For our prompt of “Cat” today, I decided to sketch a little black cat since we’re at the start of Halloween month. I’ve loved this month ever since I was a little kid. At that time, I was always so excited to pick out my costume that I would wear later in the month. Though, I often had a terrible time trying to decided on just one idea. I loved the spooky fun of the month, but nothing too terribly scary. Not much has changed there, hence the lack of poison and skulls in the potions that I’ve made here. I’d like to think that the witch who owns this particular kitty, or apothekitty as it were, would be a good witch. The kind that makes fun things happen while helping people to love more and smile more. It’s the sort of magic that doesn’t change someone into a newt, but the kind that creates a happy emotional response, which in itself can be even more transformative. And, when my black cat crosses your path, he brings nothing but good luck. At least, that’s the kind of magic I love to imagine most.

As I mentioned before, Philippe doesn’t like anything that’s scary. I’ve been busy preparing a list of movies that we might watch this month in honor of Halloween, but some have had to be stricken from the list as I know he’d find them too frightening. Even some movies that I loved from years ago were actually rather creepy, even though they were intended for kids. One of my favorites of these is The Witches staring Angelica Huston, by one of my favorite authors, Roald Dahl. It’s delightfully twisted and all of the strange camera angles make it really spooky as well! I got Philippe to watch this with me last night while we were having our weekly pizza and he really seemed to enjoy it. Though he did jump a few times. They’ve apparently remade this and it’s coming out later this month, but it doesn’t look quite the same. Most movies get so overproduced now that the stories get a bit lost as well as the original intention. And judging from the trailer, it’s not remotely spooky and lacks all of the weirdness I adored in the original.

As for potions, I like the idea of them and the bottles are really fun to create. I actually realized when I’d almost finished my sketch that I had three blank labels to create as well. So, I had to invent some quick packaging designs to complete things. It was a blast and a fun thing to DO this afternoon! Tonight, I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing. Perhaps I can get Philippe to watch another spooky kid’s movie with me. Our dog Phineas seems completely uninterested in watching anything at all on television and just spends the evening hoping he’ll get some extra treats. Yet, it strikes me that my own little world is far removed from that of witches and sorcery. It’s so ridiculously simple that it might even seem a bit too mundane for some. But, it’s the world I love most. A world filled with silly fun and those little routines that make me smile. And, though it might not seem to have the excitement that comes from spells performed with puffs of smokes, I’ll always prefer the beautiful charm that can only come from everyday magic.

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23 thoughts on “Everyday Magic

  1. Heh. The apothekitty. That sounds like a perfect name for a book series! Hubby loves the gory movies, unfortunately for me. I refuse to be in the room if anything with Chucky or the Leprechaun is on, but for the rest, I find a good book and stick my nose in it, so he can pretend I’m watching the movie with him.

  2. Great black kitty Charlie. My husband, who is a pharmacist, would have several suggestions for what could be in this apothecary kitty’s bottles. The flower garden that he suggested got vetoed by me. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Jaws is always my vote for scary movie!

    I always wanted to get some tiny jars a put some sand, a tiny stone, a tiny piece of driftwood, and a tiny gull feather in it. The tag says, instant beach, just add water. My friend brought me back a tiny spell jar from Salem, Mass. That was cute. I’m not sure if I ever saw Witches. I’m going to have to check it out.

  4. Your apothe-kitty has a great little smirky little smile-a secret keeper! You have time to watch ‘Frankenweenie’, just put your hand over Phineas’ eyes when Vincent hits the baseball out of the park! Phillipe can handle ‘Boxtrolls’ and ‘The Curse io the Were-Rabbit'(Wallace and Grommit). I bet you’ve seen it and it isn’t over the top but ‘Kubo’ is gorgeous! Have fun, that’s also magic!

  5. Nothing wrong with simple living, Charlie! I have never understood people whose lives are so full of drama. Yikes! I had a friend who had major drama with each and every boyfriend. One hit her, one stalked her, one kidnapped her, one stole her identity. Geez Louise, Charlie! I have had people make fun of me for being “boring” and so conservative. I usually just say thank you! haha haha Anyway, I laughed because you’re still trying to get Philippe to try scary movies. Okay, speaking of kid movies, there is one that I think is cute. It’s called Monster Club, I believe. I will look it up. It may be too kiddie, but it’s cute. It’s a group of kids that like monster stuff and pretend to search for monsters to kill. Anyway, the main kid has a sidekick: A Beagle! I watch it for the beagle, but the monsters that come back to life are monsters that you and I grew up with. Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein, The Mummy. It’s kid creepy, but so cute.
    Do you remember Abbott and Costello movies? Like when they meet The Mummy. I miss those. 💜 Cute black kitty. I had one once and his name was Kitty. haha haha I just couldn’t pick a name!

    1. “The Monster Squad”, Charlie. It’s only a little over an hour long. It might be too kiddie, but it’s cute. Has Philippe ever seen The Sandlot? It’s not scary, but it’s a great movie. Little boys coming of age. The original Sandlot, not the remake.

    2. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Glad you like the kitty. Wow, your friend really seemed to have a type, or love the drama, one of the two! I’ll have to look up that movie as the kid kind seems to always work best with him! lol And yes! I used to watch Abbott and Costello as a kid, but haven’t in years!

      1. The scary part is that she was THEIR type also. We had to go our separate ways because she tried to throw some drama at me. If she had personal problems like a bad mood or struggling in school, she felt it was her right to dump on anyone. She would call me and if I said something that annoyed her, she turned into the Tasmanian Devil. NOPE. I said BYE!
        I hope Philippe likes The Monster Squad. It’s so cute. And a beagle to boot! 😀

  6. Hello Charlie,

    Apothekitty seems to be waiting eagerly for someone to ask her to help them with magic. Those bottles really look wonderful. I love friendly witches and Strega Nona is perhaps my most favorite coz she can make potfulls of pasta in the blink of an eye. And Im all for the everyday magic in things, specially when something really small happens but it transforms a day into one filled with laughter. And this week seems to have zoomed past so quickly! So have another lovely weekend filled with fun and great food. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Those really small things that cause laughter are the most magical of all! It’s always makes a day instantly wonderful. Yeah, this week went by way too fast indeed. Hope you’ve had a perfectly lovely weekend my friend!

  7. Oh, I love this! Great coloring on all. Love your cute potion bottles. I prefer the cute Halloween. I had a few years when my son was at that age of wanting the scary stuff, even though he never watched scary movies. Luckily he out grew it and the scary decorations have surprisingly disappeared. ;p Hubby and I spent the afternoon watching The Good Witch movie marathon on Hallmark. The earlier ones were a bit witchy and magic, but through the years they’ve tone that part down. It’s as close to Christmas movies I can get with hubby right now. Tee hee!

  8. Love your painting..but sorry I am with Phillipe on this one..You can keep your scary movies..Although when younger I was a big Stephen King fan(not many of his books made good movies) ..I dont think I have ever seen the witches..but plan on watching before remake comes out. And am not a fan of least favorite holiday in any case I dont deny others their enjoyment especially the kids…and the kids at heart.. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s the kid in me that loves Halloween. And that kid never liked movies to be too scary… hehe. But The Witches is just a fun spooky story, so that’s a fun one for sure!

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