Reply To: Qor – Love them or Leave them?

Hi Tonya,

The iPhone is on my christmas list, lol. I have an instagram account but can’t post to it as my phone isn’t enabled for it. UPGRADE!

Thanks for the compliment on my website. has been up on blogger for 7 years and I’m now moving it all to wordpress, easier to monitize etc. I’m just sick of all the problems I have with the blogger platform. I’m also splitting my blog up into just the art at justaddwatersilly and now the new blog, NextBookInYourHand. I realized it had to be separated when on the same day two publishers contacted me to offer physical books and to do a giveaway and my aunt complained about there being too many reviews and not enough art in the last few days. ARGGGG! Family. LOL. can’t please anyone. SO now I’m stuck in front of the computer for the next week at least, cut off from my beloved painting and even no time to READ too. Ahh the torture. ;o)

All I have up right now is my overarching website, which will be a hub for both blogs and someday, hopefully a landing page after I write that best seller in either art or mystery. Dunno which one yet, If God would just darn well cooperate and answer my email about lengthening the day we’d be all set and I could do everything.  He’s really bad at returning emails. ;o)

I just realized how much you can SAVE when purchasing the 37ml tubes! I wish DS and schmincke made them. To only be able to choose from W&N, American journey and Da Vinci isn’t fair! I use a LOT of payne’s grey bluish from Schmincke and also their neutral tint. And don’t get me started on the yellows which undercoat everything. Ok, maybe I have to talk to someone about a raise. Now, who would that be as I’m the boss?

If you follow me on IG it’ll be my main sharing space by January. I hate being left out of all the hullaballoo. Until then, if you sign up on justadd you’ll get an email when I change the blogs over etc!