For our prompt of “Feathers” today, I did a little sketch of a couple of lovebirds discovering one another under a leaf for the first time. These birds are beautiful and known for their loving actions toward one another. It’s very inspiring. And, I think love and kindness are the most beautiful things in the world. And though love can certainly be romantic in nature, sometimes you just meet a friend that becomes one you keep for life. I treasure all of the friendships that I’ve made in my life. The world can get a bit crazy and living through a pandemic has made things crazier than ever. But, having close friends is a wonderful feeling that helps keep me happy no matter what’s going on around us. It’s that lovely space of hope that forms around two people who care and holds them together as close as a hug. It’s a truly incredible thing indeed.

Last night I spent an evening under the stars with a few of my best friends and it was so much fun. There’s only a handful of people we see in person these days, so it makes each little event even more special. And the weather cooperated as though it knew that a perfect evening was needed. Philippe prepared all of the food and we brought it with us. Then we sat outside under the stars together to enjoy the meal. It was magical and the food was, of course, perfectly delicious. Our dog Phineas had to stay at home as he can’t seem to handle an evening where he’s not the center of attention. When we returned home, he was expectedly miffed, but still very happy to see us. We actually stayed up a bit later than we have in quite a long time. It was a much needed break and incredibly rejuvenating.

Even when I can’t be with my friends in person, knowing they’re out there fills me with joy. It’s nice to know that you just might be on someone else’s mind. In many ways the current times that we’re living through can feel just a touch exhausting. Too many things happening at once. So, I’m always thrilled to connect with my friends and take my little sketching break each day. Being with the people you care about most and doing the things you care about doing the most are two extremely important things in life. I often get caught up in other things. Things that don’t bring me that same level of joy. Sure, it might be household chores that I can’t escape, but more often than not, it’s worrying over something I can’t change. So, I like to focus on the bits of my life that come directly from the heart. And, I always know that as long as I have family, friends, and art, I’ll get to spend each and every day finding love.

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49 thoughts on “Finding Love

  1. Depending on how our neighbor who has cancer is feeling, we plan on having a Thanksgiving meal together none of us have much contact with the outside world, so we feel as safe as we can in these times. For me, all I need is Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with gravy. Anything else is bonus, but not necessary. I may try to get some Brussels sprouts just because I like them. All that makes me grateful for November.

  2. I have some family visiting soon from Florida, and I’m a bit ambivalent. It will be so fantastic to see them, but of course I worry about Covid. I decided not to worry too much and just go with the flow.

    1. Yeah, the only perfectly safe thing is to never see anyone at all, but that’s never good for mental health. It’s good to see family! So we still still a few friends, but it’s a short list of people who stay home mostly like we do. 😉

  3. When I went camping at a pagan celebration weekend ‘beltane fire’ ‘spirit of the Marsh’ I slept under the stars though forgot the wet dew of the morning, fortunately it was a beautiful day and a friend I made there put it n her washing line to dry, by the time I left the camp fire sitting it was dry so I could take it back in my tent and put it back on my single airbed.

  4. Sleeping under the stars can be so magical. If I do it again will bring ground mat out with it. Near lost my tent last year. Think we had a four seasons in one day, well 3 actually fortunately no snow. We had, sun, hail stones and wind.

  5. So wonderful Charlie! I’m glad that you had such a great evening with friends. We had a great time with family today. Our grandchildren are growing up so fast. 13 and almost 18. We set outside on a perfect day. Perfect!

  6. Such a sweet painting, Charlie. 💜 Your evening sounds lovely. What a blessing to have wonderful friends. Real friends. Charlie, in a nut shell, I don’t have any family. My father’s side disowned me when he died back in 1996. My mother ‘s family lives in Mexico and what little family lives here, well, they used me and, when they didn’t need me anymore, they threw me away. Even being rude and disrespectful to me now. When I got injured, everyone’s true colors shined through. The people who I thought were friends and family, all turned their back on me and walked out. Even my longtime childhood friends. Plus, no mercy or compassion here at home either. I was left all alone. For 7 long years.
    On the darkest days, when the pain was BRUTAL and I considered ending my life just to make it stop, I had no one to cry with, vent with , or a kind word from anyone. The entire 7 years that I was injured, in brutal pain, worried, scared, sad, crying, down, facing surgery twice, I felt all alone. All I had was my Gordo and my Lord Jesus. When my Gordo died, it was a stab to my already sad, broken heart. I was left that much more alone.
    Charlie, all I have is my faith and the Lord. He has been faithful in my darkest and saddest days. He has promised to fully restore my life. He has blessed me with friends that I met through their rubber stamping blogs. They have no idea what I look like and have never met me, but they have been a blessing to me. They send me birthday gifts (even flowers) and boxes full of crafting supplies. For free! Even from the other side of the world! They email me to check on me. I don’t know why things worked out like they did, but the Lord will restore all that I have lost. 💜 Plus, I made a really sweet friend named Charlie, who I chat with every single day! 💕

    1. I am so sorry, Charlie. I shouldn’t have shared so much. Forgive me. Lately, I have just been questioning my place in this world and wondering where I belong. And who I will make my life with and when. I am terribly sorry. 💜

    2. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Indeed! You have a friend in me now! And truly, we are so much stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. Anything is possible and we can always get through anything that life throws our way. And, it’s wonderful to be able to connect with people online and find your tribe!

      1. You’re always so sweet, Charlie. 💜 So many people have told me that I am strong for everything that I endured, but I don’t feel strong. It’s just been a long, hard road, but things are getting better. These past few weeks, I have been feeling so good. The pain has subsided considerably; almost down to almost nothing. Now, news of a covid vaccine in the very near future…..things are looking up indeed. Thank you, Charlie.

        1. Marisela relax and know that the Lord has a plan for you. Try writing in a notebook every morning before your mind starts to hum and perk, three pages in one of those 8.5×11 notebooks. Everything and anything. Walk a lot. And once a week do something for yourself and by yourself (ideas from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way series). You do not have to be artist or writer or anything else to do Pages. Those stir the inner heart and creative juices. Take care. We care.

  7. Such a pretty pair. Your colors are wonderful. This reminds me of the day there was a parrot in our backyard. Yep, I heard a noise and looked up and he was sitting on the fence. I don’t know if he ever found his home. 🙁

  8. I love the colors in your painting so bright and encouraging…In these times it is important to find the things that bring us joy and some sense of today’s world can be just exhausting..I find solace in my art practice as well as my faith…and I am grateful to have both! It is also important to enjoy the times we spend with others since it has been sparse these days..Glad you had a good evening and be encouraged!!😊

    1. Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Yeah, the colors in this one came out even brighter than I intended. But the world needs more brightness now, I think. Yes, art definitely gives me solace and a bit of time with friends (only outdoors and distanced these days) was a wonderful thing. Though, I still can’t wait until the hugs return. 😊

  9. Oh your parrots are love birds! (At least figuratively 😉) so happy you and Philippe had time to take a break with friends. So far, we’ve been able to do a little family time distanced and masked. It’s a far cry from the noisy busy mob we usually are, but I have faith we’ll all get together again. Corn hull, chicken foot and late night snacks. Oh if you don’t know chicken foot its a fun game, dominoes, even for two🤗

      1. OMGOSH Charlie, I just saw the most amazing puzzle on someone’s feed, it’s tiny little characters, all cut from wood that make up the pieces of the puzzle. The company is! It was beautiful, I haven’t checked out the $s yet but I’m thinking everyone is doing puzzles these days ! (I ordered a another traditional puzzle in March but it arrived from Wuhan so we haven’t actually done it yet😳)

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