For our prompt of “baby” today, my mind went back to those little stuffed companions that used to keep me company when mom couldn’t be around every moment. The world was so new and terrifying with all of the odd and amazing things to riddle out. In truth, that bit probably doesn’t change very much as we get older as there are always new challenges to face. New things to learn. I truly can’t remember back to when I was a baby. I don’t really remember the friends that kept me company during that time, though my mom would likely be able to describe some of them. I’m sure it was something plush and furry, with a slight smile assuring me that despite all the strange things going on around me, life would, in the end, work out just fine. I would love to thank that little plush, if I could, with whatever name the adults had given to him. I was far to young to name things at the time. And soon I would be struggling to learn the proper names for things as well. So, yes, I’ve forgotten those friends from back then, but something in my heart still holds them close.

As I got older, I would learn that friends can indeed come and go throughout my life. It’s so easy when your paths cross each day because of work, but land a new job and those close friends you saw every day grow more distant. We try as we might to keep the connection and yet, it’s just not the same time anymore. Life moves forward. The world spins in different directions, and we continue to spin with it, in our own unique ways. Though I dearly miss some of the times I shared, I’m so grateful that they happened. Each moment was a puzzle piece in my life. A thing that needed to happen to complete it and make it richer. Every one of those times has burned a place in my heart, and even when I can’t be with the people I hold dear, I still hold them there. And I love each of them and feel thrilled that our paths had the distinct opportunity to cross that time. There was a reason. There’s always a reason. And my life was always made better in the process.

One would think that as we grow older, things like this would become easier. But I’ve found it so tough to stay connected when everyone is in the throws of their adult lives. Adulting is simply not as much fun. There are problems to face, children’s practices to attend, and so many things we never expected to happen. But I’m equally amazed that after perhaps months have passed that reconnecting with old friends feels like time never stopped at all. When you love someone, in that very special way that can’t be explained, nothing is ever really lost. A familiar look, a glance, and everything goes back to the cherished time remembered. Perhaps, that’s what I learned as a baby. When something feels important, you should never let go. Hold tight to the feeling that makes you feelings that make you feel the comfortable. If you do, then in the end, there’s really no way your heart will ever let go of those forgotten little friends.

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 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 22 - Forgotten Little Friends Baby Teddy Bear - Doodlewash

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21 thoughts on “Forgotten Little Friends

  1. I love your Teddy! I still have my old Teddy that was given to me on the day I was born. He in worse shape than I am, with only one eye, threadbare skin that’s stitched in places and and embroidered nose to replace the button he once had. I can’t say that I still have all the friends I once did but like you I cherish their memories. Great write-up and great painting, Charile!

  2. You did it again, Charlie, you touched my heart deeply with your truths. Friendships do indeed remain part of our lives forever, even when we move so far away we never see those old friends again. Each person gives us a small boost in our appreciation of everything around us, and we hold them close.

    Your little bear is so sweet and adorable.

    1. What a sweet teddy bear you’ve painted today. And by coincidence, my nephew and wife, with their sweet little 2 yr. old girl spent last night with us with a new pink teddy bear that I just bought her. She loves all things pink although the old teddy she also brought along is rather tattered and worn and although washed many times, has taken on a greyish matted sort of non-color.

  3. I have a bag full of stuffed animals that belonged to my boys. They don’t want them. I have been meaning to paint them and then give them away…but there is always something else that captures my attention. Your little bear turned out really well!

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