to someone else. I’m a sweet kid, both when I was little and now that I’m big. But, darn if I don’t have a wildly impulsive nature. And it’s all I can do in this moment to not rush out the door in search of donuts!

Speaking of loving family, the latest episode of my Sketching Stuff podcast launched today and is dedicated to just that! Oh, and a few of you had asked me if you could hear me sing at some point. This episode called for a tiny bit of singing so there’s about 15-20 seconds of that hidden in there as well. If you’re curious, have a listen and leave me a comment! I hope you won’t be too disappointed. Things are often much better when we can just imagine them in our minds. Or, doodlewash them and salivate over the prospect of actually having a taste of a dream. Thanksgiving is coming early this year (in just two days!), which means we’ll be decorating for Christmas at the end of this week and my inner child is starting to go completely mad. Many of you who’ve been reading my blog know that this time of year is my favorite of all and I am beyond giddy with excitement for all of the fun things ahead! Every year, Philippe and I buy a couple of new ornaments to assault our already overburdened Christmas tree with and I can’t wait to add them. He told me that we already have too many to fit properly, but I told him we can just move the tree from the corner and into the center of the room instead. This is stupidly impractical, of course, but would indeed solve the issue.

What I adore about Philippe is that he’s the voice of reason. The “adult” in our relationship, though I’m a few years older. And yet, one couldn’t possibly live with me, if they didn’t have a healthy dose of inner child at play. As proof, he’s currently in the other room playing Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! on his Nintendo Switch while simultaneously watching a French news show. The game comes with a Poké Ball that you’re meant to “toss” in order to catch the little creatures. I’ve literally no idea how the game is played, but I adore watching him play it. It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever seen and makes me love him all the more. There’s little doubt that we’re a perfect match in those moments. And also, in this very moment, when I can hear him singing along with the game’s theme music, I’m further convinced. These are definitely the best bits that life has to offer. I can’t imagine a world without them. Being an adult is certainly important whenever the moment requires it, but when it doesn’t, I say we all say “screw it!” and let that inner child have some ridiculous fun. Whether it’s having a bit of actual play, or simply dreaming of donuts.

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Day 20 - Colorful Donuts Watercolor Sketchbook - Doodlewash

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16 thoughts on “Dreaming Of Donuts

  1. Being adult is something that one can hardly avoid. Keeping those childlike moments and philosophies requires more work but is so worth it. With that in mind, I’ll confess I bought an 8 pack of glazed pumpkin donuts. We always let the nieces and nephews have any Thanksgiving left-overs so they’ll be our ‘after-feast’. I’m looking forward to them more than to the Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. You would have gone crazy if you had had my donut making job in your teens! We had chocolate, vanilla, and Southern glazed. That last one was a late comer to the donut case. It was introduced as a more sophisticated donut. Like French vanilla with a light glaze rather than the usual thicker frosting. No sprinkles or other embellishments. And man they were so good. My last summer working at The Hole’N One I must have gained 30 lbs. Then I left for a semester abroad in Europe and walked it all off! Thank you streets of London for that. Even greasy fish and chips couldn’t pack on the pounds like donuts.

    1. Haha! I love that you worked in a donut shop, Lisa! 😃💕 You know that makes you super cool in my book, right? hehe But, yeah, donuts are the devil to be sure in America. We don’t walk as much as they do in Europe to burn off those extra calories! lol

  3. Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for this year! Me too and one of the things I’m thankful for are donuts! They are one of my major weaknesses (right below cookies) and you have captured some very tasty looking ones. Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Charlie says, “Being an adult is certainly important whenever the moment requires it, but when it doesn’t, I say we all say “screw it!” and let that inner child have some ridiculous fun.”


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