Welcome to a brand new month and our September Doodlewash Art Challenge! I’m jumping in as we begin the month to help kick things off using our first prompt of “Kitty,” with this little cat marveling at a butterfly. I have to admit to being like this little kitten when it comes to viewing things in nature. I find myself constantly marveling at all of the beauty and wonder around me, even though it’s often just something perfectly familiar. Indeed, butterflies are so fascinating to watch as they flutter around. It’s definitely amazing to think it was once a caterpillar inching along, which is equally interesting to watch. Yet, it’s all quite commonplace. Those are the things I love most in life. The bits of the world that are so simple that they become perfectly fantastic when we take the time to really stop and look. And, as crazy as the world might seem at times, there’s still so much goodness to experience. It’s all just a matter of where we look.

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity with work, and so I’m taking a couple extra days off as I head into the long weekend. I don’t have anything planned, but that’s always rather exciting as I can just let the day take me where it wants to go next. I do plan to go on a few extra walks, but beyond that I think a bit of laziness will also be on the schedule as well. My dog Phineas is the master at this, so I’ll likely cuddle up with him at some point and learn from the best. At least until he decides it gets awkward and sneezes so I’ll leave him alone. He’s not your ordinary sort of dog, but that’s all part of his icy charm. Right now, he’s really miffed because Philippe used one of the worst curse words imaginable. Philippe told him he had to “wait” for dinner. Phineas glared at him and then wandered over to sit by the refrigerator, attempting to look forlorn instead of irritated, but failing quite miserably.

I can’t really blame Phineas, as I tend to enjoy immediate gratification as well. It’s not easy to take things slow and yes, “wait” for something. I’ll put things on a wish list that I want to have and then have to resist the urge to just go ahead and buy them for myself. But, I don’t actually need anything more in my life. I already have everything I could possibly need. That doesn’t stop me from wanting lots of things, of course. I think it’s wonderful to enjoy simply being content and to find a bit of quiet time to reflect on life with gratitude. That said, it’s great to want new things! It truly means that I’m not so content in my life that I couldn’t possibly imagine more. I’m constantly imagining more and that’s what makes this journey so much fun! Taking a few steps toward a goal is sometimes more than enough. I don’t have to race to the finish line, when there’s so much to experience along the way. Sometimes, it’s enough to simply let life happen as it wants and live in the moment, while enjoying those everyday wonders.

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About the Doodlewash

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Cat Kitten Tabby Looking At Green Butterfly Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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15 thoughts on “Everyday Wonders

  1. You paint the best little cats, Charlie and I agree with your love of nature. I’m often in awe of the simplest of things that pop up in and around our yard. Sometimes it can be a simple as a tiny, mushroom that makes an appearance after a rainy few days or the way one of our “resident” squirrels snatches fruit off the tree…and of course butterflies are a major love. I watched a couple of Swallowtail butterflies dancing around a flowering tree in the yard today…I will never tire of watching butterflies.

  2. Hola, mi amigo, Charlie! Such a cute kitty! 💜 The other morning, I was looking out of the bathroom window. I was watching the busy morning activity in the backyard. My mother is the bird lady, who always feeds the birds. It’s mostly old, stale bread, but they come in droves to eat. The yard was packed full with crows, a few other varying birds, and Miss Thing (squirrel). In the blink of an eye, the birds flew away and got so quiet. Miss Thing suddenly froze as if listening before running off and away. I thought it was weird and didn’t really see a reason. Then, all of a sudden, from under our car port, a good sized cat walked out. How they knew it was there is beyond me. The cat meandered around and seemed to leave. I watched 2 crows quietly fly from one side of the yard to the other to do a surveillance fly by. The cat finally left and somehow the crows gave the signal and everyone returned to finish their breakfast. How interesting the way animals recognize mutual threats and danger, right? I just thought it was a cute animal friends moment.
    Enjoy your work break, Charlie. Can you believe it’s nearly Fall? The next thing you know it will be Christmas. This year flew by and I feel that I haven’t accomplished anything. Being injured for so long (8 years) and then Covid limiting life….sigh. I had such high hopes for 2020 and then for 2021 especially after being vaccinated. It’s been a long road and a painfully long wait to get my life back. There’s still 3 months left in the year…..maybe just maybe, Charlie. Have a great weekend, my friend. Warm hugs. 💜💜💜

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Oh wow… the story of the cat is awesome… glad the other animals ran away in time! Yeah, this year has just zoomed by and I can’t believe it’s almost fall. When we took down our Christmas tree last year, Philippe made a comment that it will be Christmas again before we know it, and here we are! We’re all here, healthy, and have our friends, so life is pretty wonderful. Warm hugs to you my friend!

    2. Marisela, your post resonated with me (decades of living with chronic illness, car accidents, etc). It can be so frustrating. And so *perpetual*! It’s so natural to look at our lives and be frustrated with our inability to do the things, accomplish the things, we would love to be doing. Sometimes when we are in that mindset, (and we can all get into that mindset!) it can help to have a friendly voice reminding us of the things that we CAN do, and that we HAVE accomplished, that we need to recognize and celebrate. So: hi! I’m your friendly voice for the day!

      I read your comment above and want to compliment you on your observation skills and your appreciation for the small brilliant gifts of the day. If you’re not keeping a (daily?) journal or sketch log, I hope you will decide to. Naturalist-out-the-window at work! You also have strong communication skills, and you’re clearly appreciative of what Charlie’s doing here. Comments like yours mean a lot to a blogger. And to the creative community —- for example, I read your comment and felt so understood.

      While you may not have accomplished all that you’d hoped to in this year, I can already see from this single comment that *you HAVE done many things this year* and I hope you will feel encouraged to list a few in your journal. And celebrate them! And I wish you all the best for the continuing year.

  3. Living in the moment and enjoying everyday wonders is a recipe for a fabulous life indeed. Thank you for the reminder! …And the adorable kitty with butterfly!
    Always enjoy your musings, observations and wisdom.. and art!!
    Happy long weekend to you! 🍁🍎

  4. It is an amazing world we live in. One of the things I love about painting my postcards to slip into hubby’s lunch bag is discovering new animals that I wasn’t aware of, and learning how incredible they are. It keeps reminding me not to focus on the unhappy things.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    Lovely kitty, lovely post and the loveliest of all butterfly. 🙂 🙂 It’s wonderful to see your post and I specially love it when an episode of The Adventures of Sir Phineas Hungry is shared. I can almost imagine a grumpy frowning puppy. How adorable! And about Phillipe’s bad curse word, I can totally understand how Phineas feels. Im in no hurry for dinner but there is an impending trip I am wishing will get cancelled (I have a really bad feeling about it – like something terrible will happen) and I hate waiting and wishing for the ‘we’re not going” message to arrive. But fingers crossed. All I can do is wait… You have a great long weekend my dear friend. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Fingers crossed that things turn out like you wish… and sending positive vibes for you no matter what! I’m sure things will all turn out just fine. Sending you much love and hugs my friend!

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