FEBRUARY 2021 ART CHALLENGE: “Lovely World!”

For February 2021, let’s celebrate our lovely world through drawings and watercolor paintings! This Doodlewash art challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate with just watercolor painting, just drawing (ink, colored pencils, crayons, etc.!), or a lovely mix of both!* Simply add the hashtag #doodlewashFebruary2021 when you post on all of your social networks, and if you also use lovely watercolor add the #WorldWatercolorGroup hashtag as well so we can find you and link to your lovely watercolors!

*NOTE: World Watercolor Group on Facebook and the associated hashtag is still only for works that contain watercolor, of course, so be sure to join us here in Doodlewash Club to post your drawings! Simply log in to Doodlewash.com to post. It’s free! 

February 2021 Doodlewash Drawing Painting Challenge Sample ImageFEBRUARY ART CHALLENGE – Lovely World!

Want to play along? This month we have prompts supplied by Doodlewash community member Gary Middleton! There are so many everyday objects, animals and ideas that are simply beautiful. And when we reproduce them on paper through our drawings and watercolor paintings, they become extraordinarily lovely! We have a fun range of prompts this month to challenge and inspire you so I hope you’ll join in and explore all of the best bits that can be found when we use an artist’s eye and explore our lovely world!

28 Things To Draw And/Or Paint In February

Here are the daily prompts for the challenge. You can use these prompts if you like, none at all, or combine them with other prompts for even more inspiration! (no matter what you create, make sure it’s whatever inspires you most in the moment, and remember to simply add the tag #doodlewashFebruary2021 when you post on social media so we can all see your lovely art!)

Doodlewash February 2021 Art Drawing Watercolor Challenge Prompts