Reply To: Qor – Love them or Leave them?

I hate Columbia Art…. They’ve been so rude.  And they would not take a product that was bad back because I didn’t have the receipt but it had their dang sticker on it.  I’ve not been to Scraps.  I bought from Blicks back when they were starting up in Los Angeles but when they became the gobble-up small stores store I stopped… and then they bought both stores — our lovely old store and Utrecht.  GRRRR.   I only do that when buying for the business in certain quantities online because there is no way a small store can help us without charging ten times the rates, and they usually don’t have what we need for the biz.  I shop Merriartist and WetPaintArt 99% of the time.  Sandra I’ve thought to get something going in our studio (we have so much space) btu not quite found what i’d like to get going here… We must have coffee!

And I wish I could procrastinate a bit more and not do what I am scared to do, which is oil painting… You’ll see what I am working on as I am posting on the blog.