When met with a prompt of “gigantic” today, I first thought of elephants, dinosaurs, and other really large things. Then I thought about how something can often seem gigantic when compared to its alternative. So, we ended up with a quick little two-color doodlewash of an old phone. This is the lovely rotary dial kind that I knew as a little kid. Today, our phones can do much more than make calls and fit in the pocket of our jeans. So, something like this, would certainly be considered gigantic for a phone by modern standards. Today, the phone is simply another app to click. But, back in the day, it was the only way to connect with friends and family who didn’t live close by. I love these old phones for that. It was a very different time back then. Today, people jump to Twitter to figure out why Facebook is down for a bit, and then worry when Instagram isn’t working properly. But in those olden days, the only way to connect with another person was actually “in person” or over the telephone. Just two options, versus the myriad of options that exist today. It wasn’t quite as efficient to be sure, but that made those connections even more unique and special.

I adore all of the ways we have to connect these days. It’s truly incredible, and sometimes, yes, even a bit mind-boggling. I try my level best to keep up with all of the various ways to connect and respond to comments, but sometimes, it’s a bit overwhelming. This is my home base, and I never miss a comment on Doodlewash.com, so if you ever have anything to say or ask me, definitely “call” me here! It’s a bit like having my home number! And probably more effective, since I don’t make many phone calls. My favorite way to connect is the most old-fashioned. It involves actually meeting someone for lunch or a cup of coffee and having a bit of one-on-one time. That’s the most amazing experience of all. As all of the gigantic gadgets from my childhood keep getting more impressive and smaller, I still long for those tangible connections. So, if I could invite each of you over for a lovely spot of tea or glass of wine, I would definitely do so! And, maybe one day, in the future, we might all meet in person in some Doodlewash convention of some kind. Until then, I’m so happy that you joined me in this moment.

And as we head into Thanksgiving tomorrow here in the States, I’m excited for the food Philippe will be making to celebrate the day. Truly, it’s a masterpiece of holiday cooking that always feels like it deserves a larger audience. It’s such a fun time, and having the rest of the week off work is a wonderful break indeed! I think Phineas will enjoy the extra time with us, but sometimes, I feel like we’re interrupting his day. After the first day off, he’ll look at us as if to say, “you’re still here? Don’t you have some work to do?” I’ve no idea what he does with his day when we’re out, but it must be rather important. And even though we won’t have the rest of our family with us tomorrow, since they’re not close by, they will definitely be close to our hearts. We’ll be seeing my family in December and Philippe’s in January when we head back to Paris. In moments like these, whether you spend them with family or simply take a moment to think about them fondly, it makes me smile to know that one of the best bits about life is that everything is relative.

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Day 21 - Antique Rotary Dial Phone Watercolor Sketchbook - Doodlewash

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14 thoughts on “Everything Is Relative

  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s the one that isn’t all goobered up with spending money, and the emphasis is on being grateful for what we have instead of wanting more. Ours will be quiet but one of the things I’ll be thankful for is Doodlewash and all the friends I’ve made here!

  2. Both my mother and mother in law had rotary wall phones until they died. In fact, in my family home when we first moved there we didn’t even have to dial the full number, just the last four digits. I remember when dad brought home a super long curly cord so I could creep halfway up the stairs for more privacy. Though what a fourteen year old considers private boggles the mind. My best friend and I rode the same bus and I got off first, so she was expected to call me as soon as she got home because we obviously hadn’t said everything there was to say. My dad just hated that.

    I’ve got company coming for Thanksgiving so I’ll be cooking up a storm. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! And give the dog a bone. (And this old man comes rolling home!😂)

    1. I love that they still had rotary wall phones… that’s awesome! And too funny! I remember those times when just leaving a best friend meant an immediate phone call. Hope you enjoy the cooking and the food and company! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! 😃💕

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie.

    Please tell Philippe that, vicariously through your writing and painting, his wonderful cooking is shared and enjoyed by thousands. Please tell him I have enjoyed reading of his delicious culinary delights without gaining an ounce. Now THAT is something to give thanks for!

    In the days before ‘modern technology’ brought dial phones to our rural area we had a phone on a party line. The line number was 450 and our designated letter was J. When we made a call we picked up the phone to a live voice and said this is 450 J calling 510 A. To which Shirley (the operator) would say, “Hi, Sarah, how’s your mom?” (all the while plugging in a connection which generally resulted in a busy signal) On a holiday trip to my aunt’s in Baltimore, I saw my first dial phone and was totally amazed. Your painting brings back those feelings of awe and excitement. Thank you!

    I can’t miss this opportunity to send a Happy Thanksgiving to Phineas, too. Wishing you and your beautiful family all the blessings of the season, today and everyday.

    1. I’ll tell Philippe that! That’s wonderful! And I adore your story. It was so cool growing up with so much change, but sometimes I miss the old bits. And thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕Hope you and yours have a very special day!

  4. Happy thanks giving Charlie. Those days was very difficult to comunicate massage s due to living in hills first bell goes to teliphon exchange the oprater lission all n and if u are talking to your boy friend he enjoyed it if u wanted to cut he said no don’t worry u can talk.my ghose feel so shy. In home no privacy . just funny days.

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