Happy World Watercolor Month! July is the most exciting month of the year for watercolor as artists across the globe come together in appreciation of this amazing medium. I’m starting the month off with a watercolor illustration of a little kitty curled up next to a mug of morning coffee, in answer to our optional prompt of “Sunlit” today. Just another reminder that prompts are completely optional to participate. If you make art that features watercolors and/or gouache, just use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth and celebrate with us when you post on social media! This also helps spread the word about the month which is a non-profit event to help raise funds for the International Child Art Foundation. So, tag away each time you post, and let’s celebrate watercolor in July as a community! As for my sketch, well, I always start my mornings with a mug of coffee as the sun is coming up. I’m usually a bit like this little cat until I’ve had a chance to get a touch of caffeine in my system. Yet, in July, I’m excited and ready to create all month long! I hope you’ll join me!

Philippe and I had gotten a bit less sleep this week as there were critters jumping around on our roof in the middle of the night. This happened previously when our friend Bob the raccoon would come to visit, but we’re not entirely sure what type of critter this one was yet. We’ve set up some sound deterrents via something Philippe ordered online and our neighbor helped us with the install. So, we’ll see if we end up with a full night’s sleep this evening. With all of the excitement of World Watercolor Month, I think I’m running on adrenaline, when in truth, I’m really quite exhausted. It takes a ton of work to host this event each year, and now that it’s here I think I could use a little nap. Instead, I’m just super excited to share what I make each day once more and ramble on about whatever is on my mind!

We took our pup Elliott on a couple of walks today, and have a friend coming over for dinner this evening. Elliott decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crate anymore and instead has taken over the couch in the room where Philippe works and I now paint. I think lying next to me while I’ve been painting this year has made Elliott certain that this is his room now. Philippe and I were actually glad to have our bedroom back to ourselves, and that was about the moment that the roof critters arrived to keep our hopes in check. Between the unwanted pests and high heat and humidity, I’m really not a fan of summer. Yet, it was this very season when I discovered watercolor just 7 years ago. And, this marks the 8th year of World Watercolor Month and the start of my 8th year sketching and painting. It seems like it’s been both a really long time and no time at all. And, as I begin this month, it still feels wonderful and new, as I experience the thrill of each brand new day!

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Cat And Coffee Mug Sunlit Morning Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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23 thoughts on “Each Brand New Day!

  1. Maybe it’s Elliot on the roof, when you think he’s actually on the couch in the other room. You know he’d be up there if he could! I hope your plan to stop the critters works — I don’t know how you get all this WWM stuff done, and you definitely need some sleep while doing it. Although, your posts might get even more interesting by the end of the month, if you don’t sleep, lol.

    1. Haha! That’s true! 😃💕 We were critter free last night so…. so far so good. I actually went up to the roof with flashlight to try and catch them and Elliott was still inside, so he’s off the hook! lol

  2. Thank you for all your work on World Watercolor Month! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful paintings (and I hope to do a few of the prompts as I have time). Love your early morning kitty and coffee (we have that combo at our house, too)
    I hope your “critter deterrents” work so you can get some rest.

  3. Mi amigo, Charlie! I forgot how wonderful it is to hear from you every day! 💜 Such a sweet painting. With all that I have been through recently, I have really missed my Gordo. Eventhough he didn’t like being touched for very long and would growl when he was done with me, I miss him. He loved me and I loved him. I miss that so much. 🏵 People have asked me why I don’t get a puppy or a kitten, but we just can’t right now. Your kitty is the sweetest thing, though. 😍😍😍 I’m sorry that you have squatters on your house. If they were in your attic then I would suggest powdered cayenne pepper, but on your roof? I don’t know. That’s what stopped the squirrels from destroying my plants. They haven’t been back since. 💜 Sending you mad love hugs, my sweet friend!

    1. Hola mi amiga! 😃💕 It’s good to be back daily! Our fur babies leave such an imprint on our hearts. The squatters didn’t return last night so I’m hoping our plan has worked. At any rate, it was nice to finally sleep through the night! hehe Hugs and much love to you!! ❤️

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Happy World Watercolor Month! I’m so excited about seeing your daily posts again, even if it’s just for a month.🙂 And if it makes you feel better, you are not alone in your sleepless nights ordeal. I’m in the same camp. My house overlooks a garden which has been taken over by countless cats who seem to think that they’re great singers. So we have cats crooning horribly through the night. And the monsoon has finally arrived bringing with it a bird that goes ‘chuck-chuck-chuck’ non-stop. But I guess all this will make for funny memories in the future. I hope you discover who your nocturnal friends are and convince them that you need your forty winks😉


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Oh wow… crooning cats may be even worse… hehe… but it’s funny to think about them assuming their wonderful singers and entertaining everyone. And yeah, some bird songs are not particularly melodic and lovely. I hope you get some sleep in spite of it all. So far so good with our critters… no a peep last night, but we’ll see if they try again this evening. Much love to you! ❤️

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