Reply To: Qor – Love them or Leave them?

It is rare! I work with (or TRY to work with) a lot of art suppliers, and many don’t even respond to my emails or phone calls. But many do! There are some great folks out there, and Golden is wonderful.

By the way, we were just talking about RUV… QoR’s Raw Umber is fantastic, a rich cool brown that is similar in color to DS but it doesn’t shrink drastically in my pans like DS does. A cool, single-pigment earth is rather hard to find, but that’s what I prefer so I like QoR’s.

Mixed with a Quin Violet (QoR’s Quin Violet is really nice also… I just profiled QoR’s QV in a color feature at my blog) = INSTANT LOVE! 🙂

Happy painting!