For Day Twenty-Four of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Weathered,” I have to admit that nothing came to mind right away that I wanted to sketch. So I worked on other projects for awhile and came back to it. By the time I did, I only had a few minutes left to make something so I just quickly doodled until an image appeared. A little birdhouse showed up that I imagined would be badly in need of a new paint job, but still enjoyed by the little bird that lives there. Indeed, among my many creative projects I have spinning at once, I usually delay all of my own house projects until the last possible moment. It seems that everything from the exterior to the interior always has “something” that needs to be fixed, tweaked or repaired. Much of the smaller problems get sort of ignored until they get too large to avoid. My domesticity skills leave much to be desired.

Recently, Philippe and I made a list of several things we’d like to fix or change in our house. Everything listed as urgent has already been completed, but the rest has been prioritized and then the list was set aside. For the first few items we actually listed the cost and that was enough for all of the things to lose a bit of luster. One of the biggest renovations at some point in the future is a new kitchen for Philippe. We’re still not sure if that will happen in this house or the new kitchen will come by purchasing a new one. We do love where we’re at now, but the disruption of a full kitchen renovation makes us want to run and hide. Over a decade ago, I had new hardwood floors installed and it felt like it took forever to complete. Living in the middle of our own mess is apparently fine, but living with a construction mess is less desirable.

Needless to say, the large television in the living room became much more interesting, so that happened and we’ve been enjoying it most of the day. Neither one of us really pays attention to it fully, but it’s nice to have the images and sounds in the background while we do other things. Philippe was playing a game today and every so often he’d curse at the screen. When he gets frustrated, everything comes out entirely in French. I think that would be true for everyone. There’s always more emotion and meaning in the words you’ve spoken from birth. Phineas was laying next to him, curled up in his bed on the couch and would jerk his head up each time an expletive was shouted. I don’t think he understood the words, but the abrupt nature bothered him. I had to giggle each time that it happened. It’s been a really fun day. And though there are lots of house projects that we’ll get to at some point in time, right now I’m perfectly content enjoying this moment in time with my little family, in our fixer-upper.

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English Robin Blue Weathered Rustic Birdhouse Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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15 thoughts on “Fixer-Upper

  1. Construction in your living space is the worst. When we had our house re-sided and the roof redone, even though most of the activity was outdoors, the sudden noises and people tromping in and out and asking questions was truly disturbing. I wanted to curl up in the closet and hide. On the other hand, moving is also truly disturbing. You might want to start consulting fortune-tellers now so you can collate the most common responses. I doubt you’ll get any realistic answers, but it might help you decide what you truly want while you’re listening!

  2. French like Spanish is more passionate than English although you can get your message across with expletives in English just fine. Gloria Estefan says, “For fighting and for making love, nothing beats Spanish. ” haha haha Like you said, it’s better said in your original language. Phineas is probably bilingual like Monster. 😂😂😂
    Charlie, your bird house is so beautiful. I love it! It’s so sweet. I love bird houses. Yeah, we need a laundry room and I am not looking forward to stinky men coming in and out and using loud power tools so freely, interrupting my beauty sleep. 😂😂😂 When our new neighbor bought the house next door and completely gutted it, we would see the guys go pee out back behind her garage. My mother and I would both make scrunchy face at them not washing their hands and just going back to work like nothing. Do we REALLY need a laundry room, Mom? haha haha
    Just curious, Charlie, but what do you do with all of your beautiful paintings?

  3. Charlie, Yes swearing in Italian does it for me although it comes out in sentences which mean not much and sound absolutely ferocious. Jean Haines, well known artist, teacher, and writer, tells us to put salt on the paint where we want it, and to cover that with plastic wrap and then work the wrap into shapes. I put the palette on top to hold it til it drys. Awesomeness! Love your sketch as usual.

  4. This one hit home – we’re living in the middle of major construction mess and it ain’t pretty or fun. When the current project is completed, we’ll move on to the next and then the next. Maybe I should bail out of this house and move up by moving down – downsize to a little house much like the one your little bird calls home. At least your Doodlewash image is charmingly delightful. Our house, not so much.

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