For Day Fifteen of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Effervescent,” I ended up with a little mouse enjoying some sort of fizzy tropical drink. I’ve no idea what kind of drink this would be but, assuming there’s alcohol and judging from the size, this is going to be one drunk mouse. I love the look of drinks like these, the kind with an umbrella, but I haven’t had one in years. It does bring back fun memories of visiting beaches with friends when I was younger. All of those memories are so vivid and wonderful. I haven’t been on a vacation in so long now, and I really would love to go somewhere soon. My favorite vacations are the ones that involve quite a bit of lounging around. I’ve seen lots of cities in my lifetime and so being somewhere away from crowds and just relaxing is my favorite thing of all. For now, I’ll just enjoy things vicariously via this little vacationing mouse.

I’m in another rush this evening as I’m trying to get this post made before dinner as always. These days, I’m back to the office so it leaves me with precious little time in between work and home. But feels even cooler to be home again each day now, and also I’m rather hungry so I’m typing very quickly. I’ve no idea what we’re eating tonight, but I imagine it will be some sort of soup again. We barely chew anymore since we’ve gotten a Vitamix. But we’ve been eating super healthy lately and I’ve lost over 15 pounds. This officially means that I’ve shed my added quarantine weight and gets me precisely back to the weight that I was when the doctor told me to… well… lose 15 pounds. More of a level set than any real accomplishment, but I’m determined to shed at least another 10 pounds this summer so I can get some good and yummy cheat days in for the coming holiday season. Our dog Phineas has noticed that we’ve been eating less snacks and this infuriates him as he would sometimes get a crumb that would accidentally fall to the floor.

I’m just happy that I managed to lose some weight. Once I turned 50 my metabolism broke up with me unceremoniously and abruptly without even leaving a note of any kind. It was like the dating equivalent of being broken up with in a text. But, I’ve been walking more and feel much better than I did this past year. It’s been a tough one, but I’ve got lots of exciting projects planned that I’m ready to DO next and I’m thrilled to work on all of them. Yes, Philippe will be the first to tell you that I have WAY too many projects going for one person at any given time. In my little boy mind, however, this just means that there’s a greater possibility that at least one of them will be awesome! That’s the one I’ll take to the finish line and then share with all of you. In fairness, the others are barely projects, but instead little things I research and mull over and think about continuously until my head nearly explodes. It’s super fun! I just like to take life as it comes. And today, I was very happy to have a surprise visit from a little mouse who was simply having a bit of fizzy fun!

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15 thoughts on “Fizzy Fun!

  1. Delightful little country mouse, sipping a cool one there (though I dislike city rodents)! I like your funny expression: “being broken up with a text”! 😀 I store the Vitamix on a pantry shelf, but you’ve just reminded me that those sneaky Quarantine 15 won’t go away by themselves.

  2. My father had the type of metabolism where he could eat and eat and complain because he could never gain weight. My mother had the metabolism where she could fast and fast and complain because she kept gaining weight. Both my brother and I took after Mom, and where’s the fairness in that, I ask you?

  3. Such a cute painting, Charlie. It reminds me of when we went to Mexico City and stopped at an outdoor restaurant. They had a featured attraction: a donkey that would drink anything. Beer or soda. Patrons would purchase the beer or soda (before plastic bottles), place it in front of the donkey, and she would pick it up with her teeth and kick it back. She did that all day! We asked if she got drunk, but they said no. I gave her a Coke and she guzzled it down. I was about 12 and thought it was kinda cruel that they treated her like a circus sideshow, but she didn’t seem to mind.
    You made me laugh when you said that you guys don’t chew anymore. haha haha Hey, CONGRATULATIONS, Charlie, on losing 15 pounds! That’s awesome! Somehow I can hear Philippe saying, “You’re welcome! ” haha haha 😂😂😂

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Your Doodlewash made me wonder if the drunk mouse went on to see Pink Mice on Parade like Dumbo (who saw Pink Elephants on Parade). 😉 And many congratulations on shedding 15 pounds. WOW!!!! That is an achievement indeed! That would probably be a good excuse for a double portion pizza night, maybe paired with a nice French dessert whipped up by Phillipe. Am sure Phineas would agree. 🙂


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