For our prompt of “Spaceship” today, I thought about flying saucers, the classic visual applied to UFOs. The idea of this advanced and alien spacecraft rocketed to fame during the middle of the last century. A pilot saw something he couldn’t explain in the sky and later stories said he described the object as a disk, a saucer, and even a pie pan. It’s actually a shame that flying pie pans didn’t take off as that sounds rather fun indeed. I made a quick little sketch of a flying saucer and then asked my husband Philippe what animal should be riding inside. He suggested a cat, so that’s what we ended up with. I’m not sure if this little kitty is waving goodbye or hoping to get help after being spirited away like this. Or indeed, it could be that the cat is actually an alien, posing as something more conventional to avoid scaring off humans. I’ll let you be the judge and create your own story for this one.

As a kid, I was fascinated by the idea of UFOs and liked to imagine that there was life beyond our little green planet. Indeed, we always refer to it as intelligent life, since if the aliens managed to find us first, they would be more intelligent than we are, as we’re still in the process of searching the stars. Our universe is rather infinite and we discover new things about it each and every day. According to most cartoons, though, we should have had flying cars by now so we’re a bit behind on technology. I’m not sure I’d want a flying car, as it seems dangerous enough to drive in the traffic these days on the ground. Add to this, my fear of heights, and I’m not sure a flying car or saucer would be the best form of transportation for me. And I’m quite certain if I actually saw a UFO myself, it would be equal parts amazing and a touch frightening.

Tonight, Philippe and I are visiting our friend for her 50th birthday and are going to be sitting outside under the stars. She lives just a bit farther out of the city so there’s more stars to see and enjoy there. This will be a nice escape for a little while as only a few minutes ago, Philippe announced that our clothes washer was broken. It seems that everything in the house is hitting that fateful time when things all start to break at once. I wonder if those aliens we’ve yet to meet have figured out better solutions for common household problems. I’m sure we’d be perfectly astounded by their spaceships, but in the end, if they could make appliances that don’t break or something that boils water instantly, it would be even more impressive. In many ways, it feels like our own technology is just getting more complex and needlessly difficult to fix when it breaks. No, I have to imagine that those intelligent life forms have already figured all of this out, as I once again scan the night sky in search of flying saucers.

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Cat From Outer Space Kitten In Spaceship Galaxy Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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25 thoughts on “Flying Saucers

  1. Lack of training, lack of resources and built-in obsolescence and, yeah. It’s hard to get decent appliances that last for any length of time. But at least we do have appliances and aren’t scrubbing the laundry on river rocks while keeping an eye out for crocodiles. It’s all a matter of perspective, lol!

  2. Hola, Charlie! 💜 Cute kitty. This was years back, but I remember a Simpsons episode where Homer Simpson is out in the woods. A space ship appears in the sky and shines a light on him that is supposed to make him levitate up into the space ship. The funny part is that he’s too chubby so the space ship tilts and the magical suspension light struggles to lift him up off of the ground. So another space ship shows up to shine their light on him in order to help the first space ship lift him up off the ground into the ship. It was so funny! 😂😂😂 SNL also has a funny on-going skit about alien 👽👽👽 abductions.
    Remember the new toilet? The plumbing company had to come back today. It was leaking water for some reason. Turns out the guy who remodeled our bathroom like 20 years ago, used a short cut to “connect” to the sewer line. The plumber said that we were very fortunate that we made it so long with no major calamity! We just need 2020 to end already. Geez! Sorry about your washer.
    I hope you have a fabulous evening under the stars, Charlie. I love stars! 🌃🌌🌆

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 I remember that from the Simpsons! Funny! And oh wow… that’s horrible the guy botched the sewer line connection, that could have been really bad. It was a wonderful evening here under the stars!

      1. Third time is the charm. Yup, we’re waiting for the plumbing company right now. It’s 7:30pm and something is still wrong. It flushes, but then backs up. Back and forth. Charlie, I am a girl. I can only do so much. Using the plunger for 45 minutes on a brand new toilet and brand new sewer connection is a bit much. Luckily, the plumbing company was nice enough to find us a plumber before closing for the day. So frustrating that I wanted to cry.
        I keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. 💜

        1. Plumbers just left. It’s 9:35pm. He ran a line through our sewer line looking for a blockage. None. He thinks it’s on the city’s side, but our line may be clogged at the juncture with the city. So frustrating. $1200 to pressure clean out our line and add clear out trap in the yard. This is a very old house which means old sewer lines. My mother is Joe Cool, but I get nervous and frazzled, Charlie. After everything I have been through these past 7 years, it hits me hard. I sometimes wonder if I have PTSD. The plumber is super nice and got his boss/owner to discount $1300 for the pressure bit. So, no toilet until tomorrow morning when they come back to fix it. My uncle is a supervisor at SAWS and has them coming out to check the city’s line.
          Sorry. I feel like I am rambling. And venting. Everything happens for a reason.

  3. Our microwave, dishwasher, and lawnmower all died fairly recently! And these days its hard to get appliances in a timely manner. Damn Covid! Plus I hate the dishwasher we bought online, and the microwave is annoying too. Joe likes the mower though.

    I personally believe in other lifeforms. A certain politician is proof of that! 😂😂 But really, the universe is full of suns. Earth can’t be the only planet that can support life. You’ll be looking at some of those suns tonight in our ever expanding universe.

    1. Ugh on the appliances…. hoping they’ll just be able to fix ours so it can limp along for another year. And I agree! I definitely think there’s other life out there. If they’ve found us, they might have decided to skip this crazy planet! lol 😉

  4. Hope you and Phillipe had a glorious time celebrating and searching the starry skies! We had friends out for a few days last Summer and we did indeed see a UFO, AND it was the same weekend Area 51 had that huge group of people camp out and have a mini festival outside the perimeter! We live between military installments and we couldn’t help but laugh and guess that someone was having a go at that crowd! It flew up our coast and hung a right over us and zipped out to the desert! Considering the four of us don’t drink we still have no better explanation! 🛸😆😄😆

  5. Hello Charlie,

    That’s a very cute Doodlewash. From your stories, I pick the first option for the kitty. It would be very interesting to hear what she has to say when she gets back. I have never liked sci-fi so I can’t say anything about flying saucers but an evening watching the stars is definitely what I’d love to enjoy too. I hope you had a lovely time and that the stars told you their stories while you were watching them. 🙂


  6. Poor cat, cant get any petting in the emptiness of space. But then again his technology is lightyears ahead so there might be petting soon enough. I really like how you created the effect of space with really watery paint. It looks like trillions of stars and nebulas or something.

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