Reply To: Qor – Love them or Leave them?

Ahhh, and the penny drops. You’re THAT Tonya. I read your blog all the time. *Jenn waives from*, I recognized you from your words above, “instant Love” and that you just did a post on the raw umbers and quin violet. I had just read through those last night and, damn you, I had to pin new colors to buy. It’s ALL  your fault that my wallet is gonna be screaming in a few weeks, lol. I don’t think I can live without that violet umber either. Is the daniel smith really close as I usually use DS and have no american journey. Haven’t ever shopped Cheap joes either, although they do sound like a fantastic company. I’ve just started working with companies to promote their products. It sure is fun. I’m (right now actually, I shouldn’t be playing hooky) working on my  new website and blogs. JustAddWaterSilly is going professional soon. Can’t WAIT until it’d DONE. Stressful to be an artist who doesn’t know enough about code to do this. I just wanna be painting. Anyway, so nice to finally meet you in person Tonya.

PS. Qor’s aren’t my favorite either, I don’t sneeze at free paint though. They’re nice and professional and some colors are spectacular but they ARE expensive.