For our prompt of “Flight” today, the things that came to mind were flying on a plane as well as flying birds. This made me wonder about flightless birds and how they might enjoy a chance to sail through the sky. So, we ended up with a group of flightless birds chartering a private jet for a bit of sightseeing. I’m quite sure these birds would leap at the chance, and there’s certainly plenty of empty seats these days. Though I’m equally certain that airlines haven’t considered an option like this one, since nobody is sure what forms of payment these birds carry. I’m sure the penguins would insist on paying with small fish, for example, which would only serve to confuse the booking agents. And the ostrich would likely spend most of the flight loudly complaining about the terrible lack of headroom. Or perhaps, these birds are quite used to being stuck in the same place and don’t know what they’re missing. Indeed, they probably simply enjoy being at home with their family and don’t really miss anything at all.

Though I too enjoy being at home with my little family, I miss taking flights to see the rest of my family. Out of all of the current changes to daily life, this is one that has the biggest effect on me. Next month, we should have been traveling to Paris to see our family there. But, that’s not possible this year. For the holidays, we are meant to head to Texas and haven’t yet decided if we’ll make the drive or simply postpone until Easter. I don’t really miss the travel part itself, of course, as that’s a bit exhausting by plane. I wish train travel had taken off here, as I far prefer that method instead. Yet, that wouldn’t solve the problem of getting across an entire ocean, of course. I did rather enjoy the little meals on international travel. Not the taste of the food, but just the fact that each thing came individually wrapped like a little gift. But all that will have to wait until some point in the future.

These days, we’re quite grounded and spending nearly all of our time at home. As the cooler temperatures of autumn arrive along with shorter days, this is pretty much how we always spend this time of year. We’ve got some outdoor plans with friends coming up so we’re not completely reclusive. Though all of the theatre shows we normally go to this time of year have all been cancelled. But, I do love cozy evenings at home. And, I’m always happy to return after a bit of traveling, even if it’s just going out for the night. Philippe gets so nervous leading up to a big trip because he hates leaving our dog Phineas for any length of time at all. Phineas agrees, as he doesn’t really care for the pet resort since it’s just filed with a bunch of pets. He doesn’t think he belongs there. And though all of that will eventually return, we’re just taking each day as it comes. For now, we’ll just enjoy whatever we have, right where we are, like flightless birds.

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38 thoughts on “Flightless Birds

  1. Charlie! Brilliant — a chartered plane for birds! I love it.

    I love to come home after being out too especially last week masked and safe on a bus where not all riders wore those and then to the mall where people think it’s okay to disregard pandemic rules. Thank God I didn’t catch anything and my new cell phone better last til the end of the pandemic.

    Chartered bird flight. Love it absolutely.

    1. Hello Charlie,

      I love love love today’s Doodletale! If Disney studios ever need a storyteller for a fresh fun story, they would do well to contact you. You sound a tad disappointed about not being able to travel but with your imagination, all you probably need to do is close your eyes and let your inner child lead the way and then you could go anywhere. 🙂 That way you’ll even be served ALL your favorite food on the flight! 🙂


      1. Thank you so much, Mugdha! 💜 I had a great day! I was so relieved that we could have our outing safely. I am in San Antonio, Texas and it was hot today, but I had a really good day. Your wonderful well wishes are a part of what made it a good day! Thank you.💜

  2. I love the way you are expressing your imagination through your art! I’m going to be so disappointed the next time I fly, and don’t have flightless birds among the passengers. Though I wouldn’t want to be next to an ostrich – they probably peck at your head the entire flight!

  3. I love this painting, Charlie! I laughed out loud! 💜 I understand Philippe ‘s trepidation leaving Phineas. My mother would travel home to Mexico and would ask me to go, but, first, it was my father who needed to be cared for. He was ill for a long time. After that, I couldn’t leave my nino, my child, my Monster. I just couldn’t. It’s bad enough he would get sad when my mom was gone. I just couldn’t.
    We’re flightless birds, too, Charlie. In fact, tomorrow is my birthday 🎂🎂🎂 and it will be the first time that we will venture out of our house for the day. We will be driving to Marble Falls, which is about an hour away. There is nothing grand or famous there. I went there years ago and it felt like San Diego because of their large river and the boats on the dock. I told my mom that if we can’t find a safe restaurant with outdoor dining, we will buy some burgers and go to a nearby park. The park is next to the river so it should be nice. The drive up is into the Hill Country and is scenic. It’s nothing fancy or extravagant, but a change of pace. Just something different. It’s part of the adjustments we have been forced to make, but we have to do it to be safe. Granted, Charlie, even with no virus impeding my birthday celebration, your friend Marisela is not a party animal. Never have been. haha haha I am looking forward to our excursion tomorrow. It’s still my birthday and we are okay. 💜 Next year, will be better. The Lord is faithful.

    1. Hello Marisela,

      I don’t always read all the comments but I happened to read them today and Wow! It’s your birthday! Wish you a very Happy Birthday and a great healthy, joyous, safe and fulfilling year ahead!


    2. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 So today much be your birthday then! Happy Birthday my friend! Glad you’re getting out and taking a scenic drive! As long as we’re all okay, then everything is okay… that ‘s how I see it!

  4. Me again. I was checking the rest of my email and I received an email from Blick Art Supplies announcing a Pet Portrait Contest. Winner gets $400 to spend at Blick. Go for it, Charlie!

  5. I really feel sorry for the flight crew though – imagine the cleanup after these characters deplane! Can you picture Phineas on that flight? Maybe as a steward?? He may have more fun than in the Pet Motel!

  6. This painting made me smile 🙂 and like yourself I would have been going overseas right about now…not possible until maybe next year..a day at a time..and although i do like being home most days..I do miss traveling to break up the monotony of being in one place…”sigh” hopefully soon..thanks for a great post!!😊

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