Dogs And Cats Conga Line Watercolor Illustration

Everybody Gather ‘Round Now!

The first day of July each year marks the start of World Watercolor Month! Yay! Since I post at the end of the day, I’m always a bit late to the party. Though prompts are totally optional (just tag and post any art that features watercolors or gouache during the month to join us), I always use them for inspiration. When I saw the prompt of “Train,” my mind first went to old steam trains, but quickly wandered as it’s prone to do, and then I thought about human trains in the form of conga lines at parties. Then, of course, Gloria Estefan’s song “Conga” started playing in my head and I ended up with an assortment of dancing dogs and cats. The only time I’ve personally been in a conga line has been at various wedding receptions. It’s perfectly awkward and a bit embarrassing at first, but once everyone joins in together it just becomes super fun! I love how playing together as adults still manages to happen like it did when we were kids. And when we let ourselves go and let our joy guide us, it’s not only fun, but we can also create the most remarkable memories together.

I’ll be painting and posting daily throughout the month, and rambling on about whatever happens to pop into my mind that day, just like old times. For those who remember from my previous daily posts, Fridays are pizza night! So, my inner child is doing backflips thinking about that right now. It’s actually rather distracting as I didn’t really get to eat much today so I’m also starving. But I had the day off work, so after making my little watercolor for the day, I took my dog Elliott out for a walk. His girlfriend Tipsy was there and so they got to play together and had a blast. They have a game they play with a stick. I can’t quite figure out the rules, but there is definitely a complex set of rules to that particular game. After each round they just play a game I can only describe as “bite face” and that doesn’t seem to have any particular rules at all. Watching them play together always makes me so happy. It’s fun to see, to be sure, but it reminds me of when I was a kid, making up little games and filled with endless energy.

My mental energy is still just as high and wild as ever, but my physical battery drains a bit quicker than it used to in those days. So it was great to take a painting break today. Making a watercolor illustration always makes me so happy, and even if it’s not the same as running a marathon, I still feel quite victorious when I complete my sketch. I’m also rather amused by what happens to appear that day. I honestly have no clue or preconceived plan, though thinking about it now, that seems like a wonderful idea for anyone with an actual attention span. Philippe is finishing up his work upstairs, and I’m counting down the minutes until I can devour a pizza and drink some wine. Or maybe we should have a glass of champagne to celebrate. I hope, wherever you are, you’re enjoying the start of World Watercolor Month. Please, continue to remind all of your friends to use the hashtag when they post! It’s way more fun to paint together as a global community. Perhaps that’s why I’m smiling today and singing… “Everybody… gather round now!”…

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Dogs And Cats Conga Line Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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16 thoughts on “Everybody Gather ‘Round Now!

  1. I’m definitely celebrating the first day of WWM, though in my case it will be mole! I think a watercolor is better than a marathon. After all that running, and then the crippling pain and agony are gone, what do you have left but bragging rights? With watercolor you’ve got a painting you can look back on over and over!

  2. And we’re off!!! WWM is always a fun month!! Love the Congo line…I do think our gray and white cat, Alli, posed for your doodle .😊 Looking forward to your daily rambles!

  3. That’s wonderful Charlie.
    Despite your books and all you have done for me – I still find it hard to think of things. Every once in a while (I think 3 times since January 1) I will have a thought of my own. Today was actually one of those days in Monopalette but that was acryllics and not watercolor. I will see if I can come up with something for train. – lol No promising, but you never know and if not today there is always tomorrow 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 Aww… you’re filled with more ideas than you know, my friend! And sometimes… it’s the simplest answer or thought that makes the most meaningful art! 😉 Happy World Watercolor Month!

  4. You’re calling us home like calling us to sit around a campfire for story time, Charlie. 😂 It’s so wonderful to see everyone come together once more and enjoying each others company. Like a family reunion! Such a sweet painting and kudos to Elliot and his new girlfriend. 💜 We’re so happy to have you for the whole month, Charlie.

  5. Ok, where exactly do I put the #worldwatercolormonth thingy. I post on FB. DO I PUT IT WHERE IT SAYS WHaTS ON YOUR MIND? Sorry for notbunderstanding.

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