For our prompt of “Eggshell” today, I initially thought of the color known as eggshell, which is meant to represent the average color of a chicken egg. But, farm eggs come in lots of various colors depending on the hens that lay them, so I opted for a selection of the more colorful eggs that can appear. When Philippe first arrived from Paris, he was suspicious of the bright white eggs that are so common here. Though they aren’t actually bleached, they are washed with a detergent, which only adds to the impossible whiteness that some possess. Though, in our house you’ll only find cage-free brown eggs. I have to admit that I prefer these visually as well, since they remind me of collecting eggs with my grandmother on her farm where her hens primarily laid light brown eggs. These farm eggs also tasted better to me. Sure, they were as fresh as can be, but even Corn Flakes tasted better when I had them on the farm, because I just adored being there. I love those memories from back then and miss my time spent there.

I think that if we were to ever move out of the city, Philippe would want a little house with chickens. Indeed, I think that will happen one day, but not sure yet which continent it will be yet. He’s talking about having chickens and then depending on what he’s watched that day this can extend to goats and cows as well. When considering something like this, I realize that my childhood memories on a farm make me wistful, but I don’t really want to tend to that menagerie on a daily basis. I asked him if he would take care of our future chickens exclusively, and he said that yes, he would. I know me well enough to know that I would not want the daily responsibility, so it would be imperative that someone else were exclusively in charge. Then I could just do as I did as a kid and visit the hens every so often. It strikes me that even the best memories aren’t necessarily the ones that you’d want to experience each and every day. Sometimes, that wonderful little trip to the chicken coop is wonderful precisely because it’s so rare.

Though, I’ve no idea what will actually happen in the future. I might decide that I enjoy things that I never expected to enjoy on a daily basis. Indeed, I think that’s likely to happen. That’s the beautiful thing about learning and living. There’s always something new and amazing to love. Whether it becomes a daily habit, like my sketching addiction, or whether it becomes a fabulous thing to do for a time, it’s all fantastic. Life is a tapestry of options that I’m met with each and every day. Should I pursue this next or should I pursue that? There’s a certain joy in this question, because choosing one thing doesn’t rule out the second. It’s like experiencing that perfect bliss of being able to ultimately choose everything and nothing at all. I think in many ways, this has been my entire approach to life. I just pick the next thing and move forward with joy. I never stop to become something or decide something, I just keep moving one step ahead. I don’t think I’d recommend this approach for those wishing to define themselves fully. But for those who are cool with living life as it comes, it’s a wonderful way to be. In this inexplicable state, life moves where it wants and takes on all of the incredible color and beauty of farm fresh eggs.

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Farm Fresh Eggs Multiple Colors Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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32 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Eggs

  1. Fantastic colors Charlie! I need to venture out to the pig farm store and get eggs, fresh bread and other delights that they sell. Maybe tomorrow. I must admit that the longer this goes on the less adventurous I feel but farm fresh eggs and good bread are pretty inciting!🤔🤗

  2. As a kid I watched one of my grandparents’ hens lay an egg and as soon as she did I grabbed it, opened it, and sucked the egg down. We didn’t know then about salmonella. I immediately told on myself to my mother who said don’t do it again (meaning or else). For some reason I never forgot that egg snatching incident.

  3. I can see the advantages to having well-planned goals and working toward them, but I get bored too easily and before long I give it up. For me, it’s far better to see an opportunity that stirs a sudden passion and go for it. Keeps life interesting!

  4. As I’ve mentioned before, Joe won’t let me have chickens. But one of our neighbors has them and my favorite things is that they have set up two lawn chairs outside the coop so they can sit with a glass of wine and watch chickens doing chicken stuff.

  5. Beautiful dozen eggs! Natures beauty. I love the color “real” eggs come in. We had a few chickens and rabbits when I was in high school. I enjoyed them, until it was time to turn them into freezer food. 🙁 We had a little Banti hen named Nellie. She was like having a dog. She would come running up when I came outside and follow me around. She was a good egg layer for such a small girl. So the moral of this ramble is……careful what you say. You mght end up with a chicken that steals your heart! LoL!

    1. Thanks, Lori! 😃💕Actually, I realized it’s 15 eggs… hehe… I used a reference that wasn’t multi-colored and thought… wow… how many eggs did I just sketch? lol And I adore the thought a hen that’s like a dog… sooooo awesome!!

  6. Hi Charlie.. I love your art. Especially those eggs. And I see by your replies what a really nice person you are. Kind, sweet, responsive. I am trying to get back into my art – from the 60’s when I was an art student. (After my bad, life-changing spinal fusion I need something. Like my art.)

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