For our prompt of “Drummer” today, I sketched a little cat practicing for an upcoming gig. Though I used to perform on stage and play various instruments, I’ve never once tried playing the drums. Indeed, it’s been a few years now since I played music of any kind. Philippe and I have a lovely stage piano that I purchased many years ago. I remember when we were first together, Philippe would occasionally practice and it was such a beautiful sound to hear. These days, it gets covered in garland and candles during the holidays, and doesn’t get played very much. Like many types of art, when we fail to practice, it’s rather easy to lose interest. Or, even if the interest is there, the thought of putting in the required practice to do something really well again can seem so daunting. I guess that’s why I still doodle every day, even when I’m not sharing what I create online daily. Even a little practice can make all the difference in the world when it comes to gaining new skills and maintaining confidence.

For me personally, I can’t practice anything unless I’m also having a bit of fun. The moment that something feels like just putting in the work is the moment that I check out and fail to do anything at all. That’s likely why I bounce happily between various projects, inching each one forward to completion unless there’s a deadline looming that makes me have to focus a bit more on just one. I’ve found that it’s way easier to find my rhythm again when I’ve taken a break to try something else and come back to whatever was vexing me in the moment at a later time. And, as I head into the holiday season, I’m stepping back from projects so that I can be more present for friends and family. This time of year fills me with endless joy and I don’t want to miss a single second of the magical awesomeness!

Our pup Elliott is celebrating his first birthday on Thursday and then we’ll be choosing this year’s Christmas tree on Saturday. We wait to decorate it until the day after Thanksgiving, but having that bit out of the way makes it more enjoyable. Well, that and the whisky-spiked eggnog or mulled wine depending on what we choose. We spent this past weekend with our friends at their house in the country and the little town had a tree lighting ceremony. It was a very small crowd compared to the event we always avoid that’s held in the city, and it made it feel more special. Also, it made Little Charlie do backflips inside my soul and I was smiling the entire evening. My heart is now beating with excitement as I think about all of the beautiful traditions that are just about to happen next. I’m officially in the groove of the season and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Philippe and I are already softly humming Christmas carols, and while it seems a bit early, it’s all going to end before we know it. So, in the meantime, I’m focused on experiencing and spreading joy, while drumming up some fun!

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Cat Playing Drums Drummer Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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23 thoughts on “Drumming Up Some Fun!

  1. The east wind has started blowing here, and Mt. Hood is finally covered in snow again, and we’ve even had some measurable snow, which is unheard of here this time of year! I’ve already been listening to ‘It’s a Mean One, Mr. Grinch! My brother’s coming to visit for Christmas, so all in all it’s going to be a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Hola, Charlie! I could totally see Kitty doing a drum solo! 😂😂😂 I love, love, love the holiday season. It feels so magical and special and lovely. I have, in the past, been very tearful and sad because of where my life was and wasn’t. It still causes angst in my heart. I want my own home, to decorate with the tons and tons of decorations that I have bought and stored away so carefully, and to just enjoy the beauty of the season. Every year, I hope it’ll finally be my turn. It still hasn’t happened yet.
    My mom and I had dinner at Cracker Barrel last night. Both good and bad. Good food, bad because I want to lose my mind in their gift shop. Oh, they know what they are doing!. They see me coming! 😂😂😂 They had sweet Christmas ornaments for a dollar! 😲😲😲 While I excitedly purchased the ornaments, adding more items to my already “busting at the seams” hope chest made me sad. I couldn’t help, but wonder, “When, Lord? When will it be my turn?” Angst! 😭😭😭
    I started walking, Charlie. Did I already mention this? I have even lost a little bit of weight. It’s not the same as when I ran 5 miles every day, but it’s a good start. All I can do is START. 💜 Love you much, Charlie. Have a great week!

      1. It’ll be my turn when the Lord helps me get back on my feet both literally and figuratively. You can’t rightfully work when you can barely stand or walk because you’re in pain. So it’s not about goals or something that I’m not doing.

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 That’s a GREAT start!! Wonderful to hear! And oh my goodness… Cracker Barrel gift shop?? That’s the best! They’re always outside the city so I’m usually safe, but sometimes we’ll go when we visit my family. At Christmas it’s just not fair! hehe Love you much! ❤️

      1. Mi amigo, Charlie! Yeah, the Cracker Barrel people know what they are doing. 😂😂 They also have the cutest salt and pepper shakers for a dollar! I have bought one too many! 😂😂😂

  3. Hello Charlie,

    Going by the color scheme of the Doodlewash, you’re definitely ready for Christmas. 😉 I love this time of year too and really miss the Thanksgivings and Christmas’ of my childhood. Hopefully, I’ll experience and live it all again soon. (As you can see, I too take Hope very seriously) And wishing Elliott a very Happy Birthday in advance! The tree lighting ceremony sounds beautiful. Could you please make a sketch of that someday soon? Plllleeeeease?


    1. Thanks, Mugdha! 😃💕 So you caught that color palette I snuck in, eh? hehe I’m sooo ready for the season! And, I do hope you’ll get to live all of those memories again. And as for the tree lighting… It would definitely have to be from memory and bits of imagination. I love really being in the moment, so I don’t even take pictures. Much love to you! ❤️

  4. Charlie I put up my tree near the end of November too. And the morning I get up and think the tree looks out of place, it is down within an hour which hour is between Dec. 24 and 26. Have fun, you two and Elliot too.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Yeah, we always keep the tree up until after the new year. It takes time to get to the recycling place outside the city and it’s only free on Saturday, so our schedule is also kind of set for us! hehe

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