Espresso And Chocolate Watercolor Illustration

Espresso And Chocolate

For our prompt of “Coffee” today, I made a little sketch of some espresso with bit of chocolate on the side. Philippe and I always have a bit of espresso at the end of the day, usually with a little bite of something sweet. It’s one of those little daily rituals that makes me feel really happy. Sometimes, the smallest of things can bring a lot of joy. And truly, any time chocolate is involved, joy is really pretty much guaranteed. Though we do know that not everyone shares our love of the taste of coffee. We have friends who add lots of cream and sugar in an effort to disguise the flavor entirely. We’ve joked that we wonder why they even bother drinking it, if the taste isn’t something they actually enjoy. I assume it’s the caffeine, which is certainly helpful when trying to get going in the morning. Though, even if I have a couple of espressos at night, I’m still sound asleep at the same time, which is often earlier than I’d like, while I fall asleep reading a book.

Each night, I’m secretly hoping the espresso I drink will actually keep me awake through an entire chapter of a book. But, I’m usually too worn out by that point for it to have much of an effect. I used to stay up really late at night, but these days, I find myself happy to be in bed rather early. Philippe and I do try to be good when it comes to eating. So, the size of the sweet at the end of the day is directly proportional to everything else we’ve eaten during it. A little square of chocolate is always considered acceptable, so I think that’s also why I love it. It’s something I can count on. Once, we had a slice of cheesecake that sat in the freezer for ages, because we’d already gobbled up our calories each day. When we finally had it, though, it tasted even better than usual. Our pup Elliott also gets what we call his “dessert stick” at the end of the evening. It’s actually quite healthy and good for his teeth, but we make a big deal out of it so he thinks it’s basically like cheesecake.

In those final moments, while Philippe and I are having a bit of coffee in the evening, Elliott is attempting to wind down. This particular part of the night is anything but routine. Some nights, he’s snoozing right after his dessert stick, but other nights he’s determined to lure us into playing a game with him. He gets a bit excited and starts to speak a little too loudly, but he’s learning to use his “indoor voice” now. Basically, these are the sounds he makes that are part of his Siberian husky DNA. They’re super cute so we’ve been encouraging those sounds instead of barking. Last night he said something that was the extent of two full sentences long. I didn’t quite understand every word, but it had something to do with Philippe playing the game of tag incorrectly. And though that puppy spirit can be initially irritated when one is trying to relax, it’s actually the real treat of the night. It makes me feel younger and more energetic. In those moments, I realize that there are indeed some things in life that are even better than espresso and chocolate.

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Espresso And Chocolate Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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16 thoughts on “Espresso And Chocolate

  1. Charlie you know the size of a Lindt bar, ten squares, big ones? Dr says no more than one a week so I make one and a half squares per day and put those into a sandwich bag which then goes into freezer or storage bag. In the freezer. Somehow there is a half square less or more than needed but you just calculate with the next bar. This coming from someone who just scarfed three homemade choc chip cookies (made with Ghirardelli choc chips but not their recipe as it uses too much sugar etc etc.

    This Italian doesn’t like espresso either. Way too thick and bitter. Your sketch however looks good enough to consume!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 hehe… I like the bitter, and I also like my wine really dry. I do love Lindt bars! Actually, Philippe usually eats all of the chocolate so I never get more than a square a week before it’s gone again! LOL

  2. I like espresso if it’s good coffee. It’s the light coffees that I put cream and sugar into. They always have a sort of woody taste to me. But give me a rich, dark roast and I’ll bite anyway who tries to sully the taste. I love listening to huskies/mixes talking. I have a theory that without trying we are breeding dogs and cats that more attuned to us, and one day they will actually gain the ability for human-like speech.

  3. Hello Charlie,

    That’s a delicious looking Doodlewash! I used to like coffee too and am glad am not the only one who can sleep soundly after coffee. I said ‘used to’ because since I’ve had covid, something’s happened… coffee makes me sick, even the aroma. According to the doctor, lots of people share this problem and it’ll eventually go away on its own. Till then, I’ve got dark chocolate to keep me company. I would so love to listen to Elliott’s different voices. One of my neighbors has got 5 dogs and their voices somehow seem all mixed up with their sizes. The tiniest one is the loudest and the biggest one seems to hardly have a voice at all. So yeah, good that Elliott’s got a whole range😉


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Wow… I can’t imagine that reaction to coffee, hopefully it goes away. But as long as there’s no adverse reaction to dark chocolate that’s livable… hehe… that would really be bad! Elliott definitely has a full range… we’re working with him on the sounds so it gets better each day. He never barks at dogs when they bark at him on walks, though. Sometimes he’ll growl a bit as if to say, “those are bad sounds! Use your words!!” hehe Hugs and love to you my friend! ❤️

  4. OMGOSH! Elliot is part Husky!😆 Take him to the park if he wants to sing! They are lovely singers! I enjoy some cacao AM & PM with a little stevia! That chocolatey goodness, yum! Your darling pic of the nicest finish to a sweet day makes me think of a cup right now!😋☕️🫖 Praying all is well and your little family filled with joy!🤗🤗🤗

  5. I love rituals because they always involve love and food. Elliott has also learned this with his dessert stick! My husband and I share a two-cookie pack of Fig Newtons at night while watching two old reruns from an 80s/90s show. And snacks signal a the winding down to the day, preparing for bed–another ritual involving comfort. Sounds like the end of a good day, Charlie. The thing that makes memories for all creatures.

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