Reply To: Qor – Love them or Leave them?

Jenn ergarding the primatek turquoises — and I am huge primatek fan — The Sleeping Beauty is a bit muddier and semi-transparent, while the Amazonite — a green turquoise — is much more transparent.  If I can I will upload some images here, but you can also go to a page I did on BLUES when I was finally ready to write about the colors I love and the ones I won’t keep (I bought many many tubes of paint when first starting watercolors.)  and FYI, the Lapis, which you will also see in this post, is inconsistent — I use a lot of it and sometimes it is quite clear blue (shown) and sometimes it is grey blue.  I use it for moody skies so I am fine with that.  BTW, Fushite and Kyanite sparkle.  NOT my idea of fun — so I use them for an occasional car….