Reply To: White watercolor

I do keep a white gouache, but don’t have white watercolor because when I use white, it is for the opacity as well as the lightening effect.  I also have buff titanium for sand when I do seascapes.  I’m not one of the people who cringe back in horror at the thought of using black or white watercolor.  I think with any endeavor a person should use the tools available.  Sometimes, you want more opacity for whatever reason, and need to mix in a little white.  Sometimes you don’t quite know how big a highlight should be until you’ve painted the area around it (especially if you are painting from your imagination).  I expect my one tube of gouache to last most of my life, because I use it so seldom.  But I wouldn’t be without it, because when I need it I need it.  Rather than avoiding white, I think it’s a matter of learning when you really need it.