Since it hasn’t stopped raining here for several days now, the only “umbrella” for today’s prompt that didn’t make me sad was the kind one might find in a drink. The bizarre tropical frosty drink I’d be having somewhere sunny and happy, preferably with a bit of sand and the sound of ocean waves crashing nearby. Sketched rather quickly as I have plans to rush to this evening. The little kid in me is getting restless and ready to be outdoors more. In my head is the chant, “Rain, Rain, go away! Come again some other day! Little Charlie wants to play!” I think this was used by moms to mainly teach rhyming as it never really did anything to make me feel better about the rain and rarely worked to stop it. I usually love rain, but mostly when there are breaks of sun, and a rainbow magically appears. The constant dark sky is ominous and doesn’t hold even the promise of a unicorn on the horizon. So, in retaliation, I’ve left once more on a trip inside my head.

Daydreaming is both one of my favorite things and also the thing that gets me into trouble. Countless times, I’ve been cruelly jolted back into reality when the sound of someone repeating my name strangely enters whatever world I decided to visit at that moment. This used to happen a lot more when I was in corporate meetings as they truly are practically worthless. It’s usually just time spent talking about “tasks” while holding hostage everyone responsible for actually doing them, and then wondering why they aren’t getting done. It’s bizarre. And also the perfect time to float just outside your body as a defense mechanism and travel to a place that makes some sort of sense. Nearly anywhere else will usually fit the bill in those situations. Yes, I suppose this behavior could seem a bit rude, but no more so than someone with severe allergies attempting to escape a room filled with pollen. Sometimes in life, it’s just necessary.

I tend to fill my life with creative people because they just sort of get it. We’re seen as the wild ones who think so differently, but in reality we’re often more rational than most. We can see the solution to problems often long before anyone else can. That’s pretty cool! We can’t stop the rain on command, but all superheroes have their limits. And this evening, there’s a sun of a different sort on the horizon for me as a dear friend I’ve known for over 20 years is in town visiting from New York. I’ve not yet told her that she’ll be playing the role of my unicorn or my rainbow, but I’m sure she’ll be up for either part. That’s why we’re friends. So, although I’ll complain like a little kid sometimes and wish I could stop the rain, life is still pretty awesome. Whether it’s a fun reality or just those magical, imagined moments when you find yourself, once again, dreaming of the sun.

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9 thoughts on “Dreaming Of The Sun

  1. When I was a little kid, my parents would let me order a Shirley Temple, a soda pop drink with maraschino cherries in it – and an adorable paper umbrella perched on the rim! Boy did I love those special dinners out on the town in a restaurant with cloth napkins and a drink with an umbrella. I saved them, of course.

    Decades later I found I could buy packages of paper umbrellas in party supply shops. The magic disappeared immediately. Nowadays I like a pretty rain umbrella because we don’t get rain often enough in sunny Southern California. My umbrella mostly sits in the closet. This year we got rain – better than anything we could have hoped for. I loved using my umbrella.

    Maybe I’ll buy a package of paper umbrellas now. Thanks for the memory, Charlie. A sweet walk down the lane.

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post, Sharon! 😊💕 I love that story!! That’s soooo true! I had the same experience… thinking those umbrellas were magic and then seeing them in bulk. Too funny! And we’re convinced our dog wants us to move to SoCal… he would be in heaven!!

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