When I sat down to sketch tonight, I had intended to sketch a couple of beach chairs and an “Umbrella,” our prompt for today. Instead, I started sketching and the drink I imagined sitting next to me appeared instead, with an umbrella in it. This, along with the distant waves brings back wonderful memories, and feels like the perfect way to end the work week. That said, I didn’t have a drink like this to enjoy, or indeed a beach to enjoy it next to, but it’s the thought that counts. Philippe and I instead had a lovely rosé wine instead, and though I considered adding an umbrella to that, we don’t have any on hand. Note to self, to add cocktail umbrellas to the shopping list, because that would even manage to make a cherry limeade taste more fun. In truth, I like the look of drinks like this more than the flavor, which is always a bit too sweet for my tastes. But, the look is so festive that it seems to demand joy. And I’m always up for a bit of happiness, like one feels when heading into the weekend! I hope everyone has a glorious weekend ahead, filled with all of the things that make you smile.

One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to drinks of any kind is that as I get older, the drinks all get much simpler. In my youth, there were lots of mixed drinks, both of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety. Certainly during college days, which were a blur of excited confusion and questionable choices. These days, my hands-down favorite drink is simply a cold glass of bubbly water. Beyond this and regular water, I only have wine and the extremely occasional single beer a couple of times in the summer. Nothing exotic like the tropical drinks of my youth. Back then, I was always trying to accessorize a moment, while these days I simply enjoy living in the actual moment. Nothing really needs to be added when you stop and cherish the joy of being in a beautiful place or spending time with someone you love. Though, yeah, bendy straws and cocktail umbrellas are super fun to be sure so I won’t be giving those up. But, the real prize in life happens when a totally mundane moment manages to thrill me. Something so simple and ridiculous that I wouldn’t have even recognized it in my fast and furious youth. That’s when I realize, I rather enjoy growing older. In my heart, of course, I’m still that curious child, but that exuberance is now combined with a bit of experience.

I’ve learned that of all of the things I think I want to happen next, the moment I just stop and consider the now is the best moment of all. Dreams will always be out there, dancing on the horizon of my life, and I’ll always chase after them with glee. But, also, free of stress and worries. I’ll do what I can in this one life I’ve been given and do my level best to enjoy each thing that comes along the way. Secretly, I DO hope to leave a mark on the world. To be remembered for something, although I’m not even sure what it will be yet. Not out of any sense of personal ego, but only because I actually want to make a difference in the lives of others. I’ve done a ton of things while I’ve been sketching stuff each and every day on this blog. When I started, everything was something new to sketch, and every story from my past had not yet been written. Today, almost four years later, I’m thrilled to say I’m still loving every moment. And yeah, I will likely repeat myself like storytellers are prone to do and sketch things I’ve sketched before, but many of you are reading and viewing me for the first time. Welcome, my friends, to my creative journey. I can’t tell you how it ends, as each day, I feel like it’s just beginning again, but I can tell you that I wish you the very best on your own creative journey and I hope it’s filled with amazing tiny surprises, like a drink with an umbrella.

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Tropical Drink Umbrella Watercolor In Sketchbook Example

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20 thoughts on “A Drink With An Umbrella

  1. You may repeat your paintings and the subject matter of your rambles, but they are never quite the same and there is always something new to savor, and some new memory to remember because of your post.

  2. Drinking and MS don’t play well together, so I’ve pretty much quit except for champagne on New Year’s Eve and frozen lime margaritas in August on the occasion of BLT book group. Every August my book group has a BLT feast with tomatoes I’ve grown in my garden. We sometimes indulge in margaritas if someone is willing to make them. We’ve been meeting for 13 years now. I think it’s incredible that six women share thirteen years worth of books and life stories and an occasional margarita.

  3. You have surely left your mark on the world. Just think of all the wonderful drawings and watercolors painted because you had a “little” idea called Doodlewash. Quite an accomplishment!!

    1. Thanks, Mary! 😃💕Yeah, it’s been an amazing journey. That little idea has grown quite a lot! And hearing from someone that I helped them show up and keep sketching is still the main thing that keeps me going!

  4. Mary just hit the nail on the head: be assured you are leaving a mark on the world, on all of your readers, with your illustrated stories and your encouragement to keep sketching. You provide a daily breath of fresh air and calm that we ll need.

    1. Thanks such a fantastic compliment to hear! Thanks so much, Bob! 😃💕I thoroughly appreciate it! And all of your comments! Sometimes, you just don’t quite know when you post something whether or not it made a difference. That makes me very happy to hear!

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