For Day Eight of World Watercolor Month, and the optional prompt of “Wing,” I ended up with a couple of bluebirds. Also, if you’re taking on the daily challenge this month, then congrats as the first week is complete! We did it! Truly, the time just sort of flies during this month and it’s all a bit of a colorful and fabulous blur by the end. As for bluebirds, they’ve always been a favorite of mine and they’re also the official bird in my state. I don’t really know the selection process involved in choosing a state bird. I like to imagine a pageant where all of the eligible bird contestants line up for the judges to review them more closely and make a selection. I’m sure there’s also something akin to a swimsuit competition involving a bird bath, but that’s as far I could imagine before getting distracted by a bunny outside the window. In truth, I don’t think birds really care what we crazy humans do. I’m quite sure they think we’re the oddest animals on the planet.

I’m really very content being a crazy human. It’s fun to come up with insane ideas and try to make them happen. I’ve a got whopper that I’m working on now behind the scenes, and though nearly nothing is figured out completely, I still get excited in the dreaming. I think that’s what keeps me going. Each time I feel somewhat content, like I have everything sort of figured out then I get a bit bored and restless. Though my life is full of lovely routines that I adore and that ground me a bit, I like my creative life to have a kiss of chaos. Perhaps the birds are right. Humans can be totally crazy. Yet, for me, crazy is a wonderful way to live. There’s never a dull moment when I let myself think like a kid again and soar above the clouds in thought. I’m always excited to see what creative things come out of the experience.

As for my husband Philippe, well, he generally puts up with all of my crazy ideas. Many times, he’ll even jump in and help me sort out how to do something. Most of the time, however, I can see the pride mixed with exhaustion on his face when I’m rambling through the next big thing I’m going to try. As my mother tells everyone we meet now, when I was little I would make every visit to a new place into a field trip. I wanted to learn all that I could and it would often result in coming back home to launch into a project related to whatever had inspired me. It could be anything really. Now that I’m older it strikes me that not much as really changed at all. I’m still excited by all of the possibilities in life and have so many dreams I’m determined to make come true. Even if many days I feel like time seems to be flying by.

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Bluebird Flying Two Birds Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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17 thoughts on “Flying By

  1. Oi! Time is flying! Everyday feels like fast forward right now! I told someone recently I feel like I stepped on the people mover at the airport and I’m moving about 3 times as fast I have been! Destinations are great but I had been enjoying the journey!😉😆
    Great bluebirds Charlie, I’m loving all the color you get in! I’m going to work on that, thanks Charlie! (WOW one whole week already!)

  2. Charlie, such a beautiful painting. I love birds even if they gnaw on my plants. I love Cardinals and Bluejays. Did you hear that birds are getting sick and they suspect it may be the cicadas? So sad. Anyway, you made me laugh at the bird pageant! 😂😂😂 Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird. Thank goodness someone else insisted on the Bald Eagle. 😀 You have such a sweet perspective on life and life’s wonderful experiences, Charlie.

  3. Hello Charlie,

    Those bluebirds are lovely! I love your idea of a bird pageant and for the talent contest they probably are judged on how well they can imitate human whistling. 😉 You put a new wacky wonderful idea in my head and I’ve decided to devote the day in figuring out more details of the bird pageant. I will keep you posted in case I figure more out!


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