For our prompt of “Mushrooms” today, I made a little sketch of a bunny on a mushroom meeting a butterfly. I was out walking my pup Elliott one evening recently and the fireflies were starting to arrive. He seemed mesmerized by them and wanted to follow each little dot of light that appeared. It reminded me of being a kid and feeling that same sort of wonder and fascination. As an adult, it’s quite easy to ignore things we’ve seen over and over again for years. Watching Elliott, I began to look at those fireflies more closely and enjoy the show as though I was viewing it for the very first time. As we head into World Watercolor Month in July, I’m thrilled to create and share each and every day of the month. And, I hope to add even more childlike creativity to the mix as I go along. Sometimes, as I get older, that means stepping further outside my comfort zone and trying something totally unique and different. It can feel a bit scary at first, but when I remember back to when I was young, I know it’s just about enjoying the beauty of surprises!

This July marks the 8th year of both World Watercolor Month as well as the 8th anniversary of this little blog. I have to admit that it feels like quite a milestone. It seems like so much time has passed since I first discovered the joy of watercolor painting. And yet, when I sit down to sketch and color, there’s still always something new revealed. I learn something each day, and though it’s not always some giant epiphany, it’s always something wonderful. I paint like I live my entire life. I don’t invest much time planning, and I don’t expect a particular outcome. I just jump in and let the story unfold in front of me. To me, that’s a heck of lot more fun! Besides, the best sort of surprise is when you can actually surprise yourself. Allowing myself to play and create freely is very important to me. It’s how we treat very small children, so why shouldn’t it work the same for adults?

I used to show up daily, but now I’ve moved to weekly appearances. So, this makes next month even more special! It’s a chance to celebrate the anniversary of Doodlewash by doing what I had done daily for over five and a half years, creating more than 2,000 illustrations in the process. It’s a chance, once again, to share my infinite curiosity and various experiments as I go along in realtime. And also, a chance to ramble on about whatever is on my mind each day. Most importantly, it’s a chance to play and try new things as I go along. Though there are always lots of techniques to practice, there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey that’s the most important approach of all. It’s about looking for the interesting bits in life, even when life seems a bit mundane. Once I look past the obvious solution, I’ll see that firefly, glittering in the distance, luring me to a place where the reward is simply the awe-inspiring feeling that comes from finding fascination.

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Bunny Rabbit On Fly Agaric Mushroom Looking At Butterfly Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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24 thoughts on “Finding Fascination

  1. Oh Charlie I absolutely love the expression on that bunnies face – you caught that feeling of wonder so perfectly. I am like Elliott – I absolutely am fascinated by fireflies. To me they are the most magical little beings. I know why they light up, but even that reason – the fact they are looking for a mate is so fascinating and beautiful. I could sit and watch fireflies for hours. I really could. I see fireflies and my automatically goes to fairies and elves and dragons and magic and peace. Oh you live in a wonderful place Charlie my friend.

    You are the reason I am on my art journey and the reason I love watercolor. You were the one who introduced me and I love it so much. It is always wonderous and exciting and – you can to so very much with it and I don’t think the exploration will ever be over for me. Every time I sit down with my watercolors I discover something more that excites me – and I’m only talking about swatching and playing yet lol. Wait until I actually start making things lolol!!

    One of these years I am going to have the opportunity to create a watercolour every day during Watercolour month. This year I will love seeing what everyone is doing and I will love having your rambles to read every day.

    Congratulations on the 8th year. It is a milestone. Its a really large milestone when you are still so excited and encouraging about it 😉

    1. Aww thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 And hope you’ll still jump in whenever you can during the month. Watercolor is indeed very exciting… I was so thrilled to discover it and start making my own illustrations. Still never really took to painting large paintings, though… just don’t have the attention span, but I adore coloring with watercolor in my own quick and fun way! I hope you have a fabulous week ahead! Much love! ❤️

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
  2. I’m looking forward to WWM this year. I’m hoping o do all the prompts in the style of Eyvind Earle, and I think I’ll learn a lot from it, as well as taking advantage of some of my strengths as well.

  3. Hello hello Charlie,

    I can’t pick what I love best in today’s Doodlewash – the bunny, the mushroom or the butterfly, or the grass. I love grass.. fresh cool green grass to walk on barefoot. And speaking of fireflies, one of the best things is when you’re unable to sleep and realize that there’s a firefly in your room. I bet Elliott will like that… though there’s no saying how much of the house you and Phillipe will have to put in order in the morning. That’s quite a neat thought so I’ll leave you with it. I look forward to July too and am thrilled at the coincidence of it being WWM. I turn a year physically older (not mentally though) and this year I too feel like an 8 year old. So am gonna binge on ice cream and cake!🙂😃


    Clapping Hands
    • zoie
    1. Oh my! That’s awesome! 😃💕 If there was ever a firefly indoors, Elliott would definitely lose his mind! lol Though we sometimes get the occasional fly inside during these summer months so he’s been on the hunt before. hehe And binding on ice cream and cake sounds like a perfect plan to celebrate getting physically older! And here’s to never really growing up! Much love to you! ❤️

  4. I’ve learned more from Doodlewash and the daily prompts than anywhere else in my painting world. I’ve been tuning in for nearly five years, since I began painting from home, so happy EIGHT YEARS! You and Elliott are much alike in your wonder of the beauty of this world. Seeing fireflies is on my wish list, and I love your pup’s curiosity! Happy Milestone, Charlie!

  5. Delightful painting, Charlie! I saw fireflies the last time I visited friends up North and was excited as a kid to see them; I hadn’t seen them in a long time. Fireflies are a cherished childhood summertime memory.

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