Reply To: How To Use Site

If you’ve never been to a site like this, it can be hard to figure out what’s going one.  Here are a few things that will help get you started. AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN: If you click on the tiny icon that is fifth from the right, it will get you to your profile page.  On your profile page, you’ll see ‘Wall’, ‘Artwork’, etc.  If you click on Artwork it will open a window where you can upload your artwork.          BACK TO THE TOP OF THE SCREEN:  If you click on ‘Community’ and choose ‘Site-Wide News Feed’, you’ll get a list of what everyone has been doing – the art they have posted, new threads, new members – pretty much everything.  I use this the most because it means I don’t have to jump around as much.     Also under ‘Community’ is the ‘Member’s Art Gallery’.  This will show you thumbnails of all the art that has been posted.  If you click on a thumbnail, you get a larger version of the art and can like it or click on the conversation balloon to leave a comment.      Under ‘Blog’, you’ll see ‘Charlie’s Adventures’ and that’s where you’ll find his daily write-ups.          Under ‘Challenges’ you’ll see the selection that will take you to the month’s watercolor challenges.    ON THE RIGHT OF THE SCREEN:  You can scroll down and find a whole bunch of good stuff. A link to the Events calendar where you can add events.  Special notices about Doodlewash giveaways, if any are going. upcoming events,  Groups You Join, Forums, Recent replies and Topics in both.       That’s probably enough to take in to start with.  Please feel free to ask questions.  I’m still learning all that can be done myself (I’m not officially anything but a member), and Charlie keeps adding more good stuff.  But, if I can answer, I will. If I can’t or if you want to go right to the source – Charlie – click on the envelope way down on the right and you can leave a message for him.