Reply To: Qor – Love them or Leave them?

you are so right about the price of a 37ml of Schmincke! It’s terrible to be totally in love with certain colors that don’t really have dupes. At least it’s excellent paint. If they did have 37’s of Payne’s grey bluish and neutral tint I’d shell out that price in an instant. I’d totally have to go take a nap after though. ;o)

I have no idea about the extra price or the extra small 11ml tubes of Qor. I would think they have to use a little more pigment as that was the point of the new binder but I don’t find that every color is extra saturated. Some are brighter though. I dunno, not sure they’re a hit across the web, everyone’s curious though. Not sure the new binder moves the same as other paints.

It’s amazing what charlie did here, I know he’s pushing the boundaries of what wordpress can do so its amazing what functions it has. HOW he runs it all, I’ll never know. I just hope all the work I”m putting in pays off and everyone who follows me now, subscribes to the new site. I’ll be adding incentives, I just shiver at going from what I have now to no stats. That’s why it took this amount of time to actually change over, loss of all the stats. It’s just time though.