We have a bit of a running joke in our house regarding popcorn. There was a period of time where Philippe and I would watch movies on one weekend night and pop popcorn for the occasion. Our dog Phineas would get a few kernels as well, and since we talk for him, we decided he thought of it as a lovely family popcorn night and it was quite a special event. Unfortunately, it’s been ages since we’ve actually popped popcorn and took the time required to watch an entire movie at home. Now, poor Phineas is left with only sweet memories of that wondrous family event. We assume he applies the idea to just about anything, thinking to himself that family bacon night would have been an even better sort of thing to experience together, and perhaps we’ll come to our senses and try that next. We’ve actually talked about having another popcorn night, but schedules haven’t quite worked out and by the time the weekend arrives, Philippe and I are too exhausted to make the effort. But movies are just way more fun with a bowl of popcorn and it brings back really wonderful memories.

Since it’s Halloween month, I wanted to watch something a little spooky. Philippe is not a fan of scary movies, but I can occasionally talk him into watching something with a bit of spooky mystery. On his birthday, over a week ago, Netflix launched The Haunting of Hill House TV series, and I managed to get him to watch an episode with me. After that, he was perfectly hooked and then he insisted we watch the rest each night. It’s a psychological thriller that was really quite good, and he actually complained that there weren’t enough scary bits. This gives me hope that we can watch something a little spookier before Halloween arrives next week. I loved this time of year as a kid and still as an adult. Nothing gory or horrible, but just the fun of dressing up in costume eating lots of candy and telling stories of things that go bump in the night. If you haven’t yet, please check out Episode 9 of the Sketching Stuff podcast, which launched today. It’s a fun nod to Halloween, but like everything I write and ramble about, it’s really just positive stories of life in general.

Life has been a bit busy lately in our house with lots of things happening at once. All good things, but sometimes it feels like too much for a single day. Those moments when life sort of blurs by and forgets to explain itself properly. October is nearly ending and I feel like I’ve barely had a chance to enjoy it as I normally would. Time seems to tick by lately at a blistering pace that I can’t always keep up with. I miss those moments when we’d gather around the television together, because that was the shiniest entertainment available. I could have never guessed when I was a kid that, one day, our phones would provide the primary entertainment. Since I never really enjoyed talking on the phone, this would have been a ludicrous idea to even consider. But today, you don’t even have to talk to anyone with the phone app and instead you have a little personal computer in your pocket. It’s amazing really, and quite wonderful. But I always have to remind myself that while personal things are fantastic, sharing time with others is even more incredible. There’s something to be said for those moments when we can unplug from the entire world and simply experience our own timed with loved ones during family popcorn night.

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Day 23 - Family Popcorn Night Watercolor - Doodlewash

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25 thoughts on “Family Popcorn Night

  1. I’m with Philippe on scary movies, though I don’t mind a bit of paranormal. However, I remember being scared senseless by the original ‘Haunting of Hill House’ and I think I’ll skip the series just because of the memory, lol. I’d eat your popcorn anyday, though. It looks scrumptious!

  2. I think you should pop Phineas some popcorn even if it’s just for him. Put on Animal Planet or The Secret Life of Pets, put a few kernels in his bowl and let him have his own movie night.

    You’ll be happy you did.

    My own Ramses will be reaching his final curtain sooner rather than later now that he is over 14. I’m starting to spoil him rotten and indulge all of his whims because I don’t want to look back and be sorry I didn’t when I no longer have the opportunity.

    We don’t do movie night but we do do family naps. Tonight I am going out for a French Dip sandwich. Not because I want it for dinner but because I know he likes my left over au jus in his kibble. Anything for my little man.

    1. Aww that’s a lovely idea! I think Phineas would love that! He’s actually on my lap while I’m typing this sharing his approval! 😃💕 And I think spoiling rotten is destiny! hehe… Ours is certainly thoroughly spoiled by now. And would, by the way, adore a bit of that au jus! 😉

  3. Charlie says, “”There’s something to be said for those moments when we can unplug from the entire world and simply experience our own timed with loved ones during family popcorn night.” Oh so very true. Just one thing…could I have caramel coated, please?

  4. Family Bacon Night – sounds like a winner for the local cardiologist. I babysit my neighbor’s beautiful dog sometimes. Today i was eating a sliced peach and he begged so handsomely for a bite, that I gave him a tiny piece. He looked at it and rejected it completely. I know he was expecting bacon. I’ll send him to your house tomorrow.

  5. Our family would make popcorn sometimes as a late night snack. This involved an actual pot, with corn kernels and a little oil added, heated on a stove burner. (Long before microwaves!) Everyone would stand in the kitchen, listening to the popping corn. It’s true that such a simple activity could be wonderful when shared with people we loved. You’ve managed to capture the essence of popcorn in your sketch!

    1. That’s the only way we pop popcorn! hehe Yay! 😃💕 It is, after all Philippe we’re dealing with so a bag would be out of the question. I adore the anticipation that comes that way. Glad you liked this quick little sketch!

  6. Not even a bowl of popcorn as delicious looking as yours could get me to a watch a spooky movie. At nine years old the Banshees in Darby O’Gill and the Little people took care of my ever wanting to see a scary movie again. What was Disney thinking? And, the neighbor who took all of us kids was from Ireland and was insistent that they really existed…had nightmares for days. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Yeah…. super scary movies… not for me either. I love a bit of spooky though… mostly this time of year. Truly though… Disney got a bit frightening! Even Bambi was a little over the top!

      1. My Mother tells me that she took my entire birthday party to the movies to see Bambi. I was probably four or five. I don’t remember anything about that birthday party. All I remembered of Bambi was that forrest fire and Bambi’s Mom getting shot. Scoff at movie ratings if you will but sometimes we need a “what are you thinking” reminder. I was obviously too young for Bambi. I’m 64 and I still stick mainly to PG movies.

    2. I read the book “The Haunting of Hill House” when I was about 15 (c.1962) late at night in our half unfinished basement during a huge midwest thunderstorm. No one else was home. Terrified and mesmerized me at the same time. Is that the one that had the creepy “whistling room?” I now prefer sci-fi.

      1. Wow… that would be a really creepy read under those circumstances! 😳 I’m not sure about the book and the whistling room as I haven’t read it, but that sounds spooky! The Netflix version didn’t really follow it, but just used the concept.

  7. Love your stories Charlie. My pet budgie Aussie & l both get freaked by scary movies but he loves to sit on my shoulder having a little taste of what I’m eating. He’s fond of popcorn but can only manage a small kernel!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Eve! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoy my stories! And we don’t like the super scary stuff in our house. Even the spooky things will make our dog Phines patrol the house looking for things… which is super creepy! But he does enjoy his popcorn!

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