Eat Your Brussels Sprouts

When I was kid you couldn’t get me to eat brussels sprouts no matter what clever tricks you tried. I thought they looked like weird little green brains and I didn’t want anything to do with them. Fast forward to adulthood and I’ve now discovered that with just the right mix of spices brussels sprouts are amazingly delicious! During autumn, they once again become a frequent visitor to the menu in our house. In part, it’s simply because we eat so many versions of them during the fall and winter that we’re pretty much sick of them by spring. This particular version that Philippe made a few days ago had a bit of an asian fusion twist that made it truly fantastic. Perhaps my tastes haven’t changed at all. I was just waiting for that one clever trick that always works, which is making something taste really, really good! As I’ve mentioned before, in the midst of completely overbooking myself and adding a thousand features to the Doodlewash site, I’m simultaneously working on an illustrated cookbook. I’ve heard that brussels sprouts are good for the brain, so I think now, more than ever, I should try to indulge in more of them!

Actually, blueberries also get a nod for brain health and I have those each morning. I’d like to think they’re making me smarter, but I can’t quite tell if they’re working. Most days lately, I’ve been feeling just a bit overwhelmed and wondering what food you might eat that would add more hours to a day. That, in the end, would truly be considered a super food! But as I still find myself behind on many things, my constant pursuit has caused some rather cool things to happen so I’m really grateful for that. One of those things is our incredibly community right here on Doodlewash that’s been forming! Check out the site’s main feed to see what’s happening there and to log in and join the fun. I have to admit that I haven’t had a chance to interact as much as I would like lately as I still have one last exciting feature to launch. It’s nearly there and will be launching soon so stay tuned!

So yeah, I need to be eating a lot of brain food to get through all of these things. I have this horrible habit of never writing anything down and just sort of hopping on a ride and racing down the hill with my arms up. Or, if I do write something down, I never really go back and look at my notes. I’m not actually a very organized person, I just hold it all in my head and hope my head doesn’t explode with the weight of it all. This is, of course, a perfectly inefficient way to behave, but I’ve always been like this. I’ll go through fits of attempting to organize my thoughts and write down lists, only to discover my thoughts don’t work that way. I don’t think in a linear fashion, so lists sort of confuse me. I’m not alone in this, of course, and it’s the plight of many creative people. But if I just keep DOing things, I know that they’ll all sort themselves out somehow in the end. Our brains are actually a pretty amazing thing. They’re capable of so much when we just let them do there thing. And if you ever find yourself feeling like your need a bit of boost, then I highly suggest that you eat your brussels sprouts!

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42 thoughts on “Eat Your Brussels Sprouts

  1. I enjoy a good brussels sprout–raw with other raw veggies, grilled with spices and whatnot, or… One local ramen joint offers brussels sprouts as an appetizer–halved, battered, deep fried, and salted! Damn, they’re good (though maybe not so good for ya).

  2. I think the problem with childhood vegetables is that they were generally not fresh, at least not in my house. Out of the can is never the same…
    But yours look delicious!
    And make sure you’re resting as well as doing…(K)

  3. Little brains is right – I used to think the same. It’d take a magician to make brussels sprouts appeal, though it appears you’ve both managed it!

    Amazing that there are still new features coming!

  4. I would think sprouts are the most difficult vegetable to paint – you’ve done a great job here Charlie. I love sprouts – always have done, the lovely nutty flavour and crisply texture (if they’re slightly underdone)

  5. Absolutely love Brussels sprouts. To Kaye’s recipe, I add grapes, slice in half and tossed on the pan along with a hearty handful of pecans, though almonds or walnuts will also do. Glad you grew up just enough to learn to love Brussels sprouts because they are so gooooood.

  6. Ok, I have a great thing that might just work. I started using Chaga, an ancient mushroom, it’s used to suppress cancer, which I’m dealing with. What I found is that ancient mushrooms also help boost brain power! I got a 5 mushroom blend for my mom as she’s so overwhelmed with my illness and my aunt (her sister) is also dealing with cancer. She and I find that using these mushroom powders truly build brain power and staying power, it’s amazing, just add a scoop to your morning smoothie and wow what a boost to metabolism and focus. I use Wild Rose Chaga and also Wild Rose 5 mushroom blend. Hope this helps, it’s the closest food to adding hours to a day, lol.

    1. What a fabulous tip! I will definitely try that! And I can totally tell that it works… you’re killer smart and amazing, so I’m going to eat whatever you tell me to in hopes of being just like you!! Much love! 💕💕😃

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