Espresso On A Foggy Day

The prompt today was “foggy” which doesn’t have anything directly to do with with my personal theme of food this month, other than the foods you might enjoy on such a day. For me, when the weather gets a little bit foggy and gray, I love a little cup of espresso. It’s like a tiny energy burst on a day when you really just want to find an excuse to crawl back into bed and sleep until the sun shines again. It was rainy and cloudy here today and will be until the weekend, so this was pretty much the same thing. And, I was pressed for time so this is a quick doodlewash today, made up of only two colors. Something blue and orangey is always my go-to favorite. I’m actually not entirely sure why, that’s just the complementary color scheme I grab for first. Second in these color schemes would be yellow and purple and last, would be red and green. Sorry Christmas. I’m not sure what the personality test would say about our chosen color choices, but it’s interesting to see what colors tend to call to us. As a lover of autumn, I shouldn’t be too surprised that my favorite colors come from blue skies and pumpkins.

Not only am I running out of time today, but also my battery is about to die in my laptop. This is truly a test of “how fast can I ramble and complete this post.” I’m watching a little red battery marker telling me that my computer will indeed shut off in just a few moments and doesn’t care at all if I’m finished or not. Evil little battery. But, truth be told, I’m feeling a bit tired tonight and my own actual battery is starting to flag. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it’s been overcast and cloudy here for the past 48 hours. I do crave a bit of sun, if nothing else, simply for the amazing shadows and contrasts it provides. Truly, I’ve no idea where I’m going with this post today. It’s one of those days where I feel more than think. I’m feeling tired and yet incredibly happy to be part of this lovely watercolor community. It’s way more fun to paint and interact with people who enjoy the same things. Together, we’re building a force that will paint the world with positive energy.

I fully realize that my dreams are probably bigger than any reality can deliver. But, I know in my heart that if we all come together, we can DO something awesome! I really hope you’ll join us in Doodlewash Club and I’ve just added the final feature that will make our little community truly awesome! Still testing, so stay tuned! My goal is to create a community of artists who love watercolor, and can come together regardless of how they use the medium. I want to create a space where seasoned artists can mix with those of use just learning what to do next. And everyone has a chance to share their unique and amazing vision with the rest of the world. Whether you use pure transparent watercolor, or dash it in with pen and ink, or prefer to use the opaque form of gouache. It’s all a wonderful tribute to the most incredible medium in the world! I love seeing your unique and clever  ways of using it. Never let anyone tell you it’s the wrong way. It’s the perfectly right way to express what you’re feeling and it can add a burst of undeniable energy to even the grayest weather. Like espresso, on a foggy day.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Terra Cotta and Cobalt Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 5 - Espresso On A Foggy Day - Doodlewash

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34 thoughts on “Espresso On A Foggy Day

    1. Thanks, Shari! 😃💕 Wise advice indeed! And yes… this is and will always be a passion project, which I think is the best kind ever. There will be snags and bumps along the road, but the destination is SO worth it, that it makes everything okay!

  1. It’s no wonder you battery is running low – you’ve been charging through all these new changes for quite a while now and one always gets tired when they see the goal is near to completion. I love your coffee color-combination. I’ll have to put those colors on my list!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 Yeah… I’ve been sort of charging like a bull lately, but all the major pieces are not in play so I’ll be happy when I can join in properly again as just one of the members of this awesome community! And YES! Put Da Vinci Terra Cotta on your list! It’s lovely! One of my new favorites!!

  2. I’m a purple and yellow girl, myself, or variations thereof. There really does need to be some kind of cheezy personality quiz on this. 😀

    Also, loving what you’re building with the site. Lovelovelove. <3

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! 😃💕 Thrilled you’ve jumped in to play! hehe… it’s just a fun thing we’re building together which I think will be it really awesome in the future! But hmmm… a color personality quiz would be cool too… adding it to the list!

      1. There are platforms that make it supereasy. We’re talking easy enough for 12 year olds to make quizzes about…uh…whatever 12 year olds are into these days. Teletubbies? I DON’T KNOW. KIDS ARE CONFUSING.

        The quiz software, however, is easy peasy. 🙂

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